NY Mayor: Free Speech Must Not Violate Political Correctness

 NY mayor: free speech must not violate Political Correctness

Mayor Peter Swiderski addressed a letter to the entire village of Hastings on Hudson, New York, making clear his conviction that facts which offend the sensibilities of the left must be condemned as “deplorable, hateful and morally repugnant” as they do not “reflect the ideals of [the] community or…of [the] nation.”

At issue to the mayor is an ad placed on a series of billboards in Westchester County, Metro-North stations by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The ad states that there have been “19,250 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11/01 and counting,” and continues on with the fact that, “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism.”

Oddly enough, Mayor Swiderski does not question the truth of the group’s claim. Rather, like so many dhimmis across the country, he simply finds it disgraceful to “tar a faith and its followers because of the actions of a few.” Remarkable how viciously active those “few” are, given 19,250 attacks took place even though the Mayor’s contends that “…the vast majority of believers in [Islam] (and all other) major religions, embrace peace and do not endorse the violence wrought by [those] fanatic few.”

The executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative is Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs fame. It was a series of anti-Israel billboards and kiosks that inspired Geller to begin the “Islamorealism” campaign in the Westchester Metro stations. Sponsored by Henry Clifford, co-chairman of the Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine, the ads “… featured maps of Israel from 1946 through 2010 focusing on the expansion of Israel at the expense of Palestinians.”

Neither Mayor Swiderski nor members of the Hastings on Hudson, Board of Trustees took offense at the anti-Israel postings. Apparently none of these pillars of the Westchester community consider attacks on the Jewish state to be either “deplorable” or offensive to “the ideals of the community!”

Geller responded to claims about the inappropriate nature of her group’s advertisements by stating, “Jihadists worldwide make recruits among peaceful Muslims by portraying themselves as the exponents of true Islam. Rather than being offended by my ads, Muslims who genuinely oppose jihad should be joining me to fight against it and challenge the jihadist interpretation of Islam.” Not surprisingly, she was ignored by the left as its members pressed their attack.

“Apparently, after legal review, this ad did not qualify as hate speech and falls under First Amendment protection,” moaned Mayor Swiderski as he provided Westchester residents with the name and address of the Metro-North chairman. Beseeching his offended townspeople to complain to the chairman about Geller’s unacceptable use of her 1st Amendment rights, Swiderski made it clear his interpretation of free speech rights mirrors that of every other liberal. That is, say something with which I agree and I’ll not consult with attorneys about your despicable example of hate speech!

All in all, just another example of the true American spirit brought to us by the dhimmis of New England!

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  1. Dear Mayor Swinderski,

    Up yours you DUMB POLACK!

  2. gunner221 says:

    How much more stupid can anyone get. Well, maybe Obama but this mayor is close. Maybe he should go to Saudi Arabia and lick the kings shoes.

  3. Mayor Moron, you cannot preempt Freedom of Expression by corralling ones Right to Free Speech behind all that which is considered politically correct. That is NOT FREE SPEECH. Rather, we are free to oppose, intellectually challenge and express ourselves personally and there is nothing that can be done about that — I think the left best get used to the fact that the Alinsky Methods when used to a point of predictability, have become stale and better yet, we have grown INTOLERANT and weary of the doublespeak. This is nonsense of the degree that only Obscumbo is known for!

  4. Note to Mayor Swiderski —
    If you want jhad and Shariah Law in America, instead of a Constitutional Republic, you might just get jhad and Shariah on your own fine head.
    A real Amrican does not support a government that wishes to be released from the constraints of the Constitution nor one that gives aid to terrorists or any other of our enemies.
    Thank you Swiderski for telling us who and what you are.

  5. How did all these bleeding heart, liberal, socialist, dictators get into office??? They're off their rockers! I still think they should make California it's own country and all those of his ilk should move there and govern it the way they want to…let them be as liberal and socialist as they wish, and let them support all the illegals, welfare recipients, tree huggers and others who are so out of touch with America and her Constitution. They can develop their own health and taxation programs; they can do there own 'green' thing, do away with nuclear and fossil fuel energy, build all the solar and wind plants they want to and figure out how to protect and sustain themselves and 'their country'! Sheesh!!!

  6. Michael Oberndorf, RPA says:

    Useful idiot doesn't even begin to describe dupes like this nor expose the damage they are doing to America. This clown, quite likely a Polish Catholic, appears to be from a family that brought its centuries old anti-Semitism to America and in spite of education and acculturation, has never let go of its vicious hate and bigotry. This is very common among leftists, though they try their best to hide it. Fools like this belong in the garbage, not in office.

  7. SeaDragon says:

    Jihad is the way of islam. Kill or enslave all non-believers. A lie that helps islam is permitted. WHERE does this leave room for a non-violent, believing muslim?

  8. VirgoVince says:

    Between this idiot joker and Bloomboob, how can NY survive????
    Free Speech came long before political correctness, which is FAR from correct, it's just a hiding place for idiot libbers and makes LYING so much easier!! So, they can shove pc up their asses and I'll keep telling it like it is and calling it as I see it!!!!
    I'm NOT in, nor from NY, Thank God!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Virgo I use to live in upstate NY and its idiots like these mayors that helped me and my wife make the big move to SC.It shows you the mentality of the people of NY who elect these weasels(assholes)

      • VirgoVince says:

        Surely, you know how lucky you are that you made that choice!!
        I see we're back to asses and assholes!!!! It fits so well with libturds!!!! LOL
        (Did we break thru the block??)

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I hope so and Itold Dis how I use to get the daily caller and they had an article on that Director that took the plunge off the bridge.so I commented that it was good because it was one lesss liberal and he should have asked alan Colmes to join him in the jump.It appeared then when I went back to see if it had any comments or hits they took it off so I unsubscribed them.Now we are even

      • I'm so glad I'm not the only South Carolinian here : ) Welcome to the fold!! Now if only we could get the State Legislature to adopt Open Carry Laws, although I do enjoy the "You can have a loaded Handgun in your Glove Box, console, or a case in your trunk" part of the law.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          SC beats NY anyday the only thing good about NY is the cooler weather.I wish NY had the gun laws of SC even though I had a pistol permit it was tough getting one and you could only useit for hunting and practice.

      • billyjean says:

        I am from NY and many us here in NY feel fustrated with this mayor bloomy boy and and all these other stupid people that are running this country. When this mayor did decided to run again, there was great opposition towards him and many people express their discust towards him. I wonder if this was a fix? after all he is a Billionaire, with money you can buy just about anything. Bloomy boy is capable of doing the exact same thing as this stupid mayor Peter Swiderski.

  9. up urs islam bastards…..keester that.

  10. catloverdee says:

    Judyg46, please don't lump all Californians into that mold. I'm a 68 year native, and 50 years ago California was a great place to live. Now I have too much of my life tied here to just up and move. Many Californians that I personally know can't stand Governor Moonbeam or our 2 senators. We aren't all Libtards.

  11. rockncoal says:

    When I saw the headline "NY Mayor: Free Speech Must Not Violate Political Correctness" I assumed that it was Bloomberg making an ass out of himself again. Little did I think that there was another NY mayor so willing to step to the forefront as an idiot!

    We all know that most Muslims are not terrorists – we also know that the majority of terrorist acts are committed by Muslims. Let's call it as it is!

  12. Robert Beaty says:

    What a gross miss-use of the human brain.

  13. A happy holy negroid day to ya'll… :P

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