Nicole Brown Simpson Disagrees With Bob Costas

Bob Costas CC wfuv1 Nicole Brown Simpson Disagrees with Bob Costas

By now, many of you reading this have already heard much opinion pro and con regarding NBC sportscaster Bob Costas’ anti-Second Amendment remarks during last Sunday night’s football game.

But just in case you missed it, Costas (using sportswriter Jason Whitlock’s column as a human shield) said: “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.” If Costas were really serious about having a conversation about our culture of death and truly did his homework on the issue, rather than rushing to politicize a tragedy, he could’ve looked very close to home to find out just how silly this entire argument is.

As a witness to the contrary, I present Nicole Brown Simpson, who clearly disagrees with Costas. At least she would if she could. Unfortunately, she’s been dead for almost 20 years now because of the crazed NFL player in her life, who was also her former husband and the father of her children. He was also a former close colleague of Costas at NBC.

Most of you know him as O.J.

If Nicole Brown Simpson were here today, she could testify that the gun that former Kansas City Chief Jovon Belcher used to commit murder-suicide recently isn’t any guiltier of a crime than is the knife O.J. used to stab her to death. Both are inanimate, morally-neutral tools. Thus, they’re each only as dangerous or useful as the person wielding them.

The same could be said of rope.

See, Eric Eucker is the tragic death in the NFL you probably haven’t heard about for two reasons. One, he was a Cleveland Browns’ groundskeeper and not a starting player for an NFL team as Belcher was. Two, he committed suicide at Browns’ headquarters by hanging himself on the same day of Belcher’s apparent murder-suicide.

The way Eucker chose to take his own life doesn’t fit the preferred narrative of Costas and others who think they know better than our Founding Fathers, who gave us a Second Amendment as both a check and balance against government tyranny and also as a means of self-defense.

But don’t just take my word for it. Costas’ NBC co-worker Ice-T said recently that the right to keep and bear arms was “the last form of defense against tyranny.”

Gun control isn’t a check on what’s wrong with the human condition any more than rope control would’ve saved Eucker’s life or knife control would’ve saved Nicole Brown Simpson’s. When someone is hell-bent, literally, on doing harm to himself and/or others, he will find a means to do so. At that point, rules and regulations aren’t a deterrent, which is why we all have a God-given right to self defense.

For example, alleged Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes disregarded multiple laws and prohibitions against firearms when he shot those people in cold blood back in July. Researcher John R. Lott notes that almost every single shooting involving multiple victims in the last 50 years of American history took place in a location where firearms were already prohibited.

I’m guessing Jay Rodney Lewis, from my home state of Iowa, is glad he has a God-given right to self defense. Lewis wrongly went to jail for 112 days before a jury of his peers acquitted him on the grounds of self defense when he used his gun to defend himself against two attackers. While defending himself against these charges, which would’ve made him a hero in a more sane age, Lewis lost everything and was living in his car until a local church came to his aid.

Lewis’ story is similar to that of former Auto Zone employee Devin McLean, who ought to be an American hero but instead is just another unemployed American worker during the Obama years.

McLean and his store manager were about to close the AutoZone in York County, Va. when a gunman barged into the store. McLean, a 23-year-old Air Force veteran, escaped through the side door to run to his truck for his weapon to make it a fair fight. When he returned, he pointed his gun directly at the armed robber.

“I told him to freeze and to drop his weapon,” McLean told Fox News, noting that the would-be perp took off instead. “I watched him run down the street. I came back inside and made sure my manager was okay, and he called the police.”

Police believe this is the same criminal responsible for as many as 30 robberies in the area. Sheriff J.D. Diggs considers McLean to be a hero.

“He did a very brave thing,” the sheriff said. “He put himself in jeopardy in an attempt to make sure his friend was safe. He did a very brave thing.”

