Obama adviser: U.S. ‘ideal place for renewal of Islam’

By Aaron Klein, World Net Daily

A religion adviser to President Obama has close ties to the imam who wants to build a 13-story Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. The two have been documented together discussing America as "the ideal place for a renewal of Islam," WND has learned.

In February, Obama named a Chicago Muslim, Eboo Patel, to his Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Patel is the founder and executive director of Chicago-based Interfaith Youth Core, which says it promotes pluralism by teaming people of different faiths on service projects.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the controversial Muslim leader behind the plan to build the Islamic center and mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, wrote the afterword to Patel’s 2006 book, "Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action."

Patel is listed as one of 15 "Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow" on the website for the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims, or ASAM, which is led by Rauf.

In Patel’s 2007 book, "Saving Each Other, Saving Ourselves," he recounts discussing with Rauf the future of Islam in the U.S.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    Hey my fellow infidels, are you gearing up for dhimmitude as well?

  2. Obama is nothing more than a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN IN A SHARK SKIN SUIT. IMPEACH HIM!

  3. Impeachment isn't good enough !

  4. MoneyMagnetElizabeth says:

    Christianity was founded prior to Islam. It could possibly be that the Vatican founded Islam but of course they would deny it. I believe it was for the Saudi population control?
    The Vatican has ties to Islam and Islamic students attend Catholic Universities. Therefore it all makes sense that the Vaticans expansion of Islam is acceptable to the EU Nations and governments that are financialy controlled by Soros and puppet friends. Everone should do their own research.

    • I believe Islam was founded before christianity, don’t think i agree with any of this now im just pointing that out, i learned alot about religon during the time i spent in the military and deployed to Iraq.

  5. Robert Hahn says:

    Mr. Klein: Thank you for your article. Consider, that in Saudi Arabia or in Iraq, for example, Christian churches are not allowed. But of course, the over-indulgent nature of our Country's freedoms left the invasive muslims to try to rub pepper into the ointment and rub America's nose into the vile initiative of a mosque in sight of Ground Zero. No comment from mayor blumberg though, huh? What a disgrace, and grievous insult to the families of those who perished on 9/11. Also consider the spread of muslim and sharriah population through the world, particularly in Europe and the US…reminds me of "outbreak". That population spread is a basic requirement of the muslim vision…world domination. And that domination is generally not a peaceful one, despite all the lip service of peace by "principles" the koran. If that reprehensible mosque is permitted to be built, then a wall blocking the view to Ground Zero must be erected around that mosque, and whenever the prayer is moaned out of the minaret tower, a loud fire horn must be sounded to bleep out the minaret sounds.

    • I love your idea of building a wall so no one can or has to see it. What an insult, especially at Ground Zero

  6. virginia says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    He'd better not, is all I can say! That's a kick in the teeth to those who died on 9/11 and their families! This gives us one more reason to hate him and wish him out of office!

  8. California:
    The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail.
    A coyote jumps out, bites the Governor and attacks his dog:

    1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie "Bambi" and then realizes he should stop; the coyote is only doing what is natural.

    2. He calls animal control. Animal Control captures coyote and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.

    3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the State $200 testing it for diseases.

    4. The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.

    5. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is free of dangerous animals.

    6. The Gov ernor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a "coyote awareness" program for residents of the area.

    7. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.

    8. The Governor's security agent is fired for not stopping the attack somehow and for letting the Governor attempt to intervene.

    9. Additional cost to State of California: $75,000 to hire and train a new security agent with additional special training re: the nature of coyotes.

    10. PETA protests the coyote's relocation and files suit against the State.

    The Governor of Arizona is jogging with her dog along a nature trail.
    A Coyote jumps out and attacks her dog:

    1. The Governor shoots the coyote with her State-issued pistol and keeps jogging.
    The Governor has spent $0.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point cartridge.

    2. The Buzzards eat the dead coyote.

    And that's why California is broke

  9. How much is this president going to get away with before someone STOPS him? Can no one stop this Muslim from trying to convert our country to Islamic Faith? Don't we, at least have a few people in our Congress that has the GUTS to speak out?

