Newsweek: Inauguration Is Second Coming

Newsweek SecondComingcover 2013 01 18 300x214 Newsweek: Inauguration is Second Coming

Conservatives have long joked that the national press corps see Barack Obama as the second coming of Jesus Christ. Today, Newsweek – at least what’s left of it, an online product for tablets and e-readers – made it official.

Next to a side shot of Obama’s head, the “Inauguration 2013” cover story pronounces: “The Second Coming.”

It’s an article by long-time Newsweek veteran Evan Thomas, who left the magazine after Tina Brown took over from the Washington Post Company and folded the debt-ridden publication into her Daily Beast site.

The January 18, 2013-dated online magazine, was posted Friday and I learned about it via an e-mail sent tonight (Friday) to those who were subscribers to the printed magazine.

Linking God and Obama isn’t new for Thomas, once an Assistant Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief for the former weekly.

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  1. Jack the FAC says:

    Second Coming of der Fueher,

  2. VirgoVince says:

    Second coming of a BAD case of diarrhea!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Can anyone believe this igger is the second coming of Christ now maybe the antichrist.It seems like Newsweek is always proping up this Kenyan maybe that is why they had to shut down.I can remember way back when they were a good magazine now they're crap and out of business.

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