Now That You Have Won Re-election, Mr. Obama…

General Obama Forward Stand Down SC Now That You Have Won Re election, Mr. Obama...

Ok, now that the election is over, Mr. Obama, what about job creation? What about getting serious about lowering our national debt with realistic spending cuts? How about fixing our soaring energy costs and utilizing our natural resources instead of shoving imaginary, pie-in-the-sky alternative energy sources down our collective throats? How about you get off the coal industry’s back over carbon emissions while the Chinese continue to belch more carbon in the air than we could ever even come close to producing?

Show us your “comprehensive” immigration plan that will realistically protect our borders and not put 11 million mostly unskilled Mexicans in front of the line that other LEGAL immigrants have been waiting in for years! While you’re at it, why don’t you explain to the American people what Operation Fast & Furious was really all about! Why don’t you tell us what really happened in Benghazi, Libya, to cause you to sacrifice the lives of four Americans? (Hint: try short answers and no BS.)

Would you mind telling those of us on Social Security, Social Security Disability, and Medicare & Medicare Advantage how we  are supposed to benefit after you and your Progressives have removed $716 BILLION from Medicare to use as seed money for Obamacare? No, Mr. Obama, we don’t want to dance with you or your talking heads verbally; just a real simple straight answer will suffice.

Now that you have pulled out all the stops to gain the Office of the President of the United States again, Mr. Obama, are you going to start acting like the grownup in the room; or will your temper tantrums continue to mask your lack of leadership? The world is on fire, Mr. Obama; and you need to quit sucking up to the Muslim Brotherhood and figure out who our friends are and stop trying to appease our enemies. Try finding someone outside your Progressive circle of thugs who really knows something about foreign affairs, will you?

Are you and Vladimir Putin going to get together again now that you have more “flexibility to deal”? What are you willing to give the Russians in exchange for them liking you? Our missile defense secrets? Maybe the locations of all our ballistic missile subs so that the Russians won’t have to find them on their own? How about we pull out of all the places around the world that our Russian “buddies” don’t want us to be? I know! We let Putin reconquer all the Eastern European countries that they lost when the old Soviet Union collapsed! Hey, what a Christmas gift that would be!

When are you going to explain to the American people that you are going to be putting millions more out of work when your EPA fully implements their new draconian regulations for 2013? How many more community and local banks are you going to kill off because of the ridiculous “Dodd-Frank” bill, Mr Obama? I thought that you didn’t like “fat cat” bankers and financiers. Must be that the shakedown for political campaign donations was pretty successful, huh?

Is it really true that you’re forming a proletarian guard out of the New Black Panthers, Mr. Obama? After all, they did such a bang-up job of voter intimidation in Philadelphia that they should be rewarded by your Thugocracy for their loyalty!  If you get the Republicans to cave in on tax increases for the rich, are you going to increase Michelle’s travel expenses, especially for the holiday season? Have her send us poor peons postcards so that we can dream of exotic places right along with her.

When are you going to officially present your Attorney General’s idea of creating two separate sets of laws, one for blacks and one for whites in this country? All in all, Mr. Obama, I would say that you need to get busy if you’re really going to keep all the promises that you made to all the people to get their vote. You have four years to create a legacy for yourself, Mr. Obama; how do you realistically want history to remember you? When you do something that benefits ALL Americans, I will be the first to congratulate you. So far, however, you have not shown any leadership skills worth noting, and you now have NO ONE to blame for the last four years. What are you going to do now? Elections do have consequences, Mr. Obama. Are you up for the job this time? We’ll see. Merry Christmas.






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  1. Lets give several rounds of Spike Lones, DER FURRERS FACE, and dont forget the old razzberry

  2. He didn't win the election he stole it like a thief in the night…… Going to turn your Black Panthers or your Brown Shirts on us…. Have a ball just remember we can fight back..

    • Questionman says:

      Obama did win.You're just an f-ing racist sore loser crybaby bitch!

