No Hate Crime Charges In Solider’s Race-Based Murder

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Many Americans repudiate the idea of hate crime laws, citing the sheer subjectivity associated with their enforcement. Prosecutors should focus on the facts of a crime, detractors argue, rather than what might or might not have been the perpetrator’s motivation.

Another glaring issue is the apparent inconsistency regarding the application of such enhanced charges. While a criminal targeting a minority of any stripe is often immediately accused of being motivated by a bias, the same assumptions are not made when the roles are reversed.

The recent stabbing death of a white serviceman in Seattle, Wash., illustrates that point in excruciating detail. When Army Spc. Tevin Geike, traveling with two fellow soldiers, encountered a group of five black men, the situation quickly devolved into chaos.

According to witness reports, a carload of men — later also identified as soldiers — drove by Geike and his friends while yelling racially charged rhetoric from the window.

“So this is how we treat combat veterans now?” asked one of the white soldiers, prompting the aggressive driver to turn around and confront the trio.

When the early morning scuffle ended, Geike lay dead from a fatal knife wound to his heart.

As the ensuing investigation began, local detectives indicated they would look into what factor race played in the roadside slaughter. Reports Monday, however, show authorities have decided race did not motivate the three suspects arrested.

Unbelievably, law enforcement seems to be ignoring testimony from eye witnesses who unequivocally state this tragic incident began with a seed of blatant racism.

Those who favor hate crime legislation are notoriously one-sided in their support. Leftists turned a Hispanic man’s self-defense shooting of a black teen into a white-on-black hate crime in the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s death. While perfectly willing to invent facts to make that case fit the progressive template, authorities in Seattle might be ignoring facts for the same reason.

More details will certainly emerge as this case moves forward; however, the dismissal of race as a motivating factor at this early stage of the investigation hints at an institutional desire to whitewash the growing epidemic of black-on-white violence in America.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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