Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit

Obama Presidential Seal Podium Speech SC 780x1024 Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit

A lawsuit seeking the return of $43 trillion (with a “t”) and an audit of all the TARP programs by an independent receiver has been filed against senior members of the Obama Administration and the New York group known as the “Banksters”.

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch is reporting that the Spire Law Group, LLP has moved its mass tort action into the federal court in Brooklyn, New York. In this District Court lawsuit (Case No. 12-cv-04269-JBW-RML), the Spire Law Group, LLP is acting on the behalf of homeowners across the country seeking to halt all foreclosures nationwide until the return of the $43 trillion.

The independent audit the lawsuit is seeking of the TARP Program stems from a report by the former Inspector General of the bailout program, Neil Barofsky, who is countering the claims made by President Obama both publicly and privately to Congress that  the money has been paid back. Mr. Barofsky asserts that none of the money advanced by the Treasury has ever been paid back by the recipients of the program.

The Plaintiffs have established the location of the $43 trillion of laundered money in a criminal racketeering enterprise participated in by the following individuals:

Eric Holder

Tony West

Kamala Harris

Jon Corzine

Robert Rubin

Timothy Geitner

Vikram Pandit

Valerie Jarrett

Anita Dunn

Robert Baueras

The lawsuit alleges that the Obama Administration actively borrowed money from these “Banksters” to fund his political campaign in this 2012 Election and has not pursued any criminal charges against them

The lawsuit also claims multiple violations of the United States Patriot Act, along with the Policy of Embargo Against Iran and Countries Hostile to the Foreign Policy of the United States, and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and other State and Federal laws by the Obama Administration.

Learn more about what is allegedly the largest money laundering and racketeering scheme in history.

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  1. Laurie Ann Williams says:

    Christians MUST unite and right the wrongs that have been commited against this Nation. Get Obama out of office – out of the United States, if possible. In the end GOD will have HIS way !!!!!

    • LarryScuza says:

      Larry S.
      How did he have such a lead on electorial votes when the public was no where close to having finished voting.
      What a scam it's time for us to take back the goverment and stop the lieing and cheating of the goverment.
      It's time for us to pull together and impeach Obama to get our country back to it was when our forefathers wanted this country to be and not owned by China, who we borrow millions from daily.

      • The whole election process this year was a Sham!! With so many Election Violations, like the NAACP pulling Obama supporters out of line and putting them in front of Independents and Republican voters, Republican Poll Watchers being forced out of polling places, the voting machines swapping votes around, the voting machines if you voted a Straight Republican Ticket instead selecting each person individually would vote for Obama as President with the rest of the ticket being Republican, Poll Workers and Poll Judges wearing Obama logo'ed clothing, Obama Mural and signs in polling places, Military not receiving their Absentee ballots or Military being struck altogether from the Voting rosters. This also doesn't include the dead that have risen from the Grave to vote, Illegal Immigrants voting, and even felons still locked away voting.

        We need election reforms, to either going to a voter I.D. being needed, or even take steps such as other countries have where they did their finger in permanent ink to prove they voted and can't vote again. This Election is such a travesty, and then you also need to consider why a New York Voter Registration area would has "Absentee Ballots" for Florida. Unlike Michelle Obama I actually feel ashamed of the U.S. today because of all the fraud that has gone on, and our top Law Man will refuse to look into any of the allegations unless it is to prosecute a Republican.

    • Well history repeats itself so Kennedy, Lincoln, Martin Luther…maybe we will all get lucky & some fed up bat shit crazy marine will get him…that would be awesome!!!!!!!

    • "God will have his way"? Where was he last night then?

  2. This just makes me sick!! I am an American and I am ashamed of the out come of this election!!

    • I agree with you 100%. This election makes me sick to my stomach. Why in the world do people still support this man much less re-elect him. Look at the damage and destruction he has done to this great country. I kept hoping people would wake up and vote for Romney. At least he had a plan for creating jobs, balancing the budget. I feel like this is the beginning of the end for America.

      • Linda from NYC says:

        To Eric,
        I can tell you why people supported this undocumented muslim president, he got 90 percent of the black votes, it is a sense of loyalty to their black messiah and perhaps to keep their welfare and foodstamps. And 70 percent of the hanspanics voted for obama that are here legally, they voted so their illegals relatives can stay here and mooch off the government And there are the elderly who voted for obama, these people were and still are ill informed of this communist president.

        I had faith that Romney was going to win, I knew we had many stupid people voting for obama, but not to the point of Romney losing. This is a very sad day for true Americans, I am scare what this man is going to do to our country withing the next 4 years. Will we still have a free America? or will he tranform America into a socialist 3rd world nation? May God have Mercy on America.

      • because there are sooooo many who want something for nothing and think the gov't will give it to them…they want stuff…at some one else's expense. it is the gimme generation and they are slaves to the plantation in D.C,

  3. This is Just A Shame! Let’s Impeach Obama And Remove Him And Replace Him With Mitt Romney!

    Romney Was Ahead In Ohio, But I Think The Electoral College Took Advantage Of Ohio!

    A lot Of People Are Very Angry!

    • He was ahead by the popular vote & in realty should have got it.

    • Angry is NOT the word. Alan West was defeated by a low life after Soros poured millions into his campaign! Mia Love lost too! What the F!! You can NOT tell me this election was NOT rigged and in my opinion BOUGHT! If two thirds of the country did NOT want Obummercare then how in the HELL did this happen! Thanks ROBERTS! He was bought too! Well, we still have half the country that are true Patriots…so let's not let them do this AGAIN! God Bless America! The REAL AMERICA!

      • Amen! The devil is Muslim & walks among us. All he did was travel to Hawaii on vacation every Christmas with his family, shut down the streets of England for his trashy wanna be green/white wife & his 2 fugly daughters, oh yes & eat at a lot of his favorite little places.

