NPR: Football Will “Damage Your Soul”


The left has a long, documented history of attacking traditional masculinity. Projecting the misogynistic, violent attributes they believe men inherently possess, liberals ignore the vital balance God created between the two sexes.

Among the most popular targets of today’s radical leftists is football. The sport, which is enjoyed by millions of participants and fans, has been in the crosshairs lately due to reports of bullying within the Miami Dolphins franchise.

Combining a visceral hatred of football with the left’s favorite buzzword, “bullying,” provides enough fodder to rail against these athletes and the league for which they play. Frank Deford, National Public Radio’s sports commentator, recently jumped on that bandwagon during an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Morning Edition.

Commenting on the bullying scandal, he described the “savage culture” of football while describing players who took part in the reported hazing as “brain-damaged.”

He urged parents to keep their children away from the gridiron, contending that the sport can “damage your soul as well as your brain.”

Deford then delved into his deep reserve of anti-masculine rhetoric to blame manhood for society’s ills. In general, it was a disturbing example of the new, neutered approach of sports commentary.

Trashing the common view that football “will make a man out of you,” he said the sport is inherently different than other pastimes.

Other forms of team athletics, he concluded, encourage participation “really no differently than playing in a school orchestra or the cast of a play,” while football forces players to be “mean and insensitive.”

He ended his tirade by celebrating the fact that participation in the sport is dropping. Contending that “there are better ways to learn to be manly,” Deford implored parents to stand in the way of their children’s desire to take part in the “thuggish” sport.

While any activity comes with a certain amount of risk, the widespread hatred of football has become a common theme even among many in the sporting community. The sport represents one of the last vestiges of rugged competition in our feminized culture. As such, leftists believe it should be relegated to obscurity.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives (Creative Commons)

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  1. American329 says:

    If you can’t take the heat get out of the game. Football is for real men not little boys. Hahahaha sorry but it’s the truth. We seem to have more feminine men these days than masculine men. I feel sorry for the young straight girls anymore because its gonna be so hard for them to find a real man these days. So glad I have one who also played football in high school and he’s a dedicated fan now. GO WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!

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