      • idiots like you belong to the Huff____Post, so get lost and go back to the hole you crawl out of. most of you blacks that voted for obama must be on welfare and that is why they voted so they won't lose their welfare money. how come you blacks have so many kids? and different fathers and some of these ladies don't even know who are the father. They look real stupid on that mary show when they are proven wrong, and many times they test about five to six men, what a embarrassment that is to your race. your prez looks like a monkey he got monkey ears

      • Hahahahaha! Wow. That is SUCH an original come-back. I'm sorry to laugh at you so hard. I just couldn't believe you would resort to the lowest common denominator like that. How old are you, 10? Did you just learn these curse words and feel smart for using them? Why'd you bother self-censoring the F bomb when you were going to use an uncensored curse word later? Did you put any thought into your sentence? Did you pick your come-back out of a short stack of cards? Were you paying attention to the election at all? For a guy that goes by 'Questionman', you seem to have all the answers figured out…minus sources, evidences, and logic to back up your statement. In fact, your statement was extremely predictable. Didn't take anybody here by surprise when you posted it. That's why I was laughing at you. Oh, you want racist, just look at the man you call president that chose to use the color of his skin as a barrier, a divider, and a weapon. The man that set the equal rights movement back 100 years by enforcing past stereotypes. Sore loser? Again, I want to direct your attention at the man you call president. When he wanted to raise the debt ceiling and was opposed by congress, he threatened to withhold social security benefits until they folded. He sued states when they wanted to enforce voter ID check. He sued states so that military votes couldn't be sent over seas. He's been found guilty of committing various crimes by several courts across the country and refused to acknowledge them. Talk about a crybaby. He has to resort to committing illegal acts just to get his way because "They wont give me what I want." So, in essence, your comment (as juvenile as it is) is misdirected.

        • GREAT GREAT POST…you covered it all.
          Can I add just one little tiny tiny thing? lol

          He was so upset that his numbers looked Sooooo bad, that he filed a law suit against Gallop!!!

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    And so farther down the rabbit hole we go. How far down it goes we won't know for 4 more years. I only hope they leave some type of rope to pull ourselves out with.
    I seriously doubt it though.

  4. Hallie Lewis Roberts says:

    I've heard that Obama is working on a third term for himself. I hope you know that Obama only said all those fine things just to get our votes. He has never had any intention of doing good things for America. He wants to ruin it so that when we are on our knees, he can easily take over and be a complete dictator over communist America. That is his plan. And the sooner every liberal understands that, the better off we will be. Obama's got all the fawning liberals brain-washed–just like Hitler did with the Germans. Hitler was voted into office, but he gradually took over all powers and became a dictator with total authority over everyone and everything–just like what Obama is trying to do.

    • Questionman says:

      1) The election is over. Obama won. Get over it.
      2) You can criticize current policies if you wish. But give up on your silly anti Obama crusade.
      3) The next election is in 4 years. Take a 3 year break with your propaganda.
      Let Fox News do the job.

      and last but not least:

      I promise you, Obama will not stand for re-election in 4 years. Cross my heart.

      • Obama DID NOT WIN….He is sitting in OUR WH all due to being a corrupt man who defrauded the U.S. Citizens AGAIN.
        Surely, you are not that stupid or racist!

      • Evermyrtle says:

        In four years we will be in bondage, there will be no election is what I think. It makes no difference how hare it will be for me you will get the same treatment that I will get. You don't think he will remember you do you?

    • I saw that today too, Hallie. THAT is a dictatorship!

  5. Bosvelon, You hit the nail on the head!!! The election on Nov. 6rh was an even more fraudulent event than the one 4 years ago. When is Congress going to do what it swore by oath to do? They swore to uphold the Constitution and this jerk wasn't eligible the first time and he certainly should have never been allowed to be on the ballot again. We need to hold our Senators and Representatives responsible and DEMAND they take care of the MESS they have allowed !!

    • Becky McPherson says:

      I agree with you–I don’t think the Bum was eligible to be the President of the United States. Plenty of proof he is not naturally-born–plenty!

