Obama And Biden Indicted By Florida Grand Jury

Barack Obama between flags SC Obama and Biden Indicted by Florida Grand Jury

(Ocala, Florida, October 30, 2012). Larry Klayman, the founder and chairman of Freedom Watch today announced that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden have been criminally indicted for having willfully released classified national security information concerning the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, U.S. and Israeli war plans concerning Iran and their cyber-attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The release of this information, among other harm to U.S. national security, resulted in the killing of members of Seal Team Six by terrorists and the arrest and imprisonment of American covert agents by Pakistan, such as the doctor who aided the CIA with regard to the bin Laden assassination. U.S.-Israeli war plans with Iran have also been compromised.

A true bill of indictment was issued by a Citizens’ Grand Jury in Ocala, Florida, who reviewed evidence and voted unanimously to indict Obama and Biden at 6:02 pm on October 29, 2012.

The authority for a Citizens’ Grand Jury can be found at www.citizensgrandjury.com.

The criminal defendants, Obama and Biden, will now be given notice of their indictment, arraigned and then tried for their alleged crimes.

Read More at obamaballotchallenge.com . Posted By GeorgeM.

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  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    It would be nice if it were to happen and they get their just desserts. They will never show up!

  2. Retired Marine says:

    Hey Obama and Biden, go campaign in Florida right now, it is sure to be an exciting time for you!
    Chicken shi-s.

  3. Ihatelibs says:

    I'll bring the rope

  4. hanginjudge says:

    These two dirtbags will never be brought to justice in this country. They have both been flaunting the laws since each gained office, and they will continue to do so. Electing them has released a cancer on this country and may be at stage four already.

    • Linda From NYC says:

      don't worry this can not go on forever, sooner or later someone who has a heart and a soul with will bring these dirtbags down. I know that I said that nothing sticks on obama in another post but that is for now, he will one day have to answer to God and the people for all of his crimes.

      • hanginjudge says:

        Amen to that! You must feel like a cat in a dog kennel being a thinker from NYC. Same goes for us few conservatives here in the Republic of Taxachusetts. i often refer to myself as the other Republican from Mass. There is no sanity in the world today.

        • Amen to what both of you said! Same goes for us rare conservatives here the Socialist Republic of Maryland, specifically the Illegal Immigrant Sanctuary of Montgomery County. I often refer to myself as the other Engilsh speaking legal citizen from Montgomery County MD. Where is Judge Roy “Hangman” Bean when we need him?

    • Amy Velez says:

      Obama didn’t
      appear in the Atlanta, Georgia court either. The American people need to arrest him, charge him with fraud, treason & murder!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Biden, the drunken buffoon, was purposefully chosen to be VP in order to make Obama appear with a step above average intelligence.

  5. The title of the story made me smile,but nothing ever happens to these creeps.

    • Linda From NYC says:

      I know, obama is like the telflon man, nothing sticks. Congress knows what a fraud and a creep he is, yet they do nothing. I think they are all crooks, they cover for this muslim loser and maybe congress is getting kick-backs from the chicago community organizer with his dirty dealings of taxpayer's money.

      • Why don't you put the blame where it belongs? The Unjustice Department and the Democrat appointed liberal judges, including the Supreme Court Judges, are all in bed with this corrupt administration and will not prosecute. It does not matter if Congress screams all day, when news media (dumocrook proper gander machine) does not report any thing.

  6. tedthebear says:

    'bout damn time they were indited for some of their many crimes!

  7. wonderful news…now if the gutless congress would do there job and impeach and try them for treason,, we might just be on the road to recovery….. they are worse that peanut jimmy… and I thought no one else would take his pleace… lets roll……………..

    • thats my sentiments exactly , where is the congress in all this he should have been impeached long ago. When will someone in power step up and start taking this regime apart that's the real question here everyone knows that obama is a crook and should be put in jail and every second he stays there he brings the integrity of the office lower and our country. Isn't there a real patriot anywhere in our congress, they all are a bunch of slack jawed faggots in my opinion and until he is walked across the white house law in handcuffs with cheata trailing our country is a joke to the world.