        • 41 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money paid for him, his wife and kids, all of thier family and friends to go on VACATIONS on AIR FORCE ONE in the last four years.


    • Impeach Obama? Won't happen. Why would this lawsuit be any different from all the other previous lawsuits filed? Obama says he wants to move forward? He's screwed up the last 4 years and what makes the voters believe he's going to do better for a second term? He hasn't listened or learned a damn thing from fellow Americans! I don't believe one word that comes out of this man's mouth! I never did and never will. It will be business as usual for Obama and our country for the next 4 years. Reach across the isle my ass! What a joke! The golfing and the vacations . . . same ol deal for another 4 years. Never mind about what's going on around him and how it's effecting fellow Americans. I'm very scared for my own future and the future of our country. God isn't going to save us either. Nothing will. Not for the next 4 years.

      • No. He no longer needs to worry about re-election, so he will be worse than ever.

      • exiledmoth says:

        Don't give up! We true Americans have to stand up for what is right. Even Joe Biden is starting to see the light as he wants to impeach Obama too.

        Still, We need anyone who has a good record to be president.

    • there is somthing fishe going on , al ouer radio station s are thinking the stole the election, romny was ahed evrry were, so howe come that thug got back in ,

      • He had people bused in, dual enrolled in states, in other states weren't even required to show id's only the registration cards. Really? Wtf is that?

    • Let's just get one thing straight here: the Electoral College is THE most corrupt system we have. Do some research on it – it will blow your mind, even if you know all about it already.

    • Dismas t Gestas says:

      ..57 million of US !!

    • It would be nice if we could replace him with Romney but sadly we get Biden

  4. This lawsuit is being filed by Spire Law Group, LLP. On their website (http://spire-law.com/the-firm/), they list themselves as “Spire Law Group, LLP, California State Bar Registration Number 54393”. However, that bar registration number belongs to a resigned attorney in California, who is no longer allowed to practice law in the state of California (http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/54393). Can someone explain this discrepancy to me?

    • You guys all seem to have a lot of insight into politics and stuff…No one has an answer for me? I really don't understand what Bar Registration Number they could be referencing if not that one.

    • Spire Law Group is a National law firm and is licensed to practice law in many states. It goes without saying that the case would not make it past the court review were the firm not properly licensed. As for the number 54393, it would be a moot point at this juncture. Be sure, the firm is proper in every way or this case will not go forward. The sites that you inserted will not go to the sites, perhaps the parenthesis at the beginning and end are the problem. It is always the little things that confound and cause problems.

    • Did you ask them?? Or the Calif. State Bar??? Since the "resignation" took place 12 or 13 years ago, perhaps the registration number has been re-issued!?!

  5. Obama should be made to pay this money back or face the Federal Lawsuit & get him out of office as president

  6. Last night was the epitome of corruption within this country. Our nation was built on a system of justice and it has been made a mockery of by the present administration and his appointees. When must unite and do whatever is necessary to rectify the atrocities that have been created in our nation under the guise of unity and fairness. America is more divided now than ever and what's fair about creating millions of welfare recipients because of dependence on government breeds slaves. May God have mercy on us as a nation and a people.

    • ashamed american says:

      This is no longer america its going down we need to stand up to protect the consitution. The election was a joke and fraudulent

    • There is only one thing that can restore scenity in Washington, and therefore restore the principals of the Constitution of the USA – TERM LIMITS for ALL politicians at all government levels, LOCAL and FEDERAL. It is HUMANLY IMPOSIBLE to be in politics for 10-40 yers and not to sell out to somebody.
      By electing the same people for 10-40 years we`ve cruated an ELITE of totally ROTTEN, absolutelly CORRUPTED CLASS, who don`t give a damn about people and the contry.

  7. Robert Hamilton says:

    With BHO being re-elected by the majority all he will do is sign another executive order. As I have posted and commented many times I believe there are too many people who have been bought, bribed, blackmailed, threatened or their loved ones threatened and more on the list. If this statement is not true this unqualified, illegal, phony, lying, half breed, foreign national, Muslim POTUS would not be in office.
    BHO does not care about Congress, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, nor we the people. I think BHO will remain in office until his big money string pulling puppet masters are finished with him. Then he will somehow be eliminated.

    • Oh I wish I wish I wish some one would take out his muslin black ass

      • We can. We have to do so together – as a single, cohesive unit – though. We have to put our feet down (yes, one foot isn't enough) and stop this moron getting away with it. Pretend his taxes and laws don't exist. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with not paying illegitimate taxes! It is our duty to say NO to an illegal president.

  8. Look at the type of people who voted for him, I have relatives that voted for him and I'm about ready to disown them. If not all the votes were in how do they really know who won. It just made me sick to my stomach last night but deep down I knew he was going to win again. Some one needs to start bring charges against him and the whole bunch……………
    Lord must be coming sooner than what we think, maybe he is Thee antichrist, they want a one world government, maybe this is the start of it. Let's see what happens in Dec. if anything. Won't be the end of the world but maybe an end of the world we know. God help us.

    • ihatelibs says:

      The people that voted for him are the dregs of society

    • I hate to say it, but I think GOD is giving us what we deserve! We've been drifting away from HIM for years as a nation and Obama is his punishment for that.