  10. Edward Koziol says:

    We all know that Obummer is a socialist radical Muslim.He will do didley to protect America against his jahadists.This is coming from the guy who claimed he would unify the country once he became (dictator) president

  11. For recording this video with his helmet camera of an irate and possibly out-of-control State Trooper, 25-year-old Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant Anthony Graber is facing 16 years in prison.
    Graber was cut off in traffic and stopped by the gun-wielding plainclothes officer after speeding down Interstate 95 in Maryland on his motorcycle. He was, rightly, charged with speeding. But state police didn’t like the fact that Graber posted his video on YouTube.
    So in April state police raided his parents’ home in Abingdon, Md., and confiscated his camera, computer and external hard drives. Then he was indicted on a charge of violating state wiretap laws by recording the trooper.
    Many of us were raised with the idea that the police are there to protect us. But the proliferation of hand-held recording devices is proving true what petty criminals, blacks and other minorities have maintained for years: All too often those sworn to protect us are nothing more than abusive, power-mad thugs with the authority of the state behind their actions.
    And since the state doesn’t like it when its officers are made to look bad, the state is now twisting the original intent of wiretap laws to make everyone carrying a cell phone into a possible criminal.
    Miami journalist Carlos Miller, who runs the blog “Photography Is Not a Crime” told ABC News he has documented at least 10 such arrests since he started keeping track in 2007. Miller himself has been arrested twice. One case he won on appeal and the other was thrown out after the officer twice failed to appear in court.
    So what we are learning is it is perfectly okay for police officers to record their encounters with suspects using dash cameras in their patrol cars and hidden cameras in their interrogation rooms, but if a citizen being accosted by police or witnessing police abuse records the incident the state will treat him like he’s John Dillinger.
    So much for the idea of “To protect and serve.”

    • In texas if someone is in fear of their life even from an out of control cop. It is legal to use force to resist even up to and including deadly force. Generally our police force here are very polite when they stop someone. The ones that arn`t don`t last long.

  12. jalah clinger says:

    As a christian, I will always serve Jesus Christ until his return, nothing will cause christians to renounce him and turn to evil and bondgage, even unto death. Notice to muslims, you cannot convert christians into muslims, never will this happen. You will be stopped by the lord himself. You will never destroy Israel. The lord himself will stop you from doing this.

    • ok nothing is wrong with being a muslim, Its basically the same religion as christianity. Just differents words. Now if you say its bad because they dont' believe that jesus was the son of god, well then your saying that Jews are wrong and they accroding to the bible are God's chosen people. I spent a year in Iraq deployed with the military and working with Iraq Correctional Officers, they are wonderful people, there religion is one of few that says even if your a christian or jewish you can still go to heaven as long as you serve the one true god. So ya see its the extremeist who twist their religion around. The same could be said about the christians……have you ever heard of Westboro Baptist Church? If not look them up but have a barf bag ready. They Twist and manulipate christianity for their own personal intentions, just like the muslims extremeists do. Its really a very touchy subject when you discuss religion, even christians discussing with other christians, due to where and how that person was raised. All im saying is don't pass judgement on all of them for the acts of the bad ones. its not our place to judge anyways, the bible says thats reserved for the Father in Heaven

      • Ben from Texas says:

        R&R , Islam is not ”Basicly the same as Christainity” Not even close..There is ONLY one way to Heaven and it is by Jesus …Muslims only believe Jesus was a Prophet not THE SON OF GOD…Big difference..Being a good Muslim will not get them to heaven neither being a good Jew will get them to heaven…I notice you print Jesus with a small ”j”letter and God with a small ”g”…Jews that don’t believe in Jesus are lost ,just like those who refuse to believe Jesus is God..1st Timothy c3 v 16′>”And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:God was manifest in the flesh,justified in the Spirit,seen of angles,preached unto the Gentiles,believed on in the world,recieved up into glory”….Jesus is the only way to heaven,God came in the flesh as His Son Jesus to die for ALL OUR SINS,but you have to have faith to believe this….>”For God so loved the world,that he gave his only begotten Son,that whosoever believth in him>[Jesus] should NOT PERISH but have EVERLASTING LIFE”>St.John c 3 v 16”..KJV only.. I’ll hope you’ll trust Jesus and choose life..God Bless..P.S .thank you for serving our country..