    • LMAO, If you vote for Romney a midget should pop out the bottom of the ballot machine and punch you in the balls. This is ANOTHER LIE

      • Jan Dinkins says:

        Sam, did you not hear Obama boast about the killing of Bin Laden by Seal Team Six? he was pretty graphic with details which are to be kept secret! Did you not also hear Obama give away Israel's plans of a potential attack against Iran? Do you not LISTEN to his words or do you simply drool over the sight of him?

    • Hopefully we can get rid of all of his czars in DC – then maybe they will listen to U.S. Citizens..

  8. tedthebear says:

    'Bout damn time they were indited for some of their many crimes that get/got people killed!

  9. Now that they're indicted, they need be tried and hopefully convicted. Then comes the hard part- arrest, custody, punishment. It will be interesting to see how the Secret Service and Capitol Police react.

    Of course, so far, this is just for the illegal Libyan war. Haven't heard about eligibility charges yet.

  10. THIS is just the tip of the Iceberg! I am so ashamed!

  11. Where is Steven degal when you need him, NO one is "Above the Law"!!!

  12. I'll believe this when they are in jail. They will just laugh and brush it off.

  13. Wow…this is pathetic…and idiotic…the Republican Party is so desperate now it is using these unofficial make-believe groups to try to discredit the president. How low will the GOP Party stoop in this presidential election? Hasn't Romney lief enough!? think it is the end of the Republican Party as we know it. President Obama will certainly win re-election, and then Hilary for eight more years thereafter.

    • majorsteve says:

      This president does fine dis-crediting himself. He's a joke(no; jokes are funny, and this guy is anything but!), and certainly criminal…his action border on treasonous….we MUST vote this asshole out of office
      in November!

      • I agree with you majorsteve. This is nothing more than treason. Obama is as guilty of murder as the killers were. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can still support Obama. Just look at the damage and destruction he has done to this great nation. He is the most arrogant, corrupt president this country has ever had. Every time he opens his mouth a lie comes out. He has bankrupted this country, unemployment at record high. Please Americans wake up and vote this asshole out.

    • The Romney campaign is heavily betting on voter ignorance — actually, outright stupidity — that the "base" voters are going to stay with him out of crazed FOX- and Limbaugh-induced belief in the lies, or by unmitigated hatred for Obama. They are betting that the remaining undecided voters like simple sheep won't know better and can be scared on some exaggerated issues into going Romney's way. The only good thing is that if Romney IS elected president, he will likely reject the beliefs and values of everyone who helped elect him, especially the Tea party and the Far Right crazies, because Romney acts out of total and complete self-interest like any good businessman. And like a good businessman, he'll make millions of dollars for his family. friends, and business partners before he escapes to Switzerland where he keeps most of his money…nice guy, huh?

      • Projection.

      • Proud American says:

        To Bob,
        you sir are another moron, can't you see that this obama has done a lot of damage to this country? The only stupid one here is you and ken. obama is a communist, do your research on him. Right now all we have is Mitt, but a least he is not communist and a muslim. I rather take my chances with a Mormon then with a sleazy muslim like obama. The only promise obama kept from 2008, is that he will fundamentally transform America and distribute the wealth, give our money people that won't work or to illeagls that don't belong here. You sir I hope you have a job where you have to get up at 4:am to go to work and this sleaze ball of a president instructs the government to take out most of your paycheck in taxes to supports others that don't work. you are a idiot and is idiots like you that wll vote for this loser obama and that is not the only reason, this man is dirty, he lied in 2008 with hope and change. He did not honor his word and we have 23 million people out of work, he has nothing to offer the Americans for the next 4 years, only more jobs loses and more people on foodstamps.

