No CNN, The Economy Is Actually Worse Off Now..

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I was in an airport today when the monthly jobs numbers came out, and the Communist News Network was on in the background. You should have seen the look of elation on the female anchor’s face as she was finally able to report some truly good news on the economy for Obama.

“Outstanding report!  The economy added almost three-hundred thousand jobs in June!’ she crowed. “The economy is definitely on the right track!”

Well, if you actually read the report, as the bond market looks like it did because it didn’t sell-off (which it would have done if the economy was really recovering), the real trend is revealed.  CNN was spewing propaganda as usual for our Dear Leader.

You see, in June of this year, the American economy shed over a half million full-time jobs.  On the flip side, eight hundred thousand part-time jobs were created.  So yes, overall net jobs were created this month; but these were low paying, part-time positions–flipping burgers comes to mind.  The amount of workers leaving the workforce and not even looking for a job stayed at very high historical levels.  Yes, the unemployment level shrank; but that is because many people have given up looking for work. Wage growth was also stagnant.  So in a nutshell, employers fired expensive full-time workers and hired a bunch of part-time people to replace them.  How is that good for the economy?

The Obama administration must be sweating and doing its best to cook the books prior to the end of the second quarter.  That’s because if we have another quarter of GDP decline, we will officially be in a recession per the standard definition.  Then what is the administration going to blame for its failures? The weather? Clive Bundy? George Bush?

The bottom line is that we are still in a stagnant economy that is struggling to recover. It is the slowest recovery in history while rebounding from a crisis such as what we had in 2008. The American economy is strong, broad, resilient, and deep on its own.  If left to its own devices, it will grow on autopilot.  The problem is we have severe government overreach in so many areas of the economy, and the uncertainty is so high that growth is stagnant.  These people have never run a thing in their lives prior to running the world’s biggest corporation.  They actually think that their policies are correct, that government knows best when dealing with markets.

The inconvenient truth that the media won’t report is that the Obama administration is hellbent on changing the nature of the American economy.  That is why the employment numbers don’t bother them.  They have a different agenda, an agenda of redistribution of wealth.  The longer the media hides the real truth from the low-information voter, the worse off our economy will become.

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