    • My God, they are above the law. They are gods or something. You, me, LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, get stopped by highway patrolman, it's SHOW US YOUR INSURANCE, SHOW US YOUR LICENSE, SHOW US YOUR REGISTRATION. Or else. Boehner is a BoneHead. He's not gonna do a damn thing. Glenn Beck had the right idea about 5 years ago. We, Citizens, meet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., in D.C.with our pitchforks and torches. How the HELL ELSE are we GONNA GET RID OF THESE PIECES OF CRAP? Every damn one should be in PRISON.But not here in America.UNLESS YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN. Nixon is a prince. Geeze, he bugged a democrat's office. Wow, bad boy. Impeach or resign. This sonofa snake orders kill hits on an American ambassador, gets several members of our SEAL TEAM shot out of the air and then he watches 2 other NAVY SEALS die. The basturd. TREASON AND EXECUTION FOR ALL OF THEM. Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, has been making shady deals with those whacknut islamic fools. Can't the Military Police arrest these basturds? We taxpayers are broke. We all knew money laundering was going on. So now they are broke so raise OUR TAXES. Well I say F8ck THEM ALL

    • Linda from NYC says:

      To Janet,
      I know how you feel, I too have relatives that voted for this Incompetent man and at feel so betray, if it was anyone else I would not care but knowing what I know of this enemy from within who is out to destroy our country and people are just supporting him, I am so anger by all of this. By the time these useful idiots wake up will be too late, the damage will be done.

    • If you are willing to disown relatives over they way they voted then you are probably not a person they want to associate with anyway and you should do them a favor and disown them.

      • Don't you just love how idiots like stu pick at a small point (which turns out to be an exaggeration added in order to show the readers the magnitude of the situation) in order to bypass everything they cannot reconcile? Really, stu (or is it stfu?), pay attention to the difficult comments. Even if they are not true, you can often LEARN a bit from it. AND do your RESEARCH! Learn how to think for yourself instead of following the corrupt media. Only Fox News has proven to be fair, yet they completely ignore all of the real stories.

    • Dismas T Gestas says:

      Revelation 13:3 — "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast." Janet, b4 the election yesterday i was bloggin on cnn.com ..and this one person only said they'd lost their job under Obama ..how they never would call him "my" president . …Well he or she was shouted down for being a racist, old crusty and basically told that he should 'bow down' to his president. CNN is obviously biased and pro Obama. ..and all 'his ' followers worship him like some sort of satanic cult leader! It is Very sickening ! ..to say the least. Seriously .."God help us." ..as you said ..and He will..this may just be what He planned to happen to show the world this was all predicted in Revelation and that He really is the one and only true God. Amen. God bless you sister. Keep the faith

      • young granny says:

        I think in order for the beast and antichrist and the one world government of Revelation to come into power, the only country holding that back is the USA mainly because we've always been the ones to rush to the aid of anyone in trouble. For all peoples of the world to look to one person, the antichrist to cure their problems, our country must assume a minor role—essentially be reduced to a third world country. God uses evil to further his plans (as stated in Revelation) so this whole Obama mess, his transformation of this country, may indeed be God's plan. But never forget that God promises to keep those of us who believe in Him safe through the troubles.

  9. Linda from NYC says:

    We should unite in prayer to God for impeachment. I was very upset and sad this mornning and I ask God Why? why did this evil man win? and my heartfelt answer was, that it was the people's choice, there more of them then us, although half of the nation did not want this man. obama won by some of two or 300 hundred thousand votes more then Romney, and now we will all pay for these people lack of common sense.

    • I started praying for that last night & have continued praying for that & for "justice" since then!

      And maybe I'm off base here, but I'm wondering about even more "voter fraud" than we've already heard about.

    • You should read about electoral votes. Romney got his ass kicked.

      Also, maybe god doesn't want Romney to win, have you ever considered that? If your prayers, aimed at deposing the president, time and time again fail, maybe you're on the wrong team?

      • God doesn't like ugly & you honey are ugly like that vote stealing president of yours you double voted for or were threatened into like black panthers standing outside the polls in PA. Obama is a skid mark in a dirty pair of panties & looks like it too.

    • He cheated honey. I turned off my tv & cried, I feel sick myself. He is a very evil, evil man who should be hold accountable for cheating like any other person on the street.

      • I cried myself to sleep, but I woke up more determined than ever. I have not payed much attention to politics (I only do during elections), but I knew this was the end. If we are too busy trying to hold up the remnants of our country, we will fail to destroy the source of the destruction. If you try to maintain a healthy state in these times, it will only be a matter of time before you are squashed by the weight of Obama's ego. If you give him the boot now, you will be healthier than ever within mere weeks.

    • I don't think God wanted Obama to lose. I think God is punishing the stupid people who wanted him back in. Now that he doesn't have to worry about re-election, he will be FAR worse than we have ever imagined. I think God knows that, and he is teaching America a lesson. Remember: when we asked for a king (even though God WAS our king), he gave us Saul. We got a world of Hell, but then we got David to fix it up. I'll bet you just about anything that, in 2016, we will get the leader we need. I doubt we will like him once he gets in, but the result will be unimaginably nice.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda I did the same thing i asked God in my prayers fora miracle and have Obutthole lose and said how can you let a monkey like Obutthole who wants to cut you out of our country become the president again.I almost said our president but the asshole will never be my president.

  10. ihatelibs says:

    Execute these communists

  11. natkirash says:

    Unfortunately, a large portion of the american electorate is ignorant. They have no idea how capitalism works, what little they know of it they’ve been hustled to believe is a group of evil rich people screwing the poor. This is the only reason a marxist president has been elected twice to thepresidency.

  12. you wanna know what his agenda is well google this "fema camps"

  13. It isn't too hard to believe after listening to coasttocoastam.com which addressed election fixing and fraud. I listen because Sleep is sometimes nonexistant. It starts at 1am to 5 eastern time. If you go to their site you can find their affiliates. They also have a free newsletter. So the other night there was a woman who investigates election fraud. Seems it is just too easy. I believe her site is blackbox. The country is gone.

  14. di from Oregon says:

    Well, let the lawsuits fly! Holding those who commit these crimes accountable would indeed say volumes to the American public.

    • Lawsuits? Holding those accountable for these crimes? Impeach Obama? Been there . . tried that . . won't happen. The Feds won't follow through with this. This all a bunch of hooey. Look how many other lawsuits have been dodged by Obama and this adminstration. Americans voted for Obama's "business as usual" for the next 4 years. How about another round of golf while vacationing in Hawaii?