      • Hey Bob, it is your stupid Ignorance, that you can not see what a piece of shit this Obummer is. what kind of drugs are you on ??? your wife must dress you up every day . right. seems to me that you have been brain washed by the msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs. just to mention a few. these stations, if you did not know it BOB, are all owned by the same company. now what does that tell you??? they can all feed you the same lies and B.S. that they have been doing for the last 4 years. helping Obummer lie to the people. Obummer and all of his Czars should be tried of TREASON. this piece of garbage stood by and let 4 Americans die, for no reason. or was there a reason? was this in the deal he made with the Muslum Brotherhood??? was this his way of proving to the Muslums , that he was in control of things. i think so, why did he not save a Soldier's life ?? they were calling for help. please send help………… and the commander in chief said to stand down. what a turd. this is TREASON , and it should be acted on NOW. and BOB you are still an IDIOT, and also a TURD.

    • The only thing make believe is obama. You better watch out what you ask for because if obama gets another 4 years we will all be very hungry, very cold, very jobless and very miserable living in a country controlled by sharia law.

      • No because Romney's economic policies are identical to those of Republican Herbert Hoover who caused Americans to be hungry, cold, jobless, and miserable. Obama's stimulus spending prevented a Second Great Depression, but could not prevent the Great Recession. Isn't it incredibly hypocritical for Republicans to criticise Obama for not cleaning up the mess fast enough that THEY THEMSELVES made in the Bush administration, and then ask Americans to vote them back into office so they can continue the exact same failed policies that got America into this crisis!?

        • You are wrong about Romney and that he is identical to Herbert Hoover. Do a little homework and examine Herbert Hoover's tactics and you will find that President Obama seems to have them down to a T. Hoover fought the womans right to vote to the end until it became too much pressure. It was republicans that stood by women to obtain the 19th amendment. The only similarity is that they were business men and it ends there.

        • Proud American says:

          the only thing I know for sure is that obama is a muslim communist and his faided record speaks for it's self. 23 MILLION PEOPLE OUT OF WORK!!!!! 47 MILLION ON FOODSTAMPS!!!!!
          and 4 Americans dead, after they repeatly asked for help from this commuinist administration. You must be blind and dumb, I would take my chances with someone other then a COMMUNIST!!!! do you understand that under obama we will not have a free country? since he has been president he has signed over 900 excutives orders. what is wrong with people like yourself that do not see this commie dictating as such as this healthcare that he is shoving down our throats.

        • Does Teddy wanna' cracker? Seriously, you repeat everything Obama says almost as if you were his personal parrot. Do you have your own opinion? Can you defend the man using your own words?
          If you don't like Republicans so much, then perhaps you should not live within a Republic, as guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Don't believe me? Don't take my word for it. Read it for yourself. Prove you're not stupid. I dare ya'.
          See? I can be immature too.

    • Obama needs no help in being discredited. He is doing a great job on his own. When will you liberals start being honest and stop twisting the facts? This imposter in the WH has no qualifications to be there in the first place. Secondly, what does it take for you to see what damage he has already inflicted on this great country? Our economy is in the toilet and his spending is out of control. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that you can't spend your way out of debt.

      He can't be trusted – everytime he opens his mouth he lies. Benghazi is a perfect example. He and senior staff knew whithin 2 hours that this was a terrorist attack. For him and Hilary to say that the attack was based on a spontaneous demonstration is absolutely absurd. Had this been done by a Republican Predsident, you and the lamestream media would have been all over it. This deception alone is worthy of impeachment.

      The majority of the American public has had enopugh of Obama's lies and they will no longer support someone who has made their lives worse than those going through the depression. Romney will not only WIN, he will win big

    • Why don't you wake up Ken? It has NOTHING to do with the republican party. It has EVERYTHING to do with the FRAUD in the white house, Why don't you do some research before shooting off your mouth!??