Two days after the attempted robbery, Auto Zone fired McLean for violating its no firearms policy. Regardless, I’m guessing McLean’s manager, who credited McLean with saving his life, is eternally grateful that McLean put the Second Amendment ahead of his company’s flawed policy.

What these sorts of tragedies, or near tragedies, really speak to isn’t the need for more restrictions on liberty, but an American culture growing increasingly dark, morally and spiritually. A culture where the gory equivalent to pornography is celebrated in our movies, assassins and mob hitmen are the heroes in our video games, and we kill 4,000 of our own children every day.

Until Costas and his ilk start speaking to those deeper issues, and not just politicizing the death of others when it’s expedient to do so, they shouldn’t be taken seriously. The last thing a culture of death needs is the further exploiting of the loss of life.


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  1. Beachsnake says:

    Too many of the liberal minded media types have a bad habit of exploitation of the their means of employment to take advantage of the current fool hardy liberal philosophy. As for one, I will not spend another dime at Auto Zone. How would their management have treated the young ex-military had he stood aside and allowed his supervisor to be murdered over a few dollars? My guess would have been hailed as a hero by management for using good judgement and leaving his firearm at ease in his vehicle. Liberals never seem to want to listen or give creedence to opposing views……maybe because some of those views have a tendency to blow holes in many liberals points of view……..If you don't agree with the liberal point of view, you must be wrong or just stupid…..WRONG! The only thing I have to say about liberals is" Nancy Pelosi!" Am I wrong?

  2. Bob Costas IS MENTALLY SICK!!! He IS DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC!!! IF you seen him on Bill O'Reilly's program YOU would have heard Bob Costas claim that HE KNEW the football players have guns because of a “romantic culture” or “the glamour” of guns. Anyone that has studied psychology as long as I have (over 50 years) and studied the FACTS and NOT the namby pamby Pollyannaish NONSENSE that is taught in ALL of the colleges and is the POP psychology would know that most EVERYTHING Bob Costas said are DELUSIONS and Bill O’Reilly COWARD down to him and did NOT get an answer to HOW Bob Costas KNEW that the football players had guns for the reason he stated. I am pretty sure some of them are hunters. Then Bill O’Reilly IS MENTALLY SICK, DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC as he has PROVEN on many occasions.

    I believe that BOTH Bob Costas and Bill O’Reilly have ARMED guards where ever they go!!!

    When the Government takes away your Right to Self Defense they take away your Right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. -Gary Calhoun

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      What upsets me the most with O'Reilly is that he also ignores the facts and laws related to firearm ownership.
      In all of America, there is only ONE time a background check isn't done on a firearm purchase. That's when it's a private sale. I'm not talking about gun shows. Most at gun shows are shop owners who bring stock to sell. They MUST abide by all laws as though it was their storefront. I know this as fact since I've done it myself. This was even before all the gun bans came around.
      Even though it's a private sell, the seller is required to keep a copy of the transaction and ensure the purchaser is allowed to own a firearm. Of course this seldom happens, but it is a requirement.
      Letters written to O'Reilly about his ignorance are ignored. He's as bad as the liberals are. He believes he's never wrong, even when it's pointed out to him with facts.
      The problem isn't firearm ownership, it's the ignorance of those screaming for more "gun laws". Maybe they should learn the law before opening their mouths.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The only opinion in this article I agree with is that firearms don't kill people, people kill people.
    What I find reprehensible in this article is the determination of the author that even though OJ was acquitted in a court of law (found not guilty), this author seems to believe otherwise. In doing this, he has become the typical "journalist" that makes his opinion a statement of fact.
    Feel free to reference the Zimmerman case.
    Yes, I'm one of the few that believe OJ is not guilty. I don't see how anyone can look at the FACTS and think otherwise. I'm speaking of far more than just the glove.
    Seems truth and facts, especially those dealing with firearms, are not considered any more.
    I'm just dismayed that this site would follow in the LSM's footsteps.

