Number Of Abortion Providers Drops Dramatically

Abortion Protestor SC 214x300 Number of abortion providers drops dramatically

Those trained in the murder of unborn children are finding fewer clinics within which to ply their immoral trade. Reports show abortion clinics are closing at a rate of more than one per week so far this year, which represents a marked increase compared to previous years. With more than three months left in the year, there have already been 19 more abortion facility closures than during all of 2012.

While reasons vary from clinic to clinic, the overarching theme suggests a robust pro-life movement is finally beginning to resonate with individuals considering the barbaric procedure.

Certain states have tightened abortion restrictions, leading some facilities to close rather than abide by the new laws. An overall drop in the number of clients has resulted in several other butchers going out of business.

The real reason for the positive trend, according to some in the pro-life movement, is a renewed devotion among believers to fight for the sanctity of life. National Director of 40 Days for Life, David Bereit, said the decreased number of abortion clinics is due to grassroots activists, adding local efforts are often more effective than petitioning change at the highest level of power.

He credits “Christians praying for an end to abortion, and getting actively involved in pro-life efforts where they live” for the uplifting news.

The work of these activists must continue in earnest, though. As long as mothers can facilitate the death of their own children without question, our society will continue its cultural decline. Without recognizing the God-given potential within each human, we can never fully realize our potential as a nation.

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