Obama Agrees Not to Deport Illegal Alien — at Foreign Government’s Request

Judicial Watch

In what could be a dangerous trend, the Obama Administration has for the second time in a few weeks followed the orders of a Latin American nation demanding intervention on behalf of an illegal immigrant living in the United States…

This week Argentina’s government asked that an illegal immigrant in south Florida (Miyen Spinelli) be spared deportation and the administration obliged, according to news reports…

Argentine diplomats in Miami intervened this week, urging U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to deport Spinelli, who is described as a model student and athlete. Argentina’s Consul General actually requested that the illegal alien from his country be granted permanent U.S. residency, although the consul claims to be “respectful of American regulations.” It didn’t hurt that the South American official held a press conference to make the appeal.

A day later, ICE caved into the Argentine demand by suspending Spinelli’s imminent deportation.

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  1. berneemc says:

    Send them all back, you're illegal and my hard earned dollars won't give you a free ride, go home

  2. Just what Obama likes to do. Follow orders from other countries and despotic regiems and capitulating. He must show the illegal immigrants he's in their corner and will do ANYTHING to make them feel better and bring in more highly questionable votes to the Democommunist party.

    • When ICE doesn`t do their job and deport these people. Maybe the people need to help them do their job, I`ll donate to get a big pet box for a one way ticket to Argentina.

  3. Why in the hell did the government spend ALL that money to see who is here in the U.S. for anyway, "They don`t care is here as long as they get there tax money so they can spend, spend!" That was just another dog and pony show! "DUH"
    That all Washington is anymore "DOG AND PONY SHOW"
    They don`t like the tea party because they don`t want people to know what going on in Washington until it`s all over.
    "Well i did the best i could I could for my people back home "DUH" "HELL" what do you want from me? "DUH"

  4. Can someone tell me how Washington can come up with such stupid ideal and THINK "MOST" OF THE PEOPLE IS GOING TO BUY IN TO IT ? This is not the 1950 anymore .

  5. Montie R says:

    The Decomunist party, sounds about right.

  6. Wagonmakers says:

    We are not under argentina's rule. If the white house sitter goes for this, we must impeach him immediately for not enforcing the law of the land.

  7. gntrker says:

    Just one more illegal to add to the millions that are already here.

  8. SEAN MURRY says:

    Kick them all out.

  9. Spinelli is going to be very disappointed when he finds out that there is no longer an American Dream.

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