News Flash For Liberals: The Constitution Wasn’t Made To Be Broken

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I want to throw up every time I hear Obama or some leftist talking head say that the Republicans are obstructionists and are not letting Obama get anything done on immigration or other items on the liberal wish list.  Obama consistently says that he can’t work with Congress and will get things done himself.  Well, I have a news flash for the Left.  The Constitution set up the separation of powers for exactly that reason, to provide checks and balances and provide a way for the party out of power to halt the agenda of the other if they control part of the federal government.

I had an individual of the leftist persuasion tell me recently, “I hate the Tea Party because they stop anything from getting done!” My response was, “It is better for nothing to be done than to implement bad policy!”  Take a look at Obamacare for example.  At least $600 million was spent on a website that should have cost less than $50 million.  Millions of people have lost their insurance.  The Supreme Court has struck down part of the law, and there probably will be more to come.  The healthcare system in this country is being ravaged.  Premiums for health insurance are skyrocketing.  Is implementing this disastrous law good for the country?  I think most intellectually honest people would say no.  That is precisely why the House of Representatives is attempting to prevent further bad policy from being thrust onto the country.  That is not obstructionist; that is patriotism.

Conservatives have every right to use every legal and legislative option at their disposal to stop the socialist, progressive agenda of our Dear Leader and the Democratic party.  Alan Colmes recently said on national TV, “Conservatives want to have sex with the Constitution.”  Well, not exactly, but the point is well taken.  Yes, conservatives believe in the principles laid out in the Constitution and believe in using the document as a blueprint for governance.  We don’t believe it is a “living document” that can be changed at will by the party in power.  Frankly, it is shocking that liberals believe this as it is nothing less than the totalitarianism our Founding Fathers fought a war to escape from and tried to prevent from ever happening in this country by setting up our system of government in the first place.

It pains me most to hear this nonsensical dribble being spewed from the mouths of our youth as they graduate from our prestigious universities, having been re-educated in a manner Mao and Stalin would be proud of.  They don’t even teach Civics in high school anymore.  We on the Right have a huge task ahead of us to teach the next generation about this concept if we are going to save this country.  I only hope it’s not too late.  I for one am continuing to fight the good fight.  I hope you will join me.

Photo credit: Everett Collection /

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