‘North Colorado’ Secession Movement Inches Forward

Colorado Map SC ‘North Colorado’ secession movement inches forward

Voters in Weld County will vote on whether to secede from Colorado after commissioners this week unanimously agreed to put the question on November’s ballot.

Weld County, the largest of several that have been seriously discussing breaking away to form their own state, joins three other counties in putting the question to its citizens. Several others are also considering referring the measure to voters or waiting to see if citizen initiatives show support for the idea.

The so-called 51st State Initiative is a result of rural Coloradans feeling abandoned by politicians in Denver. The last legislative session, which was controlled by Democratic majorities in both chambers, saw the passage of numerous controversial laws, many of which thumb their noses at rural values, commissioners in the plains counties have said.

Read More at The Daily Caller . By Greg Campbell.

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  1. This is the way we feel here in Western Maryland and we have our own secession movement in the works. Annapolis does not represent us any longer and hasn't for some time now. #fcmd

  2. Rolf Anthony says:

    Instead of succeeding and becoming a 51st state, these states should succeed and join either Wyoming or Nebraska.

  3. Nick Howard says:

    On August 20, 2013, I sent a letter to the Commandant of the Marine Corp., citing US District Court (Washington, DC) where many Obama actions were ruled unconstitutional. I also cited actions where Obama supported, funded, and supplied munitions to an enemy of the US – the Muslim Brotherhood. Then I requested that Obama be arrested for Treason and/or Sedition. This letter can be seen on my Facebook page. Many others are also sending similar letters making the same request.

  4. coloradians please secede from the liberal puke californios who have invaded your beautiful state, tell them to go back to san francisco where they can blend in with the fags and libtards they love, im on my way out of calif after 62 years here, the weather is not reason enough to stay.. ca reminds me of sodom and gomorah not many good people left here …

  5. please secede it will fall like dominoes after the first brave ones do it.

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