        • Ben Christianity came from Islam and Islam from Judaism. Therefore its very similar. And jews according to the bible have a place reserved in heaven they are God's chosen people. Even though they don't believe Jesus was the son of God. Now if a Jew denounces his belief of Jesus not being the son of God then they are no longer jewish. So something doesn't add up in all three religions. and fyi yes i sometimes forget to capitalize and i apologize for that. Now i know religion pretty well, as per being raised in the Bible Belt, and i don't denounce any religion being i believe they all came from one religion and things were translated and lost over the years. I believe you must serve the one true God and be a good person. There are even so many difference between different christian denominations, like you say God was Jesus in the flesh, but i was taught that they are 2 different spirits. Religion is a very touch/tricky subject. It all depends on where you were raised at, if you take all the christians on this page who are bad mouthing Muslims ie. Raymond, and put them in the middle east from birth, and all the middle eastern people over here at birth well then The Christians would be Muslims/Jews and vice versa. So who's to say they are all going to hell based on the fact of how they were raised and where they were born. Im sure not as the bible says Judge not lest you be judged, thats reserved for God himself and no one else……ahem RAYMOND. Anyways your welcome for the service to our great country. I'll protect her till i die even the Moron mentioned above. God Bless

          • To: R&R……Bad mouthing muslims? Your defense of Islam indicates that you're either a
            muslim or a muslim supporter, not that there is much difference. You really are a
            benighted person.

          • Yes dickwad muslims aren't bad people, A real and true muslim is passive-agressive. Im not any religion by the way, not that its any of your business. Cause realigon in too heavy doses turns people into dumbass, your a perfect example.

          • *Religion

          • My defense of Islam indicates nothing, it only shows i know more about religion, and thats all religion than your sorry ass, Christians have killed people in the name of God than any other religion. Your just a Christian Supremacist/Extremist.

          • To: R&R……YOU REALLY ARE A STUPID PERSON. You must belong to the "YES WE CAN"

          • again talking in all caps doesn't make your points any more intelligent, if im a stupid person then you must be brain dead. And once again i didn't vote for obama, and i hate obama, Got it bitch!!!!

          • Your use of profanity clearly indicates that your parents failed to raise you properly.
            It's people like you that are dragging this country into the cesspool. I hope you don't
            have any brothers or sisters, America doesn't need more swill. You really are a
            stupid person. I'm betting that you're on some kind of public assistance. You
            probably have a criminal record. I'm betting that there is a picture of your face
            hanging in the post office. By the way, how old are you. Just curious. Is
            America's Most Wanted looking for you???

          • No the military taught me to talk like that thank you very much. and i don't try to hide who i really am, and you wanna talk about swill, look in the mirror. Your the close-minded prejudice POS that is exactly what's wrong with the Whole World. I bet you wear a White Hood to all your "Religious" Meetings.

          • Your lucky this is the internet, your just a little bitch hiding behind a screen name and a IP address

          • I'm printing out all of your threats to do body harm. It's a crime to make such threats.
            You must be brain dead to make such threats over the internet.

          • whatever dude, if you think that matters than your really dumb, 1. i just said what you should do, and suggested things i think you deserve. and 2. i just replied back on your comment above about meeting and how that would turn out. ….Your the one who initiated the the whole meeting and confronting situation. Like i said you a piece of trash who hides behind a Screen name and IP address. and my above comment your lucky this is the internet….let me translate that for you cause your too stupid to understand it. it means you don't talk to people like that in real life, your just a pussy behind a desk. who obviously watches this post like a Hawk. So that tells me you also have no life.

          • really your printing it all out……the fact that i replied to your comment about us meeting, you initiated that one and the other ones were just suggestions. Wow your dumber than i thought

          • Like i said hiding behind a desk

          • Ben from Texas says:

            R$R>The following is taken from >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christanity-and-IslamThe Bible was written hundreds of years before the last Prophet Muhammad was born..Some Muslims have claimed that the Paraclete ”comforter,helper” referred to in the Gospel of John is a prophecy of the coming of Mohammed[Ias a Christian believe it will be Jesus not Mohammed,[The only thing simular is a return of Jesus or Mohammed very big difference in my opinion because SALVATION is at stake,the belief that Jesus died for our sins is the key to salvation not all Religions belief in the God of Abraham,Isaac,Jacob] Islam teaches that the Bible was originally the inspired word of God but that it became corrupted over the centuries.[ I do not believe this because God has presvered His Word through the King James Version of the Holy Bible.Psalms c 12 v 6&7>”The words of the Lord are pure words:as silver tried in a furnace of earth,purified seven times.Thou shalt keep them from this generation forever.<

          • Ben from Texas says:

            There have been 15,764 Deadly Islamic Terrorist Attacks since 9/11 Worldwide ,see for yourself the horror stories of how Muslim Islamic Extreamist have murdered raped and tortured their ”Prey” all for the sake of their Pagan god allah and their terrorist Mohomed at http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

  13. robert williams says:

    If the muslems want to buld amuslem training temple then tell them to buld the terrest Loving Muslems to buld the Damd Satanic temple in hell when God Comes Back then they can Gather there in Hill with the other Satian Worshepers Forever as they Burn in there Lake of fire and as for all you Spineless Bastards snakes and Vipers with NO backbone you will find yourselfs burnning in the lake of fire with the rest of the Cowards that back the Obama Consperacy For the One World Government By the way that Government will all Forever Be inthe same Lake of Fire.

