Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Behead Catholic Priest

Syria SC Obama Backed Syrian Rebels Behead Catholic Priest

GRAPHIC VIOLENCE WARNING… The story you are about to read is twisted. The video is much worse. I want you to understand that if you have a weak stomach you should turn back now. I am angry and I will speak frankly on this subject. We cannot continue to sugarcoat the facts and let our government off the hook. The people that are receiving our tax dollars are committing one atrocity after another and we must raise awareness. Our government is spending our tax dollars to support terrorists. With all of that said, please turn back now if you do not want to explore this topic in graphic detail. I don’t feel like it is enough to just throw it out there. Whoever dares read this needs to know just how sick these people are.

When you see a headline like this what is your first thought? Mine was that they took a big sword or axe and took the head off with one or two solid strikes. I guess in my own little insulated world I want to believe that a beheading is quick and painless. Maybe thinking this allows me to sleep at night. Well this is not the case.

First off, anyone who purposely beheads another human being is beyond my comprehension. Think about trying to grieve at a funeral over a corpse with no head. Most of the funerals I have attended in my lifetime have been open casket ceremonies. Of course most of those people have not been casualties of war and certainly not casualties of jihad. It is sick enough that these militants feel the need to take the head. But it gets worse.

What kind of sick individuals decide that this should be filmed? They can’t wait to get it on YouTube. They are so proud of themselves. This is their propaganda. This is their warning to the world. “Allahu Akbar” they shout in the video. And notice I said “they” because this was not one guy eating a heart while his buddy ran the camera. There was a crowd of at least 100 gathered to watch this public spectacle and this crowd includes small children. Can you even begin to fathom that? I can’t stand to watch this video myself. I made it half way through and had to collect myself. Twice. Do you think I would throw the kids in the car and go watch a public spectacle like this? Would you?

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Photo credit: FreedomHouse2 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Syrian rebels aren't these the guys that our head RINO wants to give arms to fight Bashir.This is why the people of Arizona has to find a good Tea Party candidate to beat that old senile fart and we have to impeach Obutthole because he wants to send the rebels arms so after they overtake bashir they can use them on Americans and Jews .

  2. Tribal Muslims do this. it is a part of their tribal culture. Think about how the American Indians would kill each other or other enemies. A pagan culture, too.

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