    • Dear Ken,

      This Grand Jury IS OFFICIAL and covered in the Constitution……called COMMON LAW….which this country is built on. It CERTAINLY IS OFFICIAL. As to stooping low…. This POS in the White House
      just made a speech about 'past history'… AND THE IDIOT DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HIS HISTORY. In the 1950s that was Eisenhower… he had a high unemployment for only 6 (six) months, and GDP GROWTH,
      1980s that was Reagan, Lowered Taxes and vastly increased revenue, 1920s that again was a GDP Growth period. Obummer is so COMPLETELY stupid,,, he doesn't even check the crap that comes out of his mouth before he opens it. But,,,, why bother…. if his lips are moving…. he is lying. What a pair of idiots. He has compromised our national security by releasing classified information about the BinLaden raid and thereby getting members of the Seal Team 6 MURDERED, AND OUR COVERT AGENTS AND THE PAKISTANI DOCTOR WHO HELPED…..NOW IN IMPRISONED. … He set the Seals up for murder and abandonded our friends in Pakistani. He told the Seal Team to 'Step Down' in Bengahzi…. MURDERING Ambassador Stevens, and 4 CIA members. Obummer is a traitor and coward, and liar.

    • GetAJobGetALife says:

      And if the "O"bozo0ne get re-elected that will be the last election in the United States which means the idiot in the whitehouse will name himself as the "King of the world", "president forever" just like that idiot on the titanic movie did, then what are you going to do. He dont give a rats ass about anyone but himself, he could give a shit if you have food to feed your family, a place to live, healthcare or anything else. I could go on and on. If you dont like America the way our founding fathers designed it to be—THEN GET THE HELL OUT, YOU ARE LOWER THAN PONDSCUM!!!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Florida is the only state so far with the guts to stand up against the atrocities committed by Obama and his fellow liberals. What is wrong with the other 49 er, er I mean 56 er er er, I bleieve it might be 49 after all.

    • Proud American says:

      To: Ken the moron,

      Giving of billions of taxpayers dollars to a Green Energy Co. that went bankrupt a year later.
      He promise in 2008 to cut the deficit in half, instead he added 5 trillion more to the deficit.

      He promise to create jobs, and we lost more jobs under this administration. 23 million people out of work.

      47 million people on foodstamps.

      4 Americans were murder by terrorist in Libya the Consulate in Bengahzie and the next day he go to a fundraiser and now we have learned that the Ambassador had requested more security and was denied 3 different times.

      A healthcare that has the death panel, and if this healthcare is so great? Why is obama using the IRS as muscle goon to force people to buy, or else? Is this obama getting any kicks backs, this is mafia style of doing business

      Are we better off today then 4 years ago? NO!!!! One more thing, this obama has a social security number that is from Conn. He has never been to Conn. HE IS A PHONY!!!!! And a muslim

      The list of this man’s failure goes to deep. You sir are a moron and is morons like you that will vote for this liar and chief

    • The only pathetic one here is you. I guess you are one these people who feed off the system. Everything for free right. Wake up man. Ever here one bad thing about Obama? Nope, He must be an angel sent from Heaven. Our news media is bought and paid for and told what to say. In 2008 they ripped McCain and Palin apart, Obama angel. Not one bad thing about him and if there was the news media wasn't
      allowed to comment on it. I.m beginning to believe our elections are fixed. Even if Romney gets 80% of the votes the outcome will be Obama wins.

    • Proud American says:

      To Ken,
      4 Americans were murder by terrorist in Libya the Consulate in Bengahzie and the next day he go to a fundraiser and now we have learned that the Ambassador had requested more security and was denied 3 different times.
      A healthcare that has the death panel, and if this healthcare is so great? Why is obama using the IRS as muscle goon to force people to buy, or else? Is this obama getting any kicks backs, this is mafia style of doing business
      Are we better off today then 4 years ago? NO!!!! One more thing, this obama has a social security number that is from Conn. He has never been to Conn. HE IS A PHONY!!!!! And a muslim
      The list of this man’s failure goes to deep.

    • To Ken:
      Really? How very interesting that you would state this and not provide any evidences to support your accusation. Are you frightened that you may stand to lose something? If not, then by all means, do the necessary research to prove your point as true. Otherwise, all you are doing is taunting the other attendees for your own personal gratification, in which you will find very little. Seek more legitimate means of gathering attention. The only reason you got a response from me was due to the hilarity of your statement. To address your final statement; if you believe Obama and Hilary will surely be elected, then you have been blind to the events unfolding all around you, perhaps even deliberately. I should hope for your sake, that you do not take all news at face value. Learn something for yourself, lest you hate learning anything. If that is the case, you have my pity but nothing further.