    • Whoa dude not all Muslims are bad, i can say from first hand experience cause i spent a year in Iraq working with them, Don't hate all of them for the acts of their extremists, cause christians have extremists too and they are just as bad if not worse, ever hear of the Westboro baptist church, look them up but have a barf bag ready

  14. Edward Koziol says:

    Try building one in another country we really don't need a muslim trainning school in NYC or any other city just because our half black president is one.Mexico would be an ideal place and that way some illegal invaders could go back to work on it.

  15. NAACP is an organization dedicated to discrimination, violence & hate.
    The NAACP is also anti-American, pro-muslim.

  16. William L. Sasman says:

    Whenis Obama going to get his culiture center next to the White House? If Obama wants one in New York near ground Zero then there will be one we like it or not. The muslin prince is now in control.

  17. Joe A Larson says:

    First they destroy what was there and kill innocent people with their terroristic act and now they wan to build a Mosque there. Why to celebrate their disgusting, violent attacks on innocent people? These idiots need to be stopped in their tracks.. If they want to build a new Muslim religion, take it back to where it started and create a Muslim religion that is free of hate, war, killing, predjudice, and destruction… Then, and only then would it be permissable for them to come back. But NEVER to build a Mosque or any other Muslim project where they have so vividly shown their current views of America and what it stands for…And no Obama does not stand for the America I was brought up in…Get rid of him NOW!!!!!

  18. Freethinker says:

    Raymond you are just a narrowed minded christian supremacist. This guy has been amongst Muslim people for an extended period of time. Have you? R&R Nice try but these people are ignorant beyond belief. Don't waste you time. They will not listen to anything other then the rants of people like them. They are all kooks.

    • Yea i agree its pretty sad how people are nowadays, but seriously look up the Westboro Baptist Church. Alot of these christians extremists on here will kinda remind you of them

    • Raymond says:


  19. An Amish farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking from his pond. The Amish man shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen," which means: "Don't drink the water; the cows have crapped in it."

    The man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand. Please speak in English."The Amish man says: "Use two hands, you'll get more."

  20. The Bible says that the day will come where you will be killed by those who think that KILLING you is doing God a service. Looks like that day looms large now thanks to Oblame-ya.

  21. Exhausted and ill from the effort of enacting the Obama healthcare plan, an elderly Senator goes to the doctor. Doctor says, "I have bad news, good news, and bad news, Senator. The bad news is that you only have six months to live. But the good news is that there’s an operation that is 100% successful in curing this illness." "That sounds great, Doctor," says the Senator, "but what’s the other bad news?" The Doctor replies, "The Department of Health and Human Services says the first available slot is seven months from today."

  22. I sure hope thats not directed towards me raymond

    • Raymond says:

      To: RR.

      • Alright you cock-swindler listen up, im not a muslim im just not a prejudice bastard like you are. I didn't vote for obama i never once defended obama, I hate obama. i was in iraq when he was elected president and i saw the captured terrorists dancing for joy. and what are you talking about ignorance???? Im pretty sure im better educated and have more life experience working overseas with muslims defending your dumbass so you can say bad things like that to Verterans. You don't deserve to be called a American. You deserved to be beaten everyday for the rest of your life, and if i knew you i would. You ought to be ashamed talking to a Iraq War Veteran like that. You have no Honor and should just blow your brains out and do us Intelligent Educated people a favor. Good riddance i hope you get the Clap. just saying

        • Raymond says:

          To: R&R.
          1). Who taught you how to spell?
          2). Islam is satanic in nature & you're upset that I'm calling it like it is. Oh well
          3). I spent 4 years in the Marine Corp (1972-1976).
          4). I was part of the vietnam war. (My job was communications).
          5). I've been to Japan, Philippines & Okinawa.
          6). You've never met me, yet you're threatening to beat me??? You're just a poorly
          educated person with more mouth than brains. By the way, if that day should ever happen, it would not turn out the way you think it would. You can believe that!
          7). Anyone who thinks Christianity & Islam is basically the same is a moron.
          8). You're either a muslim or a muslim supporter.
          Please stop posting to me. Raymond

          • Yea so your just a dumb jarhead, that explains it, Islam isn't satanic in nature, Christianity came from Islam as islam came from Judaism. You've been to Japan, Philippines, and Okinawa wow there are alot of Muslims over there you must know so much…Not. Look bitch i know the way it would turn out if we met, with you laying on the ground in a puddle of your own blood and thats not a threat that's a promise, so quit trying to argue with someone more intelligent and experienced than you go watch Full Metal Jacket and whack off, as im sure thats your favorite pastime.