      And, anybody who expects better out of this jerk will be sorely disappointed, too. If you’re a left-leaning idjit, there is no hope.

      • Questionman says:

        Is having a black man as President THAT bad fro you, Klansman Becky! It must be!

        Here are the facts!

        !. Obama He is "legal"….Congress said so and they are the arbitrar

        2. All the "plenty" are debunked BS created by racists like you!

        3. You are a racist, bigoted black-hating sore loser..Grow up, Klansman!

        • James Loney says:

          Hey "dumb ass" this guy is not black.. He is a "half breed" so rant all you want about racist because as you speak it just shows how ignorant you are. This so-called president is not legal and he is nothing but a d**** communist and a full blown muslim.

          • Evermyrtle says:

            The reports say that he is 1/2 white, 3/8 Arab and 1/8 black, that is what comes in THAT PACKAGE so the say!!!. Does it make you wonder what the problem in America is

        • Linda A. From NY says:

          To questionman the moron
          What is it going to take for morons like you to wake up? he has proven to be the worst president this country ever had, he ran on hope and change and left this country hopeless and worst off.

          It is the morons like you that voted this muslim back into office, this muslim does not respect our Constitution and he is in bed the UN and with the muslim brotherhood. There are more people losing their jobs, is this going Forward? NO!!! it is not!! Moron. and if anybody is a racist and a bigoted it's you.

          When blacks like you won't be able to find work and live the American dream, blame it on your black muslim messiah. Do not blame it on the white man. Blacks like you are so Inferior that in order to feel good about yourselves, you people go and support the worst man for president, not caring how he will bring this country down.

          • YES, well said, Linda.
            The real issue here is the economy – not the color of his skin. He could be purple, blue, yellow, green, or super black for all I care. The morons who re-elected him, re-elected him because they focused on SOCIAL ISSUES choosing to IGNORE the REAL ISSUES (economy, jobs, healthcare etc.). Its almost like they were on a different country. "He is black so we are electing him." "He is for women's right." blah blah – all that shit. Im a woman and my rights are still the same when Bush was in office. I would like to ask Obama supporters…"did ya think you were going to be immuned to the economy by voting for him?" whatever they will see…
            ALl you Obama supporters have NO reason to complain when you CANNOT find a job, or have the "nice" things you want. Did it to yaself.


          THE USA was proud to have the First Black President and he has stabed ALL of us in the back.
          Everything IS about his ACTIONS…..NOT RACE.
          It is really said that you are so blinded by your own RACISM that you can't see what he is doing tot he country..

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Now that you have stolen the election , again, how do you plan to finish us off?

      • Today I saw an article that he is already talking about a "3rd" Term.
        That is NOT LEGAL…not that it matters to him…but it isn't legal.

    • We'd all be a lot better off when we realize that DEMANDING anything from our Senators and Representatives is absolute hog-wash! These bastards all know Obama is a fraud and is NOT our real president. These pukes need to be held accountable by arresting them and holding trials for treason. Chief aider and abettor of Obama's crimes is none other than Nancy Pelosi! She perpetrated the scheme from the get go back in 2008.

      Forget asking or demanding anything from these scumbags! Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio (he got re-elected to sheriff again, for I believe the 8th or 9th time)! Here's a real man, a real hero, a real patriot. He's not afraid of the MSM, Obozo or any of those libtards calling him a racist. He's on a mission, and he needs our full support. Want to expose Obozo, help the sheriff. Write or email or contact him somehow, some way and ask him what he'd like you to do for the cause. I'm sure there's a ton of things we can do as true, red-blooded Americans to help the sheriff out.

  6. The poser in chief did NOT win reelection, so much fraud occurred that a COMPLETE recount after investigation is called for BUT the RNC and DNC do NOT care about our laws OR constitution but solely their hold on power.

    • Questionman says:

      Like you'd be doing anything other than celebrating if Romney has squeaked by a win.
      You obviously don't read much, or only read the daily KOS and Briebart Report. As for the 140%, that error was due to early voting tabulation backups being run twice and it was corrected, and it only dealt with a house seat in Florida.

