No One Wanted England To Win More Than Women

Tender campaign

This dramatic clip shows a woman concentrating intensely on a football (soccer) match as she nervously hopes for the English team to win.

The ad is a campaign created by an organization called Tender, which hopes to raise awareness on the growing issue of domestic violence in England.

This video specifically reveals that “domestic violence rises by 38% when England get (sic) knocked out of the World Cup.”

Via Daily Mail:

‘The weather is getting warmer, more drinks will be consumed, emotions will be heightened, and none of this excuses violence. We ask that individuals and organisations to stand together this World Cup season and say “No excuses”.’

Tender, a charity based in Belsize Park, north-west London, was set up in 2003 to educate young people through theatre and the arts on preventing violence within relationships.

Its video – released last Tuesday – came after England exited the World Cup having lost their first two group games 2-1 against Italy and Uruguay. They drew their last game 0-0 with Costa Rica.


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