Obama: An Incompetent Executive

By Dick Morris


Contrary to what the Constitution says, the president does not run the executive branch of the federal government. It runs itself. Following Newton’s Laws of Motion, it is “a body in motion that tends to remain in motion in the same direction and at the same speed unless acted upon by an outside force.” The bureaucracy keeps doing what it is programmed to do unless someone intervenes.

And that intervention is the proper job of the president. He has to step in, ask the right questions, get inside and outside advice, and decide how to intervene to move the bureaucracy one way or the other. President Clinton had an excellent sense of how to do this and when to get involved. President Obama does not.

When the spill started, he and his campaign staff – now transplanted to the White House – reacted the way a Senator or a candidate would, blaming British Petroleum, framing an issue against the oil company, and holding it accountable. But what he needed to do was to review the plans for coping with the disaster and intervene to move the bureaucracy in untraditional but more appropriate directions. Instead, he let business as usual and inertia move the process.

The president’s tardy requests for international assistance and his government’s bureaucratic response to their offers demonstrates his lack of command and control…


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  1. This president has proven incompetence over and over again all along blaming the previous president for all errors. Why has our Congress allowed him to depart from the Constitutional Laws and go his way toward making our country the laughing stock of the world and allienating friendly countries while courting our enimies? Impeachment is in order!!

    • Trish in Calif says:

      I have asked myself the same question as you, J. Bull. It is astonishing how much the Obama administration has been allowed to get away with. He has gone way too far and should be impeached before he takes this country farther down this road to socialism, and the obvious power grab that goes along with it. The agenda of this administration goes against what has made this country great – our individual freedoms as well as the Constitution itself (didn't the president swear to uphold it when he took office?? An oath, no less!! Ha! He lied!)
      Obama and his Chicago cronies do not represent the American people.

      • Trish ( this scum bag maggot) is a lying imposter, he needs to be arrested and sent to prison for the rest of his life (and hopefully it'd be along one) As a leader he could not lead a poodle on a leash, He is the most inept, deceitful, arrogant, donkey (ass) hole I have ever known of. I did not like or trust him when he was campaign, and it has only gotten worse sine the election. I never understood how he could snow so many people that voted for him, unless they used the Chicago machine of politics in their voting and counting. I have heard how charismatic he is, and I never saw it. As far as being a racist (or being accused of being) I could give a damn less what color or lack of color he is. I judge people by who they are and their person whatever/whoever they are, as I did with Obama. I am certain there is room in our prisons for he, Michelle, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and any/all others who have aided and abetted his fraud. There are countless charges he could.should be charged with. The big problem is the gutless house and senate will not act on it, and undoubtedly most of the corrupt judges will not prosecute or allow to prosecute him.

        • AMEN!! I don't think he's charismatic at all either. I sized him up pretty quickly. Arrogant, self-promoting, self-important. I'm becoming less worried about socialism and more worried about him appointing himself our dictator. Rosie O'Donnel is calling for it and some of the other idiots in Hollywood. Should he become our dictator, I hope the first thing he does is screw over Hollywood, we'll see how they like it then…their all about doing to others, but not doing to them.

    • I can barely listen to his speeches on T.V. He should be no higher than a college professor at a liberal college. He loves to blame everyone. BP has made a mistake, they apologized and are paying restitution to those people. I wish people would let the"little People" comment go. The guy was not trying to be cindescending, he obviously has a language barrier. Our president speaks to us like little people every time he talks and no one seems to get that he speaks at us in the same manner that some seem to think this BP administrator did. Obama has denied help from countries at day one. He is too prideful to accept help, as well as not asking the right questions to get the right answers. He is surrounded by incompetent people. All he has to do is look at the vidos of the oil spilling out of the busted oil rig to know and be in touch with the intensity of the situation. He is expert only at BLAMING everyone else to cover up his incompetence. Be like Jengle Governor of Louisianna…

    • Sal Porcello says:

      Pres. Obama is failing Mgmt 101.

      The 5 principles of management are Plan, Organize, Staff, Lead, and Control.

      Planning: The President is failing by pushing health care reform instead of
      economic recovery and job creation. He shot ahead in the polls only when
      the credit market almost froze in late Sept.2009. He has ignored the economic
      issues that won the election for him. It still not to late for him to get planning right.
      He has 3 years to go.