      As for the 100% counties, there were 9 of them, all in Philadelphia, and all 100% black.

      To accuse our president of voter fraud is the epitome of ignorant. Romney lost, get over it.. You're just a sore loser but don't have enough common decency to admit it.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        Hey moron have you forgotten Fast and Furious debacle? Where guns were sold to the drug cartels? And the death of a border agent? Hey moron have you forgotten how this bogus prez ran in 2008 and said he would reduce the deficit? And instead increase it by 4 extra trillion? Adding to the deficit.

        Hey moron have you forgotten how this bogus president in regards to Benghazi (where 4 Americans) were killed, and proof was found that the Ambassador was requesting help and help was denied and ignore.

        Did you know that obama and hillary are in bed with the UN, they are working on taking away the rights to Bear Arm, obama wants for America to bow down to the United Nothings. Obama wants to give our sovereignty to the UN.

        We are Americans, we do not need permission from the UN to run our country and we don’t need permission to have the Right to Bear Arms. The UN is nothing more then the United Nothings.

        This list of this bogus prez goes on and on and you have the nerve to call anyone a racist? Are fu*king kidding? Obama is dirty and he did steal the election, wait till this muslim bum throws you’re black A*S under the bus and he will. MORON!!!!

  7. THERE IS A BIG difference in "winning" an election and ….STEALING an election!!!

  8. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Listenin' to Stevie Wonder's 'You haven't done nothin'' comes to mind. Stevie wrote it 'bout Pres, Nixon, and, it sure appliies to Nobama!

  9. MR. Obama. THAT is ALL I will ever call him, if I call him anything at all, anything, that is, nice………..which isn’t too likely! I despise the bastard, and that is all I can say regarding anything so offensive as a filthy, lying, stinking, low life, peice of pond excrement who infects our nation, and spreads his diseases from one end of the country to the other. I wish old MOOOO would take a vacation to africa and stay there, where she and the “niglets” belong! But, I don’t think the natives would much like her and her snarky attitude any better than we do.

  10. i see obama the same as i see a snake oil salesman both products are worthless

  11. Obama didn't win the election, he stole it. The integrity of our election system was stolen also.

    • Questionman says:

      Like you'd be doing anything other than celebrating if Romney has squeaked by a win.
      You obviously don't read much, or only read the daily KOS and Briebart Report. As for the 140%, that error was due to early voting tabulation backups being run twice and it was corrected, and it only dealt with a house seat in Florida.

      As for the 100% counties, there were 9 of them, all in Philadelphia, and all 100% black.

      To accuse our president of voter fraud is the epitome of ignorant. Romney lost, get over it.. You're just a sore f loser but don't have enough common decency to admit it.

  12. I had high anxiety before the elections. Now I just have feelings of dread. The world cheated the hangman back in 1962's Cuban Missile Crisis. Today's situation is even making those days seem idyllic. It's just one horrendous snafu after another. Our leaders can't be this stupid can they?

    • No more "dread" – -go to "petition2congress" and fill out the fax/petition titled "Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College". Presidents are not elected by "popular vote", they are elected by the Electoral College and Romney carried 24 states. We only need 17 to refuse to cast their vote; it will then fall to the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (not the senate), to "select" the next president!


    "there's a BIG difference to WINNING an election……and STEALING it."

  14. Why does anyone actually expect this Doofus to come up with anything actually useful & of a positive value to the majority of voters in this country. If you're a pecial interest group, he's all over that. Other than destroying this country & all it's been & stood for, he's accomplished nothing in 4 years, yet the "gimmee" crowd wants more & see him as their ticket to more "stuff"!

    • Questionman says:

      If you racists are so convinced that Obama's a crypto-Muslim-Marxist-whatever trying to destroy America hack who doesn't understand how the economy works, then why don't they just let him have his way and run against the guaranteed bad results? Their previous strategy seemed to be to destroy him through obstinance, and that didn't work, so obviously this would be the next step.

