NRA Donations Spike Amid Leftist Attacks

NRA 2 SC NRA donations spike amid leftist attacks

Confirming the adage “there is no such thing as bad publicity”, the National Rifle Association continues to capitalize on its horrendous portrayal in the mainstream press. The gun rights advocacy group reports that Americans, apparently fed up with the ongoing attack on Second Amendment liberty, have flocked to recent events with their checkbooks in hand.

In just over eight months, the affiliated “Friends of NRA” fundraising effort has brought in over $1 million more than during all of last year.

“Funds raised by Friends of NRA protect our shooting heritage by supporting youth education, firearm training, range development, conservation efforts, and so much more,” said group spokesperson John da Silva. He explained the NRA’s mission to protect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans, from “hunters, to competitive shooters, to those who are just proud gun owners.”

Another age-old saying, “Money talks,” is also readily apparent in the widespread support of legal gun ownership. While leftists from Barack Obama on down have devoted huge blocks of time to trashing those who choose to arm themselves for protection, the American people have been listening. Instead of agreeing with the highly charged rhetoric, though, millions have reacted with disdain — choosing instead to become even more active in the fight to uphold the liberties contained within our Bill of Rights.

Leftists have an expansive platform from which to disseminate their anti-gun propaganda; recent reports show that sources from public school textbooks to the U.S. Senate’s website have completely misrepresented the Second Amendment. Despite the resources available in this misinformation campaign, though, actual citizens are largely unconvinced.


Photo credit: HunT Trader (Creative Commons)


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think the NRA is a great organization and I truly support it but I stopped joining when I found out they gave money to Dingy Harry Reids campaign.If the president of the NRA Wayne Laperrie says they quit giving money to Dingy then I will rejoin.

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