Obama Accepts Unlimited Corporate Contributions For Inaugural Events; Isn’t Saying How Much

Dollar Bills SC Obama Accepts Unlimited Corporate Contributions for Inaugural Events; Isn’t Saying How Much

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama’s inaugural committee on late Friday released a list of individuals and corporations contributing money to fund events surrounding the president’s Jan. 20 inauguration but did not reveal how much they contributed, the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group reported on Friday evening.

In 2009, the group notes, Obama’s inaugural committee did not accept corporate contributions, limited individual contributions to $50,000 or less and, more than a month before the inauguration, published a searchable list of all donors, that included who they worked for, where they lived and how much they gave.

On Friday evening, by contrast, the Presidential Inaugural Committee merely added a link at the bottom of its website with a list of only the names of the individuals and corporations that have contributed. (The Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group included links both to Obama’s 2009 database and thestripped-down 2013 list of names to show the contrast.)

“There are no limits this time,” Sunlight Foundation reporter Keenan Steiner reported. “In the solicitation outlining the donor benefits in early December, institutions (which would include corporations) were asked to give as much as $1 million and individuals $250,000.”

“Moreover, this time around, the inaugural committee followed the time-tested Inside the Beltway method for burying the news: waiting until late in the day and Friday and quietly adding a new link on its inaugural website,” the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group said. “No press release or announcement.”

Read more at CNS News. By Terence P. Jeffrey.

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