Obama Admin Ditches Congress, Cites Int’l Permission, As Legal Basis For Action In Syria

Obama and his one world government cronies has almost made the complete transition to world control by the elites. Here you can see they prefer some international mandate to the US Congress as the legal basis for military adventures around the world. Congress must act quickly to restore their authority to declare war as outlined in the US Constitution. The Constitution is only valid if the branches of government protect their authority. Obama has consolidated all of the imperial powers that were held by the Emperor of Rome or the King of England. Congress stand up and correct this injustice.

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  2. NativeVeteran says:

    So in other words, the sec. of defense is telling the Senator that his muslim boss hussein molehammet obozo doesn,t need any permission from our Constitutional Congress to send our American Troops into battle…? Someone please arrest this man for treason!

  3. D. Marie says:

    The more this devil's servant gets away with, it empowers him to get away with more and more. Why isn't anyone trying to stop him.

    • Myrtlelinder says:

      The more he gets away with, the more tricks he will pull on us. He has ahuge bago of them that he has never used, yet. I think he pulls a new one out every day.

    • Mike Travis says:

      Who has the authority and power to stop him? According to the Constitution, which Oscuma and allies consider outdated, negative, and largely irrelevant, only Congress and WE THE PEOPLE have the authority and power to stop the POTUS. Congress has clearly shown they are complicit with Oscuma so we can forget them. That leaves We the People.

      Our Founders knew this would happen which is why they used the word "necessary" in the Constitution to describe the Militia in the 2nd Amendment. It is the ONLY time the word necessary was used in the entire document (outside the Declaration).

      There is your answer. The real question should be will We the People rise up and do our DUTY which is to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, including our own unlawful government, when it has been proven to be fraudulent, tyrannical, repressive, unresponsive, and openly antagonistic to the very Constitution THEY took an oath to defend?

    • factnotrhetoric says:

      There is a bill in Congress to Impeach Obama for Authorizing, and entering into, these unconstitutional wars that are to hand whole countries over to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate."

      Obama and SoS Clinton left "Saudi Organized Crime written Sharia Law" in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Kenya. So the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" now owns the Oil wells, the Opium Fields, the Uranium mines and any industry they want to claim in these countries.

  4. Charlie Hanna says:

    Our secretary of defense is an idiot, and I am being kind in saying that. Otherwise he is a complete criminal bringing our country into unprovoked wars … contrary to the Constitution of the USA.

  5. RacerJim says:

    Panetta flat out LIED regarding Libya…Obama never sought, much less obtained, Congressional authority to use U.S. military forces in Libya — a direct violation of the War Powers Act.

  6. Heavenly Father hear my prayer, NOBAMA in 2012 AMEN.

  7. God help us please!

  8. Everyone needs to forward this information to friends and voters. The big media is NOT reporting it as they are paid also by the elite. If people don't know it exists and still live in their bubble.. they'll not take you serious. Pass it on.. fill out your petition and get it done. Take your country back.

  9. factnotrhetoric says:

    The Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate has taken over our administration and are controlling the US Military and War Spending. They are using American Resources to overthrow Syria, Iran and Israel.

    These endless wars, at the cost of $Trillions of BORROWED dollars every year to overthrow Democracies and Replace them with "Saudi Organized Crime DICTATORSHIPS" where they own the Oil, the Opium, any industry and can print money for the country.

    The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" writes, and rewrites, Sharia Law, almost daily, to overthrow Democracies. If they can get Sharia Law into any country's constitution then it's a "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate Dictatorship."

    Obama and SoS Clinton left "Saudi Crime Syndicate's Sharia Law" in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and Kenya. This was at the cost of killing over 5,000 American Soldiers, killing over one-million innocent Middle Eastern Civilians, BORROWING and Spending $Trillions of American Dollars every year Obama has been in office, and making America the LARGEST DEBTOR NATION THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN. This was all to hand the ownership of these countries to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" that is in control of our Administration.

  10. Bertsy K. Larsen says:

    Marie, in regard to what you said to Mike Travis, it will be left up to We, the People, to do what MUST be done.. To overthrow this sham, this muslime in office, and all those traitors in congress, it will be our DUTY, as you said, to rid this nation of such trash. Otherwise we are doomed to this Sharia Law and all it’s atrocities. This is the most dangerous time to be living in, and who would have thoght that it would come to this? I am one who is willing to do my part, but how many others are ready and willing to do their part to save America from the destruction that this POS in office had planned for us all, BEFORE he ever took office! And when he said he would “protect and defend” our country, and our Constitution, he lied, period, for he had no intention of protecting and defending what our Forefathers had worked so hard to write, so that our nation could be free of such criminals as we now have sitting in our once beautiful White House, for it is no longer “white”, he has turned it into a black and filthy place where dark, dasterdly deeds are plotted and carried out against the American people, and he does what he wants, WHEN he WANTS! Plus, he does not care if it’s legal or not, he is an arrogant peice of kenyan pig ecrement! And as such, he needs to be removed, by force if necessary, removed and replaced in a cell from which he will never escape. And congress? their fate should be the same, for they are all traitors, and enemies of the American people! This is what is on my mind, so you asked, Floyd, and this is it. I want this thing out of my capitol, and if possible, out of my country! If we all thought of America as MINE then we might just feel enough anger to get off our asses and DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO KEEP OUR NICE, COMFORTABLE HOMES AND COUCHES TO WATCH THE FOOTBALL GAMES EVERY SUNDAY! think about it, it takes work to keep FREEDOM, FOR FREEDOM ISN”T FREE AND IT DOESN”T JUST APPLY TO THE MIDDLE EASTERN GARBAGE, IT APPLIES TO US ALSO, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Defend America now, else there may be n o America to defend.

  11. awesome!!!

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