Now What, Liberals?

Liberia SC Now what, liberals?

Liberals love their fantasies about slavery in America. It makes them feel superior to insist America was founded by “Old White Men” (OWM) who loved slavery. They refuse to acknowledge that those same OWMs often freed their own slaves, although not until their death. They love their own fairy tale that “freeing slaves had nothing to do with the Civil War.” Allowing that would force them to credit Lincoln and the (hated) Republicans with freeing the slaves – a gross violation of the false liberal narrative of American history.

They are so desperate to keep the truth of who were the slave holders and who set the slaves free from their intellectually captive black voters that in some states, American history books start with 1870 because starting in 1775  could throw open the Liberal plantation gates forever.

These things said liberals should start gearing up to defend another of their wishful thinking fantasies, which holds that the slaves held by old South Democrats were noble people who could have taught the evil white man a thing or two about civilized conduct if given the chance.

The establishment of the nation of Liberia should have settled this question; but according to a new book, it proved just the opposite was true.  Liberia was established with American government and private funds as a free nation on the continent of Africa, which would serve as a homeland for repatriated black former American slaves. It was to be a utopia where blacks would apply the principles of democratic government they had learned in America and become a shining beacon freedom in the “Dark Continent.” It never happened.

Once Liberia was founded, the inhabitants immediately started an economic system based on the enslavement of other black Africans.  They built houses that looked like the anti-bellum mansions their former masters lived in and continued to live off slavery until the 1920s!

This is all documented in “Another America: The story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it” by James Ciment – Hill and Wang.

Read it and weep, liberals. Another of your fantasies has been destroyed.

Photo credit: MercyWatch (Creative Commons)

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    A couple of other facts of history that isn't liked to be told:
    Slavery was legalized in America by a Black man.
    Black people sold their own family members into slavery to the Spaniards, who in turn, sold them to different countries like the United Kingdom and others.

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