North Korea Poses EMP Threat

North Korea flag SC

A recent report out of South Korea stoked growing fears that a malevolent government will use electromagnetic pulse technology to cripple its adversaries. According to the nation’s intelligence community, its unfriendly neighbor to the north is developing just such weaponry.

After purchasing Russian models to use as a springboard, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service revealed Monday that North Korea is building its own version of the so-called EMP device.

The development is part of an overall focus on cyber-attacks by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, reports indicate. The rogue nation is said to have several thousand individuals working on its cyber warfare development.

So far, according to the South Korean government, the North has engaged in countless electronic attacks, costing the victimized nation more than $800 million.

For its part, North Korean officials deny the nation engages in such unconventional warfare; however, evidence indicates that a number of financial, governmental, and media targets have been struck in the cyber warfare campaign.

With EMPs added to its roster, North Korea could pose an even bigger threat to its neighbors. In small doses, electromagnetic pulses can disrupt an array of devices. On a larger scale, however, the nation could render an enemy country’s military equipment inoperable.

While South Korea has cause for concern, given its close proximity to a nation developing these capabilities, many in the U.S. are similarly wary of a possible EMP attack here.

Former Sen. Jon Kyl once said that such weaponry “is one of only a few ways that the U.S. could be defeated by its enemies – terrorist or otherwise.”

In addition to North Korea, Iran’s reported capability to launch an EMP attack against the U.S. is disconcerting to many Americans.

President Reagan’s science adviser, Dr. William Graham, has worked extensively to unravel the threat such a weapon poses to this nation. He has concluded that a significant attack could kill the majority of those in the U.S., either from starvation, disease, or exposure to the elements.

While exponentially increasing our capability for productivity and connectivity, our increased reliance on electronic devices means that we are also sitting ducks in the face of an EMP attack.

–B. Christopher Agee

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