    • Hey Ken,get back on your drugs!!

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      Are you denying the facts of the issue? Did or did not Obama/Biden release what should have been classified info that would ,without a doubt, bring harm or death to Americans(Seals) and other allies?

    • hanginjudge says:

      The only thing make believe is the pathetic claim that this little boy is qualified to run the country. The past four years are proof positive that he hasn't got clue one, and in spite of the media propping his stupid A$$ up by perpetuating his lies and ignoring his failures the race is a dead heat. You can bet on one thing, The country will never again vote for a president based on his skin color or the fear that they may be called racist if they vote against a black man. This pseudo black president is a complete fraud but he still has those of you whos' only agenda is to not be considered racist bamboozled.

      If you payed any attention at all you'd see that the Republican party is a neophyte when it comes to low down dirty tricks, but hopefully they will learn from the Democrat masters of deceit, corruption, lies and false innuendo. I am glad to see that Romney has run a clean campaign and has not joined this fraud president in his dirty games.

      But without any record of accomplishments to stand on he and his doofus sidekick blithering Joe have got to resort to bashing the opponent.

      They made a movie about this presidency several years back."Dumb and Dumber"

      But since you decided to post your comment I'd like to hear just what you can claim this clown has accomplished in four years. Warning blaming Bush, ATM's, Katrina, Sandy, the Republicans and the tooth fairy for his failures are not accomplishements

    • how dumb are you OBAMA got American's killed he leaked classified information that is treason and Ken because your supporting him your traitor to this country.

  14. AND FOR TREASON the punishment is hang by the neck. After Barry and Joe are executed, then go for Michelle, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, Axelrod, Rahm and his brother, and anyone who voted YES for the DEATHCARE BILL

    • Why stop with these people. The sate of Wyoming has 2 senators and one representative that need to be sent to jail for treason or at least dereliction of duty; fraudulent swearing in on the bible to defend and protect the Constitution, which none of them have done. Such wishy washy people. If we, the voters, would elect people with balls, we might have the kind of government we want, but instead we push then off. I would vote for a Kentucky pig farmer if he would run. We have managed to chase away anyone that would kick ass and get this country to be the land of freedom, light and life in the world. Stop trying to save everyone but us.

  15. patriotusa says:

    What can really come of this if no one enforces it? Without substantial proof this is legal, the Secret Service will protect both Obama and Biden from law enforcement officials seeking to arrest them. We all need to write to our representatives and demand impeachment. At this late stage if Romney is elected I don’t see the impotent Congress doing anything about it. If Romney is truly a patriot, he will take steps to make examples of Pelosi, the DNC, Obama and Biden by pursuing them through the courts under full extent of the law for perpetrating an illegal scam upon the American by foisting an unqualified candidate upon the country. If they can prove Obama is illegal, that will automatically void all laws and Executive Orders he has signed.

  16. Rush reported yesterday that 0 went to FL on Sunday, knowing full-well about Hurricane Sandy, with supposed intentions to attend a fund raiser or a rally or something to be held on Mon., but flew back either late Sun. night or early Mon. AM. Did his trip have something to do with this?

  17. There were 50 state citizen grand juries impaneled in 2009 on zero's eligibility. All 50 states indicted him. Here in TX we were told we had to get our local DA to bring the presentment to the state AG. Our DA…sent us a nice letter telling us we would be arrested for misprisom in the event we attempted to go forward with the presentment. Our DA is a publican(spelling intended). He lost two votes for this election cycle. I'm afraid this grand jury will run into the same issues where NO ONE wants to be the one responsible for hanging this man for his treason.

  18. You can indicte a ham sandwich. I watched 8 years of phony ken Starr investigations against the Clinton's and friends and nothing happened. Our gangsterment is run by criminals with law degrees so it seems to be impossible to touch them.

