Obama Building A Personal Army At The Department Of Homeland Security

General Obama Forward Stand Down SC Obama building a personal army at the Department of Homeland Security

In July of 2008, presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama stated that Americans could no longer “…continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

It was 4 months before the election; yet no one in the “mainstream” media seemed interested in asking a presidential candidate about his promise to create a “civilian security force” with a $440 billion annual budget! What, exactly, would it do? Who would be in charge? Where would a force the size of the U.S. Military be housed? Would its members—like their military counterparts—be armed? How much authority would such a force exercise over the American people? From whom would it be derived? In his speech, Mr. Obama made it sound as though most of the members would be volunteers. If so, why would a near-half trillion dollar budget be necessary?

In the almost 5 years since Obama’s frightening pledge to put a powerful, unidentified force in charge of “national security,” the American public has discovered that:

  • though Obama has never again repeated the terms “civilian national security force,” it is obvious that the Department of Homeland Security is filling that role in the Obama Regime.
  • DHS and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have purchased more than 450 million rounds of .40 cal, hollow point ammunition. Hollow points are expensive and wholly unnecessary for range use. It seems members of the DHS are to be armed—well armed. At the same time, Mr. Obama is working to see to it that the American people are NOT.
  • the immigration services and enforcement budgets at DHS were nearly $20 billion in 2010. Yet the Mexican-U.S. border was guarded by a “virtual fence” which leaked illegal aliens like a sieve. Some 4-5.5 million foreigners have overstayed their Visa’s in the US, yet just 8,100 arrests have been made by the DHS!

Then, in October of 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order creating the “White House Homeland Security Partnership Council,”  its ostensible purpose to “…advance the federal government’s use of local partnerships to address homeland-security challenges.” But the DHS was ALREADY working with local governments across the nation. Why would Obama intercede in this way?

Because “he [wanted] to be able to dictate who gets to participate in these local partnerships – and they don’t have to be local law enforcement or local government officials to do so. These partnerships will be with ‘the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations and community-based organizations.’  All of whom will be handpicked by Obama and those federal bureaucrats he appoints.”

The National Defense Authorization Act empowers Obama ON HIS OWN to determine who represents a threat to the United States and to have that individual detained and imprisoned. And the Executive Order he signed allows the president to select like-thinking “deputies” nationwide, authorized to act on Obama’s behalf. These men will have little or no concern for the security of the United States. Rather, they will be working exclusively to increase the power of the president by threatening and intimidating his political enemies.

Barack Obama is at last building his Civilian National Security Force. It consists of a thoroughly corrupt organization of the far left, employed by the DHS and empowered by the president himself to ignore the Constitution and the laws of the United States.  Representing the 3rd largest department in the federal government, these DHS forces of a Constitutionally ineligible president are working to implement a police state—a dictatorship in which all “rights” will derive from the sole authority of Barack Obama.

Make no mistake–Barack Obama has every intention of imposing his will on the American public by creating a Marxist dictatorship during his second term. It is for that reason the assault has begun on American gun owners, as an armed public can fight back and defeat such would-be tyrants.

It’s difficult to conceive of an American president deliberately arming a federal force for the purpose of killing and enslaving the American people. But we will see it happen.

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  1. Eddy Fudd says:

    We, The People WILL rise to the occasion and destroy Homeland Security. Bring it on "illegal alien!" After it is over, Gitmo will be your home, for the rest of your stinking, communistic life!! (Think we're kidding? Watch.)

  2. jalina stutte says:

    The Healthcare Bill gave Obama the power to create his own personal Army to control us and those that rebel will be rounded up and put in the relocation camps he has had Fema put in place all over our country. That is why he is set on taking our Guns! There are over 300 million guns in America that they know of, I for one will not lay down or give up my constutional rights for no man or Communist leader!

    • cantbelievethisbs says:

      The Supreme Court did stricke down that portion of health care law by saying "the power of the police lies with the state and local governments", one of the few actual good things in their decision to rule obamacare constituional. That doesnt mean he will follow anything any court says.

  3. 11 million are coming over to join his army.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is why Obutthole let Homeland Security Lezzie buy all those assault rifles to arm his civilian army for the take over after he bans real American from owning guns.Don't forget he has Calypso Louie and his muslim panthers ready to go also.It's a shame we can't trust a US president.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Where are the Representatives asking to cut funding to the Homeland Security Investigation agency, as this oblameo "brown shirts" group is called, instead of our military?
    Start the faxes rolling!

  6. Mutantone says:

    So now that we are experiencing these "Flash Mobs" I question just where the Couple of Hundred Thousand or so members have been. They were not used in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy , so just where were they and what have then been up to since the first speech acknowledging them, and how much has it cost us for the past couple of years.

    • My guess, Joe, is those terrorist cells which contain his muslim brotherhood, and the reason he leaves our border wide open, and of which he gave our border patrol agent's bean bags to defend and protect themselves and our border, with, against the AK 47s that he gun runs to Mexico, and that have been training to kill American citizens for all these years, will be his first line of terror. on us. They will be more than happy to kill us, it's why they are here. Nobody thinks of this, but it's pure and simple. They train on OUR soil to kill US, and the president doesn't break these terrorist camps up, but he sure slams knows how to slim us citizens. DUH! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this spawn of satan traitor.

      • Mutantone says:

        Where have all the weapons from the "Fast and Furious" programs from: Project Gang-walker, or Operation Community Shield, ended up?

  7. BOOM!!!!!

  8. where are the republicans ???? i cant believe the rest of the world can see whats happening and they cant !!! make his ass explain the ammo purchases and the armored vehicles, i personaly welcome a fight with the d.o.h.s. they would never see a 50 cal barret muzzle flash just a short ringin in their ears …..

  9. Obamas Father was a member of th eMuslim Brotherhood for 30 years, this is what he is used ot , this is how he was brought up, as a muslim, he is not an Anerican, he was born in Kenya under british ruole, he ha birth certificate in the British srchives signed by his Father, hillary saw it, tried ot have the constitution changed so Obama could run legally, she couldn't , John VConyers couldn't and Clare McCaskill couldnt either, so he ran anyway and won, this does not make him legal, he will take over and this will be a hell hole, same as the rest of the middle east.

    • Obama gave NASA to the Muslims , according to him they are birilliant and great inveentors and they were here with the Piolgrims , they are here ot stay and get used ot it, OK, this is the way it is, the muslim way , they can't run nasa by themselves, Americans and Russia have been helping, they intend ot use it as a spy on the worlld thing, this way they wwill know what condition our water is in, what the weather is like all over the world and various other things so between that and the drones, have fun. this is the new America. Obama needs a homeland security army, he is taking our guns via about 5 false flag happenings, and he is arming himself to the teeth, we had guns and we had the navy seals who would help us, well the guns are going and so are the navy seals, any ex seals reading this , please take note, if you were Obama would you want any seal who killed 169 people all by himself hanging around ?

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