      Or are they too afraid that his plan will do the job

  15. Peaver Bogart says:

    barack husein obama = Osambo Hitler II

  16. Fast and Furious and Benghazi both were gun-running. That's why he sat and watched as Stevens and the 3 others were slaughtered, and ran with the story of the video. He didn't think anyone would question him. He is after all the commies savior.

  17. Linda A. From NY says:

    This morning I had a weird dream, I saw a young beautiful white American woman like a Rockwell painting, representing the American woman of WW2 and I saw her with noose around her neck.
    I wonder if this dream represents America with a noose around our country of some kind of a stranglehold. Obama’s polices are a strangle hold on our country and we are in danger of a economic crash and facing the worst depression ever, worst then the 1929 depression.

    • I think your dream was very appropriate to what is going on today.
      IF we think back, WWII is when we gained our GREATEST IDENTITY to the entire world!
      He IS choking that Identity.
      that is ONE time in our history that the LOVE and RESPECT for America, here and abroad, was Extremely high. During the war, even the women were involved. They went to work in the factories building planes, parts, etc. Movie stars were entertaining the troops.
      When countries like France saw Our Military come into their Country, they knew they would be saved!

      Your dream was right…that IS exactly what he is trying to do….choke the life out of America.

  18. He's up to the job alright! And that is continuing his destruction of America. He does NOT care about anyone but himself and the same is true w/Mooooooooooochelle and the rest of the Evil Libs. They are all full of hate for the American people and they hate the Constitution and what America stands for FREEDOM. He and his scum of the earth group want us to be slaves to them. He wants to tell us what we can do, when we can do it, what we can eat, when we will get Medical Help, what we can & can't say etc etc etc. He will NOT be satisfied til he has accomplished those things. He is a Wanna B Dictator. He wants it so bad he can taste it. And the re election of him has made him taste it even more.

  19. Looks to me like the only law enforcement officials in this country that are hot on the heels of the Obama
    fraudulent presidency is Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse! All of those in Congress and the Senate KNOW Obama's a fraud. Our so-called 'representatives' should be arrested and held over for trial for TREASON! Obama has won re-election through voter fraud; the same way he won in 2008. I'm convinced this man is a Soviet agent hell-bent on destroying America. First by ruining our economy by stimulus spending and by devaluing the dollar by more printing by the FED. He is now continually by-passing Congress by Executive fiat. Obama acts more and more like a dictator than as a president.

    So, everybody in Congress, the SCOTUS, the Senate, the MSM just pretend that Obama is our president. Don't you think this farce has gone on long enough America? What have we to gain by allowing this fraud in our White House to continue on as our acting president? Where do you think Obama will take us? Where has he taken us so far? He wants to bankrupt the American economy. He hates capitalism and anything resembling what our Founding Fathers have given us, a Constitutional Republic. The more we pretend to give Obama legitimacy, the more he is coming out of the closet and showing America his true colors.

    It's time this fraud and liar in chief is arrested and his wifey Moochelle too! And his cabinet of communist czars. Our Federal government has been hi-jacked and it's time to fix our problem America. If we just allow this pretender in chief to continue on, we're doomed. We've allowed the Trojan Horse into our White House and we're paying the price for allowing this to happen. Of course the MSM, all the liberal left-wing talk shows and all the Obamabots will shout from the rooftops that I'm a RACIST. So be it! Every patriot in this country that has ever tried to forewarn the people has been ridiculed and made out to look like a fringe lunatic. That is, until he or she is proven right, THEN all the people come on board and erect a statue and make all sorts of apologies when it's safe to do so.

    So, maybe we are a nation of cowards like our fake AG Eric Holder or was it Rahm Emmanuel? But in either case, if we do not support Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse to prove out that Obama is in fact the liar and fraud that he is, we have no one but ourselves to blame for losing our country without a single shot being fired. Look in the mirror and ask yourselves, is this the America I want to live in? To be a part of? You know the right answers and you all had better get off your duffs and start protesting loud and long and DEMAND that Obama is investigated for his many, many crimes against our country.