  19. Oscar Dar says:

    I noticed some of you DO NOT BELIEVE these two "CRIMINALS", can not be prosecuted. Well if that is your mentality, then, the abuses and violations of our laws will continue until all laws are broken and the law of OBAMA will come to be the new laws of the land. WE MUST CONTINUE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY. Those who violate the laws MUST PUT TO JAIL. It is time for the criminals to go to jail. America has the law to obey and follow. Everything has its beginning and its ending. For these guys, this could be their end

  20. If the US was truly anything reflecting democracy they would have hung osamaba the Fraud that has Usurped Authority to Murder anyone anywhere under any conditions. He states he has final vote with no opposition?
    Not even a king has that authority and this narcissistic black queer from africa believes he can destroy all White People on the planet? Typical african attitude thinks the world owe them a living

  21. Oscar Dar says:

    Obama, has committed a lot of violations and impeachable offenses, but the time for him to go to jail in NOT NOW. The time to prosecute Obama will come soon, though election is with us now. If Obama loses, then he could still be prosecuted even he out of office. The crimes does expire when you are fired, it continues to where you are. For Obama, he has the time in court to pay what he OWE to AMERICA. It would be the GRANDEST time to see Obama in JAIL.

  22. Go to jail!!!! Do NOt Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Go directly to JAIL and then go back to Kenya!!!!!!!

  23. Liberty49 says:

    Do you really think this will go very far? I certainly hope Larry is watching his back. People who could hurt Obama have a history of being killed.

  24. This needs to be trumpeted across America by ALL the media. If they don't do it voluntarily, then they need to be forced to do so. Protecting his little highness needs to stop. He's a loser, a whiner, a blame others, goofball who, if he weren't black, would never have gotten even near the White House.

  25. GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I only hope this will be the straw the straw the straw; dang, how many straws can obamas camel take? Hush hush deals with russia, snubbing his nose at Israel, Benghazi. This man has GOT to GO…NOW!

  27. It is about time these two crooks have been indicated. These are acts of Treason and they need to be tried and found guilty and imprisonned for many years to come and all citizenship of the USA BE STRIPPED AWAY and obama imprisoned and biden loses all retirement and benefits.

  28. Edwardkoziol says:

    I only wish this would happen so far this half coon and his court jester get away with murder like the murder of Terry,Stevens and the other 3 American heroes.I'll bet he cried like a baby when he heard the SEALs popped OBL instead of capturing him so he could pardon him.Muslims stick together like flies on a turd.

  29. the botched kidnapping story would make sense considering thay told the navy seal to stand down when he requsted permision to help the ambassador.

  30. How can you try the untouchables in Washington DC they have all the departments and the doj on there side, Obama is not touchable by any law in the USA or nobody has the backbone to try him or Biden.

    • Proud American says:

      that is what you think? sooner or later the law will catch up, obama belongs in jail along with holder, I see that you are a moron, and by the time morons like you wake up, it will be too late. obama is a muslim communist. do the research on his life and educate yourself. It shows that you have no education and that is why you are voting for a commie, you are only voting for this muslim commie, because he is black and you want to make sure that your welfare check keeps comming, you expect the government to take care of you. That is why losers as yourself will vote for this clown.

  31. David Etzel says:

    If there is any great discredit regarding Obama it is because he himself has earned it. What an embarresment to humanity as a whole. It is so obvious that this muslim usurper hates the USA and its people. Come on Nov. 6th, 2012. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  32. Barbara Linder says:

    If this trial does come to pass, the whole affair will probably drag on endlessly, getting more confusing and tiresome as time goes on….just what Obozo would want.

  33. Good luck with that one. They'll have to deal with Eric Holder.

  34. Proud American says:

    To Ken, these are the reasons

    1. wasted of billions of taxpayers dollars to a Green Energy Co. that went bankrupt a year later.
    2. He promise in 2008 to cut the deficit in half, instead he added 5 trillion more to the deficit.
    3. He promise to create jobs, and we lost more jobs under this administration. 23 million people out of work.
    4. 47 million people on foodstamps. continued on the next page

  35. WhatGoesAround says:

    Maybe this will stick….if Obama isn't re-elected. It's about time they are charged with these crimes!.

