Sharia Law: American Man’s 8-Month Pregnant Wife Condemned To Die For Being A Christian…

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim has been condemned to die by a Sudanese Sharia court because she is a Christian who has refused to return to Islam and raise her children as Islamists. She is eight months pregnant’ and her husband, who is an American citizen, has not been allowed to come to her aid.

It is doubtful you have even heard Mrs. Ibrahim’s name, let alone seen a hashtag photo with a plea for her safe return to her husband’s arms. There has been no word from John Kerry’s State Department about making any effort to save her. She will suffer death; her children will be left without a mother and her husband without a wife because the nation of Sudan follows Sharia law.

The silly hashtag campaign launched by Barack and Michelle Obama is a clever way to move their lips without saying anything. But they don’t dare challenge Sudan’s government on its murderous plans. Because they are “protesting” the murderous plans of Boko Haram, a non- governmental entity, a hashtag is a politically safe way to react and appear to be taking action without confronting Islam.

Boko Haram, however, is not holding an American citizen’s wife and child. Boko Haram is not even a real government. John Kerry, however, can choose to negotiate with the Sudanese government in order to save Mrs. Ibrahim’s life. Yet Kerry does nothing.  His inaction reflects the general mindset of the Obama administration that is too busy trying to win a popularity contest than to bother saving innocent people’s lives.

Under Sharia Law, which enforces the rule that Islam is run by and for men, a child is a born Muslim because his/her father was a Muslim.

Because Mrs. Ibrahim’s father was a Muslim, the fact that her mother was a Christian who raised her as a Christian means nothing to the Sharia-adherent Sudanese. To them, she is and always has been a Muslim who has turned away from Islam–which is a death sentence crime under Sharia Law. Under the twisted and evil Sharia, she is somehow also guilty of adultery and could be given 100 slashes before they execute her.

At this point, it is instructive to recall that Barack Obama Sr. was a Muslim; so under one version of the circumstances of Barack Obama Jr.’s birth, he too is a Muslim as per Sharia law.

Obama’s cowardly non-response to the plight of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is likely a function of his unwillingness to confront the truth about Islam. It is a brutal, repressive “religion” that cannot satisfactorily answer simple questions about its nature. Islamists cannot defend their bloodlust or savage attacks on those who choose not to be Muslim, but why should they? No one, certainly not the “leader of the free world,” is demanding they do. And I don’t think he ever will.

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  1. The fact that Obama is not doing anything and not talking about the treatment of Christians by the muslims goes to show where his loyalty lies and in is NOT with the Christians and not even with American citizens. We simply can not let those swines get away with their treatment of our citizens and or Christians.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think Obuma should get his wife the Grape Ape to get into camo give her a hashtag and drop her off in Africa to fight to get this lady freed and fine those girls that boko harem took.Maybe she could take Lurch Kerry with her after all the coward of Viet Nam use to go up the delta to murder Viet Nam villagers.Obutthole doesn't care about the boys that were tortured and burned now the half ass jig will send 80 soldiers to go after the girls.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Being a muslim, obama believes in Sharia law and would treat women like dogs, and you know what muslims do to dogs, they kill them

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