      • It will work, but we cannot leave it to the federal nuts. If we want him gone, we have to actually act. The protests and lawsuits obviously don't work anymore, so let's try something new. DON'T let him into your neighbourhood or city. When he comes knocking for his political stunts, call him out. Tell him what you REALLY think about it.

        Here is the best way. Hit him where it really hurts. Attack his wallet! Speak out when he lies about his competition! When this illegal bastard implements a new law, tax, or regulation, don't let him get away with it. Don't follow the law he added. Don't pay that new tax. Disobey that regulation. There is nothing wrong with it because he does not have the right to do this stuff. Besides, how will the Feds punish you if everyone you know does it?

        Spread the word! Get Obama out!

  15. good luck

  16. It is about time crooks started getting hit by lawsuits- I agree let the thieves be put into the light and be recognized as trash

  17. Harold Priest says:

    I'm still sick over what happened last night. Obama won in an "? honest election?" and now in lieu of "Truth, Justice, and the American WaY", it's Lies, Injustice, Dirty Criminal Activity, and the Obama Way, to say the least. With everything I've read and heard about this corrupt hoodlum, this man goes without charges filed and taken to trial to be held accountable for war mongering, murder, and all his executive orders that were against our Constitution. God help us to find a way to rid our country of this terror of a human being.

  18. ihatelibs says:

    I have denounced my citizenship



  20. WE no longer have any laws-we have a corrupt gov't. THIS lawsuit won't go anywhere either–THAT ADMINISTRATION will be given ANOTHER PASS!!!! It'll go the same way all of the "eligibility suits have gone.

    • Exactly. It is getting to the point where only a rebellion will work. I'm sorry, but I will move out of the country before I participate in a civil war. Remember the last one? America needs to wake up, and only a handful of us will actually deliver the bucket of cold water. It's time to get up off the sofa and start telling people about the cold reality that we have created.

  21. Edwardkoziol says:

    What good does it do nothing sticks and without the press who kiss his half black ass writing and bringing this to light,he'll get away with murder again.Chalk up 1 border guard and 4 people in Benghazi.Republicans will never get him because every free loader and liberal just love this little monkey.

    • Only part that needs to be added to your list of the "Obama Domestic Kill List" includes Manny Zapata…ICE agent killed with Fast and Furious weapon, and Bill Gwatney and Harriet Tubbs who were Murdered cause they supported Hillary Clinton being put on the Democratic Ballot in 2008. Bill Gwatney and Harriet Tubbs were Super Delegates that were going to put forth Hillary Clinton at the DNC Convention, when Harriet Tubbs supposedly died of an Aneurism, and Bill Gwatney was murdered by a "Robber" who was then summarily gunned down by Arkansas State troopers with nothing stolen from Gwatney's office. It is also said that someone told Bill Clinton (who was Gwatney's best friend), that his murder was a message to the Clintons and if they didn't back off, Chelsea Clinton would be next to die.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        your right I did forget about them and Obutthole learned from the Clintons just look at how many of Clintons people died when hewasgovernor and president(Vince Foster)

    • Linda from NYC says:

      To edward
      now that you mention it he does look like a money.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda if your familiar with the Tarzan movies his wife Moochelle use to be Cheetah until the plastic surgery and botox came along.I also hear that this upcoming reign of terror the 2 niglets are going to vacation seperately because of all the stress they're under.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, the day of reckoning is finally here! I have been telling you kids for over a year and a half now, and here we are. We all have 4 more years of President Barack Obama, so how about you all shut up, sit back and enjoy? We won't see a Republican in the White House until they change there policies and principles.

    • So in order for a Republican to become President we have to GIVE to anyone who doesn't want to WORK FOR A THING. HAND OVER EVERYTHING and FORGET HOW IN THE HELL ANY OF IT IS GOING TO GET PAID. Have you IDIOTS ever thought. who is going to pay for all of the STUFF (free) that you TAKERS WANT. Therre are not enough GIVERS ANYMORE because there are MORE TAKERS THEN GIVERS. I'LL BET YOU ARE A BIG TAKER AREN'T YOU JACK???? You think you DESERVE to be given things instead of WORKING for it or to prove to yourself that you are WORTH doing something on your own instead of receiving hand outs. Jack you will always be a taker…………………. never a giver. YOU BETTER HOPE TO GOD THAT THERE ARE ENOUGH GIVERS IN OUR COUNTRY SO YOU AND YOUR FREE LOADERS CAN KEEP ON TAKING, because SOMEDAY the GIVERS AREN'T GOING TO HAVE ENOUGH TO GIVE OUT !!!! You idiots make my STOMACH TURN. You have no IDEA what your generation is in STORE FOR and I'll bet you don't have any kids either because children will be the ones to suffer in the future. OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A EUROPEAN COUNTRY…. Look at Greece and that is what our country will turn into SOON. GOD HELP US…………

      • LdotLlongwill says:

        you're missing the big picture, Fred. This president is cool, man. He smoked pot in school…so what if he skips his morning intelligent briefings…so what? He's cool…he parties with Beyonce and is on Letterman, so what if he doesn't meet with his jobs council?? so what, he's cool, he's on the View and parties with Springstein, man…he's cool. So what that he hadn't passed a budget or met with Netanyahu….so what, man the brutha is cool. So what if he lied repeatedly about our American Diplomat and 4 others murdered in Libya….so what????? He snorted cocaine in school, man! He's so hip…..so what that he's never run a business or insists that "work place violence" be the definition when an Islamic guns down 13 of our servicemen and women, he's hip, man he parties with Sprinsteen, hes a cool bro, so what if he uses race and class warfare, he knows how to fist bump…he's so cool, man! so what if he was raised by Commies and hides all his grades, so what? He's been on The View!! Now behave, dope yourself up, watch MTV and Hollyweird people, man and trust him, he said you could and after all he's so cool!