  36. How many charges are necessary before the American public throws this LIAR / TRAITOR / CONSPIRATOR in the slammer !

    29 social security cards ? Sealed past records to include his passport and high school / college transcripts ( AND Donald Trump offering $5,000,000 to him to release this information for the benefit of any legitimate charity of O'Bombus's choice ) , lies about the embassy fiasco that has lead to 6 deaths including the U.S . Ambassador to Libya. Everything this guy says is ONE ONGOING LIE !

    Stop playing with him and indict him already !

  37. Schnitzelschitzen says:

    I am not at all surprised that obama would put our informants in harms way when you consider that he did absolutely nothing during the Bengahsi attack. We should understand that a community organizer has no place in our government when it comes to our National Defense. America needs leadership now more than ever before because the muslim terrorist movement is growing world wide by leaps and bounds while our so-called president is hiding that fact until after the election. If obama is reelected terrorism will become a major problem here in America. Do your duty as Americans and be at the polls on November 6th and vote this tyrant out of Our White House.

  38. You're scared, aren't you? It would explain your lack of an intelligent comment. You don't have any other way of making your point valid, therefore you resort to some immature tactics. Sorry to have to break it to you, but real men have more sophisticated ways of making their point. Your comment makes you sound as though you have not yet reached the 6th grade. Although, I will be courteous enough to highlight your one claim in saying this article is a lie. If that is your talking point, please provide some proof. Otherwise, your claim holds no credibility, leaving any mature adult no reason to respect you.

  39. disgusted says:


  40. I want to point out im not a Romney or Obama supporter


  42. Shirley Walton says:

    It's about time he was indited sor something. He has committed so many inditable crimes and Congress has given him a pass dozens of times. There is no courage in The Congress. and it seems they are afraid to act and save this country. He should have been impeached months ago.

  43. Warning to the American People.

    It is obvious that oBama hates America. These people in Benghazi saw the danger they were in and despite repeated request for assistance they were denied. They were all slaughtered with reports the ambassador himself may have been sodomized, just like the way Khadafy died.

    After Bin Laden was killed 26 Navy Seals died in mysterious circumstances. Radical Islamist have been seeing going in and out of the White House. A price to pay for killing a man he admired?

    What does he do next? Party, appear on talk show after talk show grinning ear to ear. He seems to have a penchant for killing our top soldiers, Navy Seals!

    He was caught in with an open mike telling a top Putin aid he will be more “flexible” when he is elected when it comes to our nuclear arsenal. What the heck does that mean?

    He has appointed communist after communist and radicals who then appoint un-vetted Muslims as aids.

    Why am I telling you this? Because after Benghazi, what’s next? Your town, your city, your state becoming the next target of a nuclear or biological terrorist strike? Courtesy of oBama and his radical Muslims seen going in and out of the White House, with who knows with what under their arms and a wink from oBama?

    And with that Alfred E Neumann grin ear to ear? Can you trust what his explanation will be? Do you see what is going on? Do you see the setup that Ambassador Stevens failed to see? Do you see the setup the 26 Navy SEALS failed to see?

    Will you be the next sheep to be slaughtered by this psychopath and his sycophants to bring America down? A dream many tyrants have held for years.

    Do you see why he grins ear to ear like a Cheshire cat every time something like this happens and then he parties?

  44. It’s time we turned the table on these SOB’s. Let them start quaking in the boots instead of the people. They want our 2nd ammendment taken away and think we should bow to them. Let them worship a toilet in prison.

    Look here,… It says, WE THE PEOPLE… and not WE THE GOVERNMENT…

  45. di from Oregon says:

    Could this be true? Can this really happen, I mean real justice? We have seen no real justice when it comes to the crimes of this administration whatsoever and we, the American people are sick to death of it.

  46. Sunds like it should be hanging time for these 2 treasonous thugs!

  47. i pray that this is taken care of. even if bo is elected – maybe this will get him Impeached.

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