    God Bless America.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      To Richard M,
      I did my part when I got off the couch to vote this enemy out of our white house, if enough Americans had gotten off their duffs to vote this creep out, perhaps maybe we would had had a chance. The obama lovers AKA traitors of America, went in droves to vote for their black loser messiah. I blame all those peopl who stay home and did nothing and what happen to the Christian's vote?, not enough of them went to vote. Even with voter fraud, if most Americans were united to be rid of this mulsim nazi, I believe we could have won.



  21. WHAT HAPPENED says:


  22. Why do you call this foreign national, communist muslim, anti-American, mister?

  23. Harvard Law Review did not cleanse its 1991 yearbook

  24. I became very tired of having to type my experiences working with the Black Community over and over again, so I took the time to write it out; and have an entire file full of experiences with them:
    I heard something years ago….there are two kinds of hate.
    1) Hate is anger turned in on yourself and then protecting it onto others; in other words…some people just don't want to deal with "their own hate, rage and anger and take it out on others.
    2) Then there is anger which comes from experiencing or watching injustice happen to others due to hate, and rage.
    Please think about this, okay? IF you have the opportunity to Google a man named "Gerren Lyles (or Liles)". He is a black poet in NY that my family has known for years. He wrote a small book "The 'Road to Damascus."
    Basically, he explains the Black rage and hate? Blacks do NOT love themselves and protect their anger and rage OUT at the whites to make it all better.
    We can't. We tried through Affirmative Action. I am an ol' gal, and have had many many experiences from that time of Affirmative Action in teaching the black population their jobs…so they could climb in their chosen professions.
    I worked for the City of Dallas in the Department of Planning and Development. I was a permanent temp and floated all around the departments. The Opening came up for a Permanent person in the job I was in as an Administrative Assistant to the Director. There were 57 women in the department and only 3 of those were white.
    They really didn't want the job because it "wasn't UNION"..but they didn't want a white woman to have it either.
    I had learned to carry a hand-held pocket recorder because I had been threatened so many times. I was pulled off in a stairwell and slammed against a brick wall. She had her elbow at my throat and a double-long form of acrylic nail jabbing me between the eyes warning NOT to apply for the job.
    I had to replace all of my tires on my car twice due to them being slashed. Finally I started parking two blocks away and walked at night to get to my car (carrying a gun in my coat pocket because I had been threatened so many times.
    I finally did get her…I had the audio tape and took it to human resources….she was fired.
    We trained them. I invited each one to lunch at one time or another and each one refused "UNLESS" she needed something from me.

  25. Michelle C. says:

    HELPP! I feel so trapped with him in office. we need to RALLY!! Someone contact TRUMP QUICK!!!

  26. Michelle, I do know how you feel…Trump is NOT the right man.
    Don't you remember when he got out loud about the BC and said (paraphrase) I'll do the investigation and we will find out and I will expose him!…remember? NOT ONE THING HAPPENED.

    Then he was going to run for President….Nope, that didn't happen either.
    then he was going to….what was the next thing….pay how much $$ to get what?????

    He bluffs for attention. That is all he is ….ONE BIG ATTENTION SEEKER AND BLUFFS; and in the process, let a lot of people down..

  27. Floyd – Obama-soetoro has NOT "won the election" yet; presidents are NOT elected by popular vote, they are "elected by" the Electoral College and that group does not meet until Dec. 17th, this year! With "any luck", by using "petition2congress" website and the fax/petition, on page #1 titled "Petition to Refuse Vote in 2012 Electoral College", we'll be able to convince, at least, 17 states to "withhold" their Electoral vote. If that happens, it will then fall to the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (not the senate) to "select" the next president! So far, only 1758 petitions have been sent; we need to DROWN Congress with hundreds of thousands of these petitions- -MAKE OUR VOICES SO LOUD, they cannot be ignored!
    These fax/petitions are "free" to send, you can alter, edit, delete, insert your own ideas and comments! So, if you love America and want to save her, go there, now, and fill out one of there petitions; then send this message along to every America loving Patriot in your address book and ask them to do the same!

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