      Organizing: He is failing by adding 32 Czars to report to him directly.
      The office of the President has Cabinet positions in place and procedures for
      the Senate to advise and consent on Cabinet Secretary selection.

      Staffing: He failed with his selection of the Czars. Most are far left leaning,
      and one was forced to resign when past Communist affiliations were uncovered.
      So much for "vetting" his Czars.

      Leading: Pres. Obama does fairly well but could do better if he stops campaigning
      for the Presidency. He "Won" as he once stated. The country needs his full attention
      running the country.

      Control: The President will fail. Every president has had a full plate just managing his
      Cabinet and performing his many other duties. Adding 32 direct reports ( Czars ) will
      be a "herculean task". I doubt there is a CEO or a past President that can manage that
      many extra people. Likewise, I doubt any CEO in America would advise such a
      management load. If the President is not directly controlling the 32 Czars, who is?
      Do we have a shadow president controlling these Czars?

      Pres. Obama needs to address and correct the above issues. The country needs
      him to be successful. He should remember that civilization advanced when mankind had
      sufficient food, sufficient shelter, and sufficient safety.

  2. BP is being used as a diversion to premote Cap & Trade legislation.

    Think about it. Since the passage of the Financial Reform legislation how much have you heard about the evil Goldman-Sachs. Why? Because Goldman-Sachs favored the legislation and were more than willing to let themselves be the poster child for its passage.

    BP is one of the investors in CCX. BP is more than willing to take a short term, small loss for a slice of the $10 Trillion dollar pie that Cap & Trade will provide them through their CCX investments.

    • yes!! He is using BP as as a diversion so that he looks better…He doesnt know what else to do in this oil spill situation..HE is incompetant…

  3. He will lie his way around any problem, blaming all in reach of his pointed finger!

  4. I guess what angers me is that there is no proof that Obama was born in America. He has sealed all his records so no one can see them. This should be an obvious sign that he doesn't want us to know where he was really born. Why doesn't someone do something about it. It should have been a requirement that records should be shown before a person runs for President and if they aren't willing to show them, they can't run. I don't understand how these things happen. We should be more on top of things. Now our freedoms are slowly being taken away including the freedom of speech. I think impeachment is in order.

  5. Bill Roller says:

    I had to show my birth certificate to be able to get a job as a census worker. I had to get my birth certificate ouy of my safe deposit and make a special trip to there office. I was told no birth certificate no job.
    How did Obama get his job without a birth certificat ?

  6. Sandy Minnick says:

    It saddens me to see how many people voted for this idiot. Sure he is black, so what! All he has done is make sure another black president will never be elected for at least fifty years even though there are some great black men out there that would probably make a great president. It sickens me to see everything come down to color. I notice Obama's administration oddly enough is the first one to pull out the race card which has nothing to do with nothing except when they can't find an answer to something the American people want to know. If one does their research on a guy running for the top job in the country they would ask themself, anyway I did is who is this guy he just dropped out of nowhere only to be catapulted to the Democratic nomination for president.

  7. Sandy Minnick says:

    Then when his past was being released such as being assoicated with Bill Ayers whom I remember from the 60's as well as his wife Bernadette Dorn, the of course we have the church he planted his ass in for 20 years which is a very radical church and the fact his book "The Audicity of My Father" or something like that was actually written by Bill Ayers.

  8. mlhtmilldr says:

    The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training," a campaign rival said. That was Joe Biden

  9. Obama sucks….Why did you vote for him please God get him out of there…..

  10. THOMAS STEWART says:

    The Two Worst Rope-A-Dope Spinners Pres Obama And Robt Gibbs, Yikees, One Lies And The Other Swears To It, USA Is On A Course For Economic Disaster, And These Two Jokers Should Get There Walking Papers Now.

  11. His incompetence in handling the Gulf oil spill meets the criteria of impeachment based on the "high crimes and misdeamors". Just the fact that, after 61 days he STILL has not allowed other countries to help implies he either wants the country destroyed or he's too stupid to know this is the right course. Either way, he has not business with his position. IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!

  12. Today is 10/14/11, Can anyone, anyone at all tell me why Obama has not been impeached? Illegal actions, Illegal wars, incompetent, and anti american, anti Isreal, Pro Iran, Why? tell us WHY he has not been impeached?

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