News Host: Obama “Too Smart” For Presidency


Barack Obama’s sycophants in the mainstream media continue to trot out excuse after excuse for countless missteps made throughout his presidency. While most of these ostensible justifications involve transferring blame onto the Republican party, one MSNBC host recently tried a different approach.

As part of a panel discussion regarding Obama’s detached persona, guests on the network’s “Morning Joe” program cited the fact he is uninterested in the political scene.

Panelist John Heilemann said Obama “doesn’t like to court people,” noting his aversion to spending time “schmoozing” with anyone — Democrat or Republican.

“He doesn’t like any of the kind of human, kind of back-slapping side of politics Bill Clinton is so good at,” he continued, suggesting his political successes have been due in large part to his “ability to give these rousing speeches that were so inspirational to so many people.”

Proving her ability to hear what she wants to hear despite what was actually said, co-host Mika Brzezinski somehow interpreted Heilemann’s critique as high praise for Obama.

“So what you’re saying is he’s too smart for the job,” she responded, prompting Heilemann to further clarify his already straightforward statement.

“Well, I’m not exactly saying that,” he retorted, “although I’m sure that’s your gloss on it.”

Host Joe Scarborough jumped in the conversation, saying Obama is “kidding himself” and prompting Brzezinski to once again interject.

“Stop it, Joe,” she said at the first hint of dissension.

Defending Obama in light of his in spite of his disastrous policies and dearth of leadership skills is an art form those in the mainstream media take quite seriously. On MSNBC, however, the bar is apparently set a bit higher.

A host working for the bitterly partisan network was able to defy all logic by hearing a compliment hidden so deep within a guest’s indictment that he himself didn’t even know it was there.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. SickofPoliticks says:

    Well, Mika, evidently you're not that smart if you really believe that BS.

  2. donnarollshair says:

    He obviously doesn't like Americans.

  3. Bottom line this woman Mika Brzezinski is a obama ASS kisser, so much for her journalism. I would not believe anything she says, she is no different then the lying media.

  4. Yes, but of coarse. A president that gets "all of his news" from the press. Knows nothing about fast and furious, IRS gate, Benghazi, and everything that is suppose to be transparent from a bunch of liars that said they would be. Obama has been a liar since '10 on health care. Liberals are nothing but liars. They did manage a old friend from the past to soak up over a billion for the computer fiasco aka obamacare. Wasted a billion on green failures but refunded his old buddies in the wind turbine business. Crony capitalism from a father bred to communism. Smart hugh? Lets see those grades and foreign student application. Obama is an idiot pure and simple. Has never had a real job of any kind. He has been smart enough to never hold a job but we have tens of millions like that.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    It is hard for me being of Polish heritage to believe this dumb ass bitch would be for Obutthole when this half black sand monkey sold out Poland again to the Russians.I guess she is like Obangos mother likes her meat burnt with big ears and purple lips.Her Father sucked and so does she.

  6. Wiseoldlady says:

    Ob "too smart" ha…ha…ha…are you kidding me !!!!!
    Maybe smart in street smarts, lying, cheating, racism, hate, trickery, espionage, and just about anything evil. Yea satan' s son knows all about maniacal ideas.

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