        Sarcasm aside….you can't fix stupid and when half the country are lazy and have zero work ethic they can be bought

      • Sorry, didn't see this until now as I was busy working. I can see you had plenty of free time. But I understand that everyone has some bad luck from time to time, and if I have to pay a little bit more to make other peoples lives better than I am fine with it. As a Christian, I understand that my work in this lifetime of helping the poor and needy, whether it is through volunteer work or me supporting social programs, it will be paid off big in the afterlife.

        God bless America.

    • disgusted says:

      Jack, go screw yourself. You and your lips are dirty anyway, from having them stuck to the buttend of this “negro” in office too long. Didn’t anyone tell you that this is unsanitary? Oh well, I guess you have a lot of company down that low. And, by the way, Fred is exactly right, after a while, with no jobs, and with no jobs, no taxes will be paid into the kitty for you lazy assholes to sponge from anymore, and then your free stuff, and your obamabucks will run out, and you will be SOL, just like the rest of us with this sorry, lazy useless, flap earred, purple lipped liar, murdering scumbag of shit in office. And since you and your kind are already on your way to hell, I won’t bother telling you where to go…………..what a disgusting peice of filthy waste you are, you and every one of you TRAITORS who voted for this peice of mu SLIME shit!

    • Linda from NYC says:

      Jack don't be a jackass, obama will throw your jackass under the bus, got it jackass

    • Linda from NYC says:

      To Jack the Jackass,

      I know you are happy to be getting your welfare money and foodstamps and obama phone that is why you and the likes of you went to vote for this piece of crap who can't even clean his own ass.

    • Sit back and enjoy? Seriously? We now have four more years of a president who is destroying our country little by little everyday. He has no love for this country. I am certain our fore fathers who built this wonderful country. would be disgusted to see what this president has done and what he will continue to do. We will see more and more people living off the government, my taxes gong up and up to take care of these bums and will be heading in the direction of Greece and their financial downfall. I will contine to keep the faith that me and my fellow Americans who voted Gov. Romney will see the truth come out about Presidnt Obama and this once great country will prevail. Good will always win over evil, it just might take more time !

      • mr_bad_example says:

        i could live comfortably for the rest of my life on a week's vacation obama takes, and he takes dozens!

      • Our fore fathers who built this wonderful country would probably first question why we would allow a slave to be President.

    • Hookem owls says:

      The dopers just can't learn from history…..get it jack??? There are reasons why the oppressed come here and you just helped re elect the oppressor….stupid is as stupid does. But hey, he's cool!
      Former USSR caller: “I’m scared, ok?”
      Glenn talked with a woman on radio today who grew up in the Soviet Union and later came to America. She openly talked about why she is so afraid at an Obama second term – she’s quite familiar with the warning signs of a dangerous administration. Why is she scared now? Find out from radio today.

      • And another….

        Caller plans to close business in wake of Obama election
        Elections do have consequences and one of those will certainly be on the economy. The President has made his intention clear to raise taxes on small businesses because he’s deemed anyone earning over $250,000 as rich

    • Hey jack the sheep, have you heard this?!,?

      This puts America in a very dangerous situation, given Obama’s well-demonstrated desire to destroy freedom and liberty in America. Remember: Obama is anti health freedom, anti food freedom, anti GMO labeling, anti medical freedom and anti farm freedom. He’s the one who issued an executive order claiming government ownership over all farms and farm equipment, in case you forgot that little fact.

      He’s also the guy who just recently issued an executive order merging Homeland Security with local corporate entities to grant the executive branch of government a power monopoly over the nation, bypassing the courts and Congress. You probably haven’t even heard about that one, because he secretly signed it during Hurricane Sandy. He's sooooo transparent!

    • Dismas T Gestas says:

      Hey Jack !! ..did you know that curses have been placed upon your head? ..I bet you don't even know that curses are real. (Proverbs 18:21 — "Death and life are in the power of the tongue") ..I have called upon God to release these curses from the Holy Bible upon you so you will know who the REAL God is !! (Psalm 109:1-20)<(..too many to list, but they're not very nice ..I dare you to read them!) & (2nd Chronicles 21:15 "And thou shalt have great sickness by disease of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day.") Amen. It is done.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

        Thanks man, I needed that today.


    • And they stood back & watched Rome burn. It's coming soon here..

    • Linda from NYC says:

      To lainky,
      you are right, we have let too many of immoral and sinful things go by, this president supports same sex marriage, abortions and throwing Israel to the wolves, this president is not a friend to Israel who is the apple of God's eye, which all of these are Abominations to God. All these people that voted for obama are also supporting gay marriages, etc. and they are as guilty as obama. Again you are right, in the end of the book, holy bible, we win. May God have mercy on America

    • I don't think this is vengeance. Instead of crushing us, he simply left us to our stupidity. He is teaching us a lesson, just as he did when he gave us Saul (See my response to Linda from NYC).

    • Of all the evidence provided with arguments against Obama, GOD is the dumbest one. You believe in a book with absolutely no emperical evidence behind it. Unquestioning Faith is vile and desgusting. Wake up and THINK!

      • You are either GAY or a COMMUNIST to talk about God's Word that way. You are mad about what was said about the GAYS, TOO BAD. GOD DESTROYED TWO CITIES because of the NASTY, FILTHY, BASTARD- and if you are one YOU WILL BURN IN HELL WITH THE REST

  24. madhatter15 says:

    43 trillion is a lot of money, and it was stolen by a nobody, not even a citizen of the USA. This man did not have ot win, he should not have even been allowed ot run but the media and the Government allowed it, called him Mr. Presdident and no one did a thing, now you want too sue him over money? I don't know who is crazier, you for thinking that up knowing it will never happen or me for even reading this crap. You should have done this before the election, no?

  25. In the words of the Geat Conway Twitty "God Bless America again. You see all the trouble that She's in. Wash Her pretty face, dry Her eyes and then, God Bless America again."
    We ask this FATHER in Your Son, JESUS CHRIST name AMEN.