    I forgot to add, before you attack me on my OJ stance, let's discuss our separate beliefs. I'll be more than happy to share the facts that make me believe as I do. I expect the same from you.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks you have the right to believe that piece of shit O J didn't kill but I believe he did and if that jury wasn't black The Juice maybe getting the Juice.Now had Goldman had a gun he could have pumped enough lead into OJ to stake a lead claim on his carcass and then youwould have the proof that he whacked his wife with a knife.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        But isn't that part of the problem? It wasn't a Black jury. In fact only 2 were Black. Now also tell me why a 28 year old big strong man would need a gun against a 50+ year old arthritic man? Are you saying that young man couldn't hold his own against an old man without a gun? Especially since he also had a stronger woman fighting with him?
        Do you think your son couldn't hold his own? Mine could.

  4. MY feelings regarding Bob Costas is this;……

    has CONSISTENTLY tried to either "infiltrate, excascarbate, INFLATE, AND…SHOW HIS HATE…for ANYONE who "might", possibly disagree with him!!!

    His "views" …. as a "supposed neutral sports/ newscaster"…are SO BIASED..IT ACTUALLY SHOWS HIS BIASES, PREJUDICES, AND HIS "LITTLE-MAN" COMPLEX!!!!!

    It's really a shame to see someone who COULD go down in history as one of the BEST commentators in modern history actually turn into a blatant BIASED, OPINIONATED, SLANTED, (AS WELL AS JUST PLAIN IGNORANT AND STUPID!!!!)

    HOW in God's name could he make such asinine comments…which SHOW his stupidity and ignorance..with ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME OR THOUGHT?????

    I've written off Bob Costas's comments for years without making any public statements….BUT….He has become what his complex SHOWS….. Nothing more than a LITTLE MAN WITH A VERY HUGE CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER!!!!…………….. HE SHOULD BE FIRED FOR OPINIONATED JOURNALISM, AT THE VERY LEAST!!!!

    • disgusted says:

      Joe, my husband, who is a football fan, and has watched this Little Man, with the Big Complex and even BIGGER Mouth, for years……..said the same thing…”he should be fired”. His comments were totally without foundation, and without any knowledge of the subject of weapons, guns. But, as I have sometimes watched, and listened to these “know it all” commentors during these halftimes, I have found them to be opinionated, arrogant, and really at times, quite stupid of the topics they are talking about. Costsalot, (he does make a buttload of money for running his chops) is one of the worst on the air. Ignorance should be his middle name actually. But when I heard about his stupid remarks regarding guns, and gun control, the disgust felt at that time was almost overwhelming. I think that if those players of this game were not so built up with their own “importance” that just maybe they’d act like they had a brain in at least part of their overblown opinions of themselves. On top of that, they make far, far more money than they are worth, which only gives them even more of an overblown opinion of themselves. The incident yesterday, where the player was driving drunk, and his friend was killed in the accident that followed his bad judgment, is just one more IN A LONG LINE OF THE EVIDENCE THAT THOSE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SPORT, AND OTHERS, NEED TO BE BROUGHT DOWN TO THE LEVEL OF THE ORDINARY MAN! They think they can get away with anything, and for the most part, they do. Costsalot is just one of many who think that they are “all that” and more. I am sick of the entire world of sports, as it has become just as depraved as the rest of our society. And, these are the people that our children look up to, and want to become! Any number of things can become a WEAPON OF MURDER, COSTSALOT FOOL! Even down to a plastic fork in a prison! weapons are not the cause of killing, the cause is who or what, is behind the chosen weapon! Instead of outlawing weapons, OUTLAW STUPID FOOLS LIKE COSTSALOT AND HIS KIND! I know, this is a rant, but I am tired of this WAR ON OUR SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS! AND SICK OF ALL WHO SUPPORT THIS ENEMY IN OFFICE AND HIS AGENDA TO DISARM AND DESTROY US ALL!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I don't agree with the little Nepolean on his gun stance he is just a weasel.Time to take him down.

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