Not In My Back Yard!

Muslim Brotherhood 2 SC Not in My Back Yard!

Christians stoned in Dearborn, Michigan! Wow, at first I thought it was a cult calling themselves Christians who were indulging in pot and cocaine. Imagine my shock when I found out that it was Muslims in Dearborn attacking a group of Christian evangelists merely carrying signs and walking through an “ARAB festival” in Dearborn, Michigan. I happen to have lived in Michigan, as a matter of fact, all of my life. I don’t remember Christians or anybody else for that matter being stoned for anything by anybody until now. Funny thing is that the Dearborn Police were more concerned about stirring up the Muslims than protecting the free speech right of the native Michiganders.

In case anybody cares, or ever watched it, a cable network show called “American Muslim” was shot in Dearborn (but only briefly) about the everyday life of a couple of American Muslim families. How come they never have a show about normal American families? Anyway, a couple of news stories came out about the Muslim community (which numbers about 500,000) wanting to impose Sharia Law (you know, that very fair and gentle set of laws that are especially friendly to women) in Dearborn, and the Mayor and some city officials thought “why not?” Ah, Sharia Law, where if your daughter decides to wear Levi’s instead of her mother’s bed sheets, her father has the right to cut her head off, run her over, and then kill her all in the name of family “HONOR”!

The vulgar mouths of the Muslim children said a lot about the little tykes’ upbringing. One young Muslim man shouted at one of the silent protesters about praying, claiming it was in the Bible and that he knew more about the Bible than the street preacher. However, in the next breath, the young Muslim man when confronted by scripture from the New Testament (you know, the part of the Bible that deals with God’s love and redemption for mankind) said that “we do not accept or believe in the New Testament.” Muslims believe in the death and destruction part of the Bible, but not the love and redemption part….got it!

I love my beautiful State of Michigan, her people, and her natural beauty and history, so I have a friendly bit of advice (well, maybe a friendly warning) for our Muslim neighbors. You came to this country and this state, hopefully to find the freedom and liberty that was not afforded you back in your home country. You came here, I assume, to become part of the American culture and experience that which is the envy of the world. You agreed, or at least should have agreed, to abide by America’s laws and her Constitution. When you came here, it was hoped that you would respect the religions, the rights, and the tradititons that were here when you arrived. No Sharia Law, no “honor killings”, NOTHING that violate who and what we are as Americans!

If any of the above statements about coming here are NOT true, then why are you here? I, for one, am tired of people coming to this country either to blood-suck off the American taxpayer or to try and change America and its’ culture because it doesn’t suit them. We have a FIRST AMENDMENT of our CONSTITUTION that gives Americans the right to voice their opinions PUBLICLY! You do not have the right to throw eggs, garbage, bottles, or rocks simply because you disagree with the speaker. I am also tired of law enforcement protecting minorities and their nasty behavior while treating the victims like criminals. I ‘m tired of Muslims going into a killer rage because someone might have said something that they found offensive. If you want to hear offensive people, go to work in a General Motors plant (I worked in one for 7 yrs…I know). If Muslims are that thin-skinned (which might explain why Obama is so easily offended), maybe they need to go back to the desert and isolate themselves from the entire world (kind of like Islamic Amish but not nearly as smart!)

Here’s my friendly advice to our Muslim neighbors, the City of Dearborn, and the civil and police officials of that city. Be very aware of where you are and who you threaten. Second, if you want Sharia Law to rule your lives and that of your city or state, please go back to the country you came from, doing yourselves and America a favor. In other words, if you did not come to America to have a better life and new beginning by leaving the old things behind, then why did you come here? One more thing here: that mouthy young Muslim said that he was an American citizen, and my answer is “not until you start acting like one.”

Teach your children respect for those with a differing opinion because if you think threatening violence is the way to get what you want, trust me, you don’t want to pull that stunt here in America and especially here in Michigan.

To the City of Dearborn: unless you have quietly left the Union, you are still subject to protect the RIGHTS of Americans to free speech. Deputy Chief, the admission by you and your counterparts of not having enough officers to protect everyone is true. So, protect the ones who are right! If any of you people out there are wondering why gun sales have gone through the roof since Obama became President, just take a good hard look at the video of the incident in Dearborn and ask yourself the following question. If those Muslims in Dearborn would have turned ugly, who would have had the power to stop them? The police? The Deputy Chief ADMITTED that he didn’t have enough cops to protect the small group of protesters, let alone anyone else. So I guess the admission to all Michiganders and Americans is to learn to protect yourselves. Get training, and arm yourselves responsibly because it is ultimately going to be only yourselves and your family to rely on.

In my 59 yrs on this earth, I never thought I would ever have to say that, but times are definitely different. One last thing folks, especially you here in Michigan; be VERY careful driving through or around Dearborn as they don’t seem to be especially friendly to the natives, if you catch my drift. Happy 4th, everyone.

Photo Credit: forwardstl (Creative Commons)


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  1. RacerJim says:

    Hey Dearborn Muslimes…Go ahead punks, make my day….

  2. Disgusted says:

    To any and all mu SLIME FILTH……………go ahead, try it, Americans are known, and are quite famous for their guns, the ability, and the willingness to use them against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”, whether it is a copperhead, or rattlesnake in their yards, or a peice of middle eastern poison, excrement, offal, stink, mu SLIME who thinks that they can come to OUR country, and tell us how to live, speak and breath, and where and when to do so! I do not think that these filthy beings from the very bowels of hell itself knows exactly what they may be waking up…….Americans who are truly tired, and fed up with these dirty, smelly, foul infections, infestations of a diseased camel’s armpit, are a fearful thing to encounter once they are fully roused and have been pushed and shoved beyond all tolerance. It will be then, that our American Pride, our American Fighting Spirit will come out, and then the hell that these sheet covered, and flea infested cockroaches, and rats, will spill over into their own backyards and fences, and there will be no stone left unturned to find, and eliminate each and every one of them. They are truly, the worst infestation of any kind of sick and twisted contagian to ever hit the shores of our nation. And, as such, they must every one of them be dealt with as if it is our very lives that depended upon it, for, it IS our lives that depend on the extermination of such a widespread DISEASE, known as mu SLIMES, or muslims…..I prefer the SLIME part. I am a self professed, and self proclaimed, ISLIMOPHOBE, and a BIGOT, and a RACIST, since I plead my right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHT! And, my free speach is that I have utterly no use for anyone, of any race, creed or religion, who intends to deny ME THE RIGHT TO WORSHIP OR LIVE AS I WANT, AND HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO! I did not start this fight with these INFECTIONS, but if forced into a fight, I will not back down. This is MY COUNTRY, NOT THEIRS! And to the young disease who said what he did in the video, no, you are NOT AN AMERICAN! You chose to be a MU SLIME, and there is NO WAY THE TWO CAN BE AN AMERICAN! Your book of LIES forbids it! Read it, if you CAN read, that is. death to the “infidel”, and I happen to be one such “infidel”, for I am a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN! I beleive the Bible is the Word of God, and that includes BOTH THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT, AND, I BELEIVE THAT JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD! not “allah”, GOD! The Lord God Jehovah, the God of Israel! If you do not love America, we have a little thing here called “freedom of choice”, make your best choice, and leave, we will not change to make you happy, because no matter where you plant your nasty selves, mu SLIMES ARE NOT HAPPY ANYWHERE! My back yard would be the worst place to pick a fight with me, by the way. My entire state would be a very bad place to try this bullsh!!!!!T!

  3. Matthew 11:12 KJV

    And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

    Time to fire back!

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