  26. disgusted says:

    this son of a whore, son of a bitch in heat, should have been properly VETTED in 2007, BEFORE he was even considered eligable to run for office, any office, even the office of a damned DOG CATCHER! And, I don’t so much despise him as much as I do the FREAKS who went out and voted for him again! If it were my family members who did so, I would DISOWN THEM ALL! To me, this is nothing short of TREASON! To knowingly and deliberately SELL OUR COUNTRY OUT FOR STUFF! TO A DAMN “negro” of ALL STINKING THINGS!!!!!!!! If I was a RACIST before this, I am now a worse one than I ever could have imagined myself being. It is the WHITE LOW CLASS ass kissers of this half and half nothing, nobody from nowhere, and the BLACK ASS KISSERS who are GUILTY OF TREASON!!!!!!!! To cast a vote for this baboon was a vote AGAINST AMERICA AND OUR NATION! To vote AMERICA INTO NONEXISTANCE IS WHAT THOSE TRAITORS DID! If this is extreme, too bloody bad, it is how I feel, I am angry, and I have every right to be angry! As do the rest of us who did not want this filthy peice of slimey toxin in office again, for another four years. And I do beleive that this is the punishment for our willful, and deliberate disobedience of God, and His commandments as to how we should live, and we have thrown Him, and His rules out the door, and in essence, told Him to leave us alone…( a nice way of saying what we have said “F you, we don’t want you God) for, this is what Americans who have accepted and allowed the wicked and sinful behavior of those who live the perverted and GODLESS lives today. We have brought this judgement upon ourselves, and the only way to dig out way out of this hell of our own making is for us to repent and make our paths right again. To ask God to FORGIVE US AND THEN START LIVING AS HE DESIRES THAT WE LIVE! Personally, I think we are screwed, because this nation isn’t going to change it’s ways………….

    • I bet I'm more pist than you!!! But that means I'm REALLY REALLY sick of working my ass off for 35 years, my husband and I own a weekly newspaper. We could NEVER afford to hire help. Every darn time we did, the dam payroll taxes would get us. A couple years ago, we were short on $$ and waited to pay the state taxes. So the gestapo just told us, PAY UP or no registration renewal stickers for your vehicles. Bass Terds. How the hell did they expect us to work to pay the taxes if it would have been illegal to drive? Why in the name of God do people who have 25 babies by 30 different dads get to sit on their fat asses all day, get their check FROM US and still get a TAX REFUND? That reallly slays me. Us get a tax refund? HELL NO. It's pay, paypaypaypay and punished if you are late. Nowadays you can't hire anyone anyway because if they are gay, lesbian, both or whatever the hell they are, and they don't work out and you fire them, you will get a discrimination lawsuit slapped on you. This govt. has been feasting on us HOSTS for too long, stealing our money to give to the people who only know how to have babies. Oh, that's hard to do. I guess it must be because that's all they teach our kids in school these days. Well, I've been at this since I wretched my supper out last night watching that piece of shyt win. It wasn't a win, it was stolen by fraud. So, do I seem more angry than you? Probably about the same. I know after I found this story, I have a pounding headache, I've been walking thru the house cussing really nasty words and my two cats are looking at me like I am a nutjob. Well, since I've been trying to tell people about this slug since before he was nominated, that he was an islamic groomed muslim yes-basturd, they all called me a rightwing whack job and racist. He could be white, purple, green, pink, and I STILL would hate his damn guts. I cannot and will not look at him or listen to his voice for another 4 years. He makes my skin crawl and I get physically ill. He is satan himself. And I mean it.

  27. In answer to curious: Check your information before you make allegations. Your bar number quoted is for a resigned attorney Spire Law Group has a different bar number.

  28. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    that'll go nowhere

  29. J Blakely says:

    WHY hasn't this very important law suit been reported in the media??

  30. Yep America died last night..

    • I'd almost hate to say it, but America died long before last night. It died in 2008. We are now in the cycle of rapid decay. Soon, we will barely be a skeleton sitting in a long-abandoned throne.

  31. Rolfadinho says:

    I just signed the petition. I'm sharing this with all my SEC (SouthEastern Conference, which is college sports) friends and get them to sign it.

  32. Brave people just wasting their time. The world changed yesterday and it will never be the same again. Obama's radicals are in control of the country now and there is nothing anyone, short of a revolt against Obama, can change it. He and Sec.Clinton will begin working on Senate ratification of treaties that will place us under UN control

  33. TREASON in the White house!! He and Hillary killed four great patriotic Americans. Send these two S>O>B>s to jail !!

  34. Messenger of Reality says:

    I guess we should impeach BUSH first huh for those thousand of american deaths inside the border.

    How bout everyone involved fabricating a story about Iraq's WMD which led to thousands and thousands of American deaths?

    Get your head off your asses and live your lives open-minded who thinks with logic not just hatred. Although Alot of Libs are loving the sound of Hardcore Republican tears…

    • LdotLlongwill says:

      Remember Libya, bad intelligence…..same as the WMD with bush, but oh yeah, the argument of a hypocrite, that's different!

    • We do think with logic. That is why we are not electing a president who cannot even legally run. Do a quick search on YouTube for "Not natural born – the truth matters". You will be utterly dumbfounded at your own stupidity. You elected a monster just because Bush responded to terrorist attack? What you are doing is as bad as beheading the victim of rape because she went to the police. Until you can figure out how to write you last sentence in proper English, don't you DARE question logical thinking and the patriots who are working their asses off so you can get your free handouts (or is it bribes?). If you cannot even see where capital letters and commas go, you should not be voting.

      It is your lack of education that is our downfall. I'll check back in four years to see if you still have your head stuck up Obama's ass. Instead of arguing here, go do your research. You will be very surprised at how many lives Obama has put in jeopardy, and how many of those lives were lost in violent battles. I do not, by any means, think Bush did a good job, but he did a damn slight more than Obama could even promise.

