Newt: President Promoting Algae Is Like a Saturday Night Live Skit

I love the lines Newt Gingrich uses on the campaign trail. He is at his best talking about Obama as he is in this excellent video clip.

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  1. obama your drinking something…..could it be ALGAE ???????

  2. Mil62Patriot says:

    Obama is a Saturday Night Live skit. But unfortunalty, the skit resides in the white house.

  3. If we persist with our consent to allow the terrorists to remain in our country and plot our annihilation, we will not even have a decade left for the USA. Our existence will be measured in a few years. Democrats, progressives and other leftists groups choose to ignore the real peril that now exists, for many, right-next-door. We the people appear to have set upon a perilous path that has every indication of leading to our end — which is precisely what the named terrorist immigrants to our country have vowed. 97+% of all terrorists are Muslims. The bed has been made and the only decision that currently appears available is if we choose to lie in it.

  4. I dont think Sat,Night Live could have come up with that line…Only15 yrs. ago Alge was the magic cure for what ails you. Just think ,,,a single cell organisim..the wonder of the world,,,,guess thats what runs the one's brain???

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