          • oh yea fyi your mother taught me how to spell. lol Sorry i just couldn't resist a immature joke like that, and thats not a apology directed towards you btw just everyone else

          • there is nothing wrong with my spelling, its all correct, your dumber than i thought, im sorry you were dropped on your head as a child

        • OK, let cooler heads speak for a second. No one will read this but think about the Koran. Have you read it? Do you understand that early writting is superseded by later writting? Do you understand that the Koran commands Muslims to lie in order to advance Islam? If neither of you (Raymond) have read the Koran then you are both speaking from an uneducated view. I served in Vietnam and we used LNs for labor and our barber, who shaved the BN Cmdr every morning with a straight razor, died coming over the fence with two satchel charges. The point is they may be friendly but do not mistake that for being friends.
          BTW R&R I served in Beirut and spent some time in Libya as well as my wife lived in Iran for ten years before the take over by Islam Fundamentalist.

      • Seriously you suck at life so you need to just give up and let smart people handle things like discussions cause you obviously can't, you must be Imbred or something like that, have to be in order to be so stupid

      • and just so im clear give up at life…..also FYI TALKING IN ALL CAPS DOESN'T MAKE YOUR POINT LOOK OR BE ANY MORE INTELLIGENT. so stop trying to pretend you know what your talking about

  23. Ben from Texas says:

    ”And now,little children,abide in him;that,when he shall appear,we may have confidence,and not be ashamed before him at his coming.If ye know that he is righteous,ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of him”..>..[Jesus].<. 1st. John c 3 v 28&29..KJV


  25. 'Obama adviser: U.S. ‘ideal place for renewal of Islam’ Progressive talk radio stated today that the Conservatives that believe (only 18% of U.S.) that Obamanation is a Muslim. The Conservatives have nothing better to do than reach for the stars trying to discredit him. The spokes person said that the only news media reporting any thing on this is Fox News and anyone listening to Fox News gets nothing but half baked truths.

  26. Superinfidel says:

    Time for another Crusade.

  27. they are afraid of pork pigs blood , what a bunch of stupid people like lost sheep , muslims will be judged by the GREAT WHITE THRONE OF GOD , EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY MOUTH CONFESS THAT JESUS CRIST IS LORD OF ALL AND NONE OTHER..

  28. john littlefield says:

    i know the SOB is a muslim he has muslims telling him to build the mosque and saying this is the place for renewal of Islam i say go to hell you muslim scum.

  29. DEMS, YOU GOT THIS!! says:

    Hillary and Bernie are shoving it down the throat of the worthless, hateful, regressive campaigns of Trump and Cruz. So far Hillary has received 1.4 million more votes than Trump and only a moron doesn't see what THAT writing on the wall means!!!

    • It means we are F uck!!

      • DEMS, YOU GOT THIS!! says:

        sucks to be you.

        • I happen to like myself, so no I don't think is sucks to be me.

          No not at all, I have eyes to see where this Country is going and you don't. This Country is headed straight to Communism within the next 20 years or before. Hillary is a Communist but you're too stupid not to see it or care.

          Speaking of a different matter, just to make a point of you liberal retards. I bet you think nothing of a grown man who may feel like a woman for the moment, going to a women's bathroom. Imagine a grown man in the bathroom while a little girl is in there, this HB2 will bring on problems but you dumb down liberals think nothing of it. Goes to show you liberals are mentally sick people. All of this political correct is killing us, where do we draw the line?

          • You left out the FEMA camps, the false flag that's coming any day now and Obama being crowned king.

      • If this is true, which I highly doubt, I predict that even if this evil woman won the election she won’t get the chance to take the Oath in Jan 2017, her ass will be sent to prison and Obammy will not leave office. That is one way for old sneaky to stay in office for another term. After all there is no honor among liars and criminals.

  30. NOT GOPOS says:

    Good morning, gorgeous.

  31. where go ho mo?

  32. ANAL TAKE says:

    ROGER'S latest book series https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1457293329l/2891743


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