  35. Chuck Holmes says:

    Go for it!! They should have been looking over their shoulders for the last four years. Maybe something will finally catch up with them!

  36. Look at this startling story I stumbled upon on yahoo.


  37. ITS CALLED HARBINGERS. And Obama and Hillary this Administration keep bringing them on America. The latest was the Hurricane in N.J. and N.Y. Susan Rice went before the U.N. and said Obama did not agree with the findings of Israel and the Land division released the day before.I said this is bad something will happen to America and it will be the Hurricane. God says you divide my land I will divide yours. You curse my people I will curse you.You bless my people I will bless you. Obama and Hillary are trying to divide Israel Again.We have had 100 harbingers on America everytime they try to split or control Israel. Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama and Hillary now. All determined to split Israel up. America will disappear after these two get done with it. Look up the words Obama recently said at the U.N. about Christian and muslims .You will be shocked. How he slid those words in there for His muslim family. God have mercy on us in America for the evil being done.

  38. LdotLlongwill says:

    Time to cut the gravy train and stop paying taxes or pay what We think is fair, not the servants of WE THE PEOPLE!

    then what would the takers do?

    • The takers would lose everything. They would finally learn that they need to WORK for what they want and need. You are absolutely right.

  39. LOL. Good luck with this lawsuit those of you in the minority.

    • Dismas T Gestas says:

      Hey stu i think you'd take it up the a** for a pop-tart ! ..but actually it's going to be worse than that. "Your" president is going to allow Islamic extremists to sodomize you and cut your throat so they can feel that death quiver of a blind, stupid American such as you. Obama is proud that he has single handedly destroyed America. with a 3 prong attack!! — #1. Weakened the U.S. military and infrastucture with defense cuts and side-stepped Constitutional Amendments. (you won't even be allowed to defend yourself) — #2. Whipped world hatred of US to a fevered pitch with 450+ Predator Drone strikes killing and wounding hundreds of innocent women and children ..just in Pakistan alone and they have "The Bomb"!! — #3. Relaxed immigration and border laws that will allow 'undesirables' into our country..very easily letting them bring in parts to assemble a nuclear device !! Go suck Muslim c*%k with your butt-buddy Barack ! ..As for myself, I'll be fighting next to my Real American brothers and sisters in the coming revolution and guerrilla war. God is on our side and this is the 9th Crusade !! OohRahh !!

    • stu in your case must be short for stupid — You're gonna be fu%*ed along with the rest of us .. and in that case we're the majority so you laugh at yourself as well

  40. A Patriot says:

    The whole "massive law suits" stuff is RIDICULOUS !!!!!

    NOBODY will EVER successfully SUE barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) and OR his administration !!!!

    Why doesn't all of these RIDICULOUS stories just STOP ??? Is there MONEY TO BE MADE IN IT ?????

    The idea of successfully seeing "the return of $43 trillion (with a “t”)" WILL NEVER HAPPEN !!!! It will especially NEVER HAPPEN as long as the LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT, protected by the MAINSTREAM MASS MEDIA MACHINE CULT IS CONTROLLING THE CONGRESS !!!!!

    The once people friendly "MEDIA", who at one time, DID look out for Americans interests when it came to being bullied by the "government". Back then the "MEDIA" had HONEST TO GOODNESS JOURNALISTS working for it.
    DUMBING DOWN the American People has been going on for YEARS & "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" opened the door !!!!


  41. Oscar Dar says:

    NOW THAT THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS OVER, we must focus our attention and gather our strength to get to Obama, who is the HEAD of the serpent. We MUST cut the head of the SERPENT, because when it cut, the whole parts of the SERPENT, will die altogether. With numerous violations of our Constitution and laws, OBAMA can go down fast, once the charges are forthcoming. We must urge the Republican Congress, to open an investigation for impeachment and at the same time prosecution proceedings for the alleged "CRIMES" Obama had committed. From his forged birth certificate, his fraudulent social security number, his ineligibility, (being a son of non-US citizen father from Kenya), His culpability on the Benghazi murders of four Americans. We can no longer afford to SLEEP..Since Obama has been reelected, but, the case of his INELIGIBILITY STILL HANGS over his head. If Congress finds Obama guilty of these "crimes" or violations of laws, he will break all the records IN AMERICAN HISTORY in every categories . WE MUST CONTINUE PRAYING AND HOPING that Congress will do their JOBS THIS TIME.. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • HA HA HA HA you don't realy believe the republicans or tea party is going to do anything do you? I realy believed in these people and guess I still do but I feel let down. For 4 years the tea party have been trying to get the republicans to do something right but the establishment republicans will not listen. They are on Obama's side not ours!

    • exiledmoth says:

      This is why I'm having this assured feeling that Obama won't stay as president for too long. Eventually, Congress will know about Obama's crimes. We have to let them know what's going on.

    • rocquedog says:

      Right the fu__ on! This POS Imposter and his hoochey mamma wife are a disgrace to the Constitution, to our country and to our heritage. He will soon be declaring martial law and sending his Brown Shirts (TSA, DHS, etc aka "National Citizens Army") into our homes to confiscate weapons and escort many of us to their FEMA camps. The states/patriots must resist at every level! All able bodied men/women should start joining their State Guards and Constitutional Militias. Most of our Sheriffs are Constitutionally oriented (Oathkeepers)and patriots can join up with their reserve forces. We must prepare now!!! God Save The Republic!!!

