Nine Reasons Why “Obama’s Recovery” Is A Giant Lie

Obama Lies Dueling SC

Last week, we got our monthly insult from the Bureau of Labor Statistics telling us that unemployment is down to 7.0%. The truth behind the BLS’s fake number is that when Americans are so sick and tired of trying to find work and give up in despair, using Soviet style logic, the government declares them nonpersons and refuses to count them as unemployed. If there was a touch of honesty in these announcements, the true unemployment rate would be 11.5%.

The percentage of Americans who are working is startlingly low at just 58.6%. During the contrived “Bush recession,” the rate was 60.6%; not much better, but still better.

Just since November of 2006, when so many “aghast” conservatives stayed home, handing the House to the Democrats, 1,148,000 fewer Americans are working. This is a catastrophe in view of the fact that the population has grown during this time by 16 million people, some of them undoubtedly actual American citizens.

Obama’s policies have destroyed whole generations. Among men 25 to 54, an all-time high of 12% are classified as “inactive” for BSL purposes.

Things in this fake recovery are so bad that applicants for admission to Harvard (6.1%) have a better chance of success than applicants for a job at Walmart. Recently, when the union thugs in Washington D.C. could no longer keep Walmart out of their city, 23,000 people applied for 600 positions (2.6%).

Last month, buried deeply in a story of a woman in Massachusetts who had to file bankruptcy, the New York Times slipped and reported that since 2007 – most of which has been under the Obama regime — long term unemployment (six months or more) has gone up by 213%.

The Census Bureau reports that median household income has declined for five straight years, and the rate of home ownership has declined for 8 years in a row.

There are many more of these types of facts, but why bother reading them?  It’s lie, lies, and more lies. Everything these people say about everything is a lie to one extent or another, but these lies about the economy are some of the most damaging lies of all.

How can we truly start to recover when we have lies about our condition to work with?

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  1. The actual unemployment rate, the % of people who want full time work and can’t get it, is probably closer to 20% if not higher. We are close to depression level UE.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obhitler declares me a nonperson and refuses to count me as unemployed because I have to live under his dictatorship. If contracts were given to all nonpersons to become assassins then there would be no more problem.

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