    • God says in psalm 64 that he is going to shoot with an arrow unexpectedly and suddenly they would become wounded and be made to stumble and theur own tongues would rise up against each other and all those who gazed upon him will shake their heads and flee away.and all men shall fear and know and wisely consider that this is the work of God and of His doing . Now it looks impossible but isnt God the God othe impossible. Look how every attempt by man has failed to bring obama down.But in obadiah 1 verse 2 through 4 says I will make you small and despised among the people . The pride of your heart has deceived you you who are a dweller of high places and says in his heart who can bring me down to the ground? Though you mount on high as the eagle and though you set your nests in the among the stars I will bring you down says the Lord. Now obama haddnt reached the top of the mountain until his reelection thats the highest level he could go and pride comes before the fall . And the reelection mounted him on the montain thinking I reached the top nothing can touch me now but God said he was going to shoot an arrow UNEXPECTEDLY. what could be more unexpected then winning and planning an inogratiion and a big party to boot and then your impeached and that which was spoken in secret and behind closed doors was revealed and brought out into the light and was shouted from the housetops. Could it be our antennas and satellite dishes ? Could it be that the cup wasnt filled until he was reelected and hadnt reached the top of the mountain yet. And when God shoots the arrow the word says he will become wounded and made to stumble so i bet he wont get out of Gods intervention because the word says that their tongues rise up against each other do you think that those who are in the know are going to sacrifice themselves for him tongues are going to speak up .and all lhose who gaze upon him all those that think he so wonderful and slobber all over him will shake their heads and flee away drop their suppoet of him and just as he wants to be the first in everything and was so exalted now hel be the first to be impeached maybe even for treason. What president ever commited treason and the word says he will be despised and obamas end will be Gods new beginning . selah pause and think of that

  42. Isn't the oath of office legally binding? So Obama has committed perjury multiple times. Telling the navy seals to stand down while being attacked one example. That is not defending America certainly by his action seems to be more in favor of his fellow Muslims? Why are there known alqueda members working in the white house?

  43. I don't see this going anywhere because of our cowardly governmment. Every time we turn around they are begging for donations only to find out the people don't get anything out of it. Or they promise that they will do something if we would only sign a petition, well that is all for me unless the republicans get this country constitutionaly sound again and that goes for you tea party people also. I don't see how this could happen. The polls were absolutely crowded this year compared to any other year of my life. I believe Obama won only because the people that wanted to vote for Ron Paul or the other guy Garry Johnson. You people should have put country first instead of yourself. Are you happy now?

  44. madmemere says:

    They should also be pressing ahead with a suit against the FED demanding the return of $27TRILLION, placed in trust with Ameritrust and taken over by the Fed- -this was a fund to "rebuild and restore" America, promoted by Pres. Reagan and carried out by an ambassador he trusted. In turn, that ambassador (one Leo Wanta) was harassed, arrested, imprisoned, committed to a mental institution (illegally) and while all that was going on, ALL but $4.7 TRILLION of that money disappeared – -remember those "illegal loans" the Fed gave to foreign countries and banks- -all "unaccounted for"?? Check that story out on Veterans for Truth!

  45. This country HAS turned into a 3rd world country! I know for a FACT that people are given things such as a small amount of rice or a small amount of money for their vote in one SE Asian country. Does that sound familiar? (OBAMA PHONE)

  46. The same thing happened here in Michigan, where the same 4 A holes were re elected, Debbie Stabenow, Sander Levin , John Dingell, John Conyers. PEOPLE KEEP ELECTING THESE SAME OLD A HOLES!

  47. Dismas T Gestas says:

    BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA curses have been placed upon your head !! These curses are real. (Proverbs 18:21 — "Death and life are in the power of the tongue") I have called upon God to release these curses upon you so you will know who the REAL God is !! (Psalm 109:1-20)<(..too many to list, but they're not very nice ) & (2nd Chronicles 21:15 — "And thou shalt have great sickness by disease of thy bowels, until thy bowels fall out by reason of the sickness day by day.") Thank you God !! Amen!! It is done.

  48. Dismas T Gestas says:

    Obama is proud that he has single handedly destroyed America. with a 3 prong attack!! — #1. Weakened the U.S. military and infrastucture with defense cuts and side-stepped Constitutional Amendments. (you won't even be allowed to defend yourself) — #2. Whipped world hatred of US to a fevered pitch with 450+ Predator Drone strikes killing and wounding hundreds of innocent women and children ..just in Pakistan alone and they have "The Bomb" ! — #3. Relaxed immigration and border laws that will allow 'undesirestables' into our country..very easily letting them bring in parts to assemble a nuclear device !! …I'm proud to be a part of the 57 million true, Real Americans that are soon to be fighting a guerrilla war on our own soil.

  49. Spire Group doesn't have a Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. That seems very odd for a company claiming to have represented "the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the FSLIC, IBM, Sony Corporation, MCA/Universal Studios, World Oil Company, J.C. Penney Company, Inc., Paramount Television, Mirisch Corporation, Melvin Simon Productions, Inc., Community Bank, Krispy Kreme Donut Corporation, and numerous Forbes 400 individuals as well as hundreds of banks and financial institutions."

  50. young granny says:

    I think in order for the beast and antichrist and the one world government of Revelation to come into power, the only country holding that back is the USA mainly because we've always been the ones to rush to the aid of anyone in trouble. For all peoples of the world to look to one person, the antichrist to cure their problems, our country must assume a minor role—essentially be reduced to a third world country. God uses evil to further his plans (as stated in Revelation) so this whole Obama mess, his transformation of this country, may indeed be God's plan. But never forget that God promises to keep those of us who believe in Him safe through the troubles.

    • rocquedog says:

      Granny, your assessment is spot on! Your wisdom in this matter shows your knowledge of worldly events and the Bible. I've been a student of End Times Prophecy/World Events, etc. for more than 40 yrs. and have arrived at exactly the same conclusions. We must be ready, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Plus, we must resist at every level. The A-C must be revealed!

    • Read Obadiah 1 verses two through four then read psalm 64 verse 7 Gods end obamas end . Remember that what is spoken in secret and behind closed doors will be revealed and brought out into the light and shouted from the housetops. antennas , satellite dishes? could the Bible hold the answer to his End. God says that a lying tongue will be credited but for a moment. Has his moment come?

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