New York Revolution: Stopping The Cuomo Gun Grab

Andrew Cuomo SC New York Revolution: Stopping The Cuomo Gun Grab

In January of 2013, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he would push for the most comprehensive firearms ban in the United States. His objectives or reasoning were unclear at the time other then the fact that he is a progressive; and we all know that progressives hate firearms, always have, and always will.

Because of the fact that the majority of our elected officials have been complacent and apathetic, the majority of the citizens of New York State have been as well. The New York SAFE Act was an easy slam dunk for Cuomo. The legislation was hastily written and forced onto the state Senate and Assembly on the first day of the new term. Not only was there not any time granted for review of the bill; no time was allowed for debate. The bill was forced to a vote in the dead of night. This was clearly a three-man backroom deal between Cuomo and the majority leaders, the type of deal that the corrupt New York State government is so accustomed to.

After seeing how fast this piece of draconian legislation was forced upon the residents of New York, a man named George Curbelo decided to try and make a difference; and so New York Revolution was born. New York Revolution is by no means one man’s attempt at starting a militia group; as we all know, such groups are illegal in New York State. Instead, this group was started with the goal of educating citizens and to get them to re-engage in the day-to-day affairs of state government (starting with the direct assault on our Second Amendment rights.)

New York State residents can no longer sit on the fence and rely on the elected officials of the state to take care of things. We have seen how well that worked out. New York Revolution has been designed so people can interact via social networking and community organizing. County leaders have been chosen in at least 31 counties to date, including New York City. Countywide rallies are being held as often as possible in order to get people to stand up for their rights and become informed.  Five such rallies were held across New York on April 13th; and many were attended by US Congressman Chris Gibson and one by NYS Assemblyman Peter Lopez, as well as county and town leaders and Sheriffs.

New York Revolution has realized that if our Second Amendment falls, the rest will soon follow. So if New York residents want to continue to have a voice, find your voice and get involved. Rights are already being taken away at an alarming rate in New York City by a progressive mayor, and the disease is creeping north. Take your stand today and become part of the solution. Educate yourself, and “We the People” together can stop the trampling of our Constitutional rights. As always, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Photo credit: Patja (Creative Commons)


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  1. Once you lose your gun grab to to the rat criminal pictured he will have no fear of you. Right now you temper him by the simple fact you, the populace are armed and he knows it! He cannot wait to UNLEASH his FURY to CONTROL YOU!

    But an armed and properly Constitutional educated population is their WORST NIGHTMARE!

  2. Isn't there a Mental Health Professional in NY that would go to a Judge and have Gov. Cuomo COMMITTED??? And Bloomberg!

  3. vote these aholes out of office !!!!!!!! they act like america is behind them i got news 5 democrats refused to vote with the akole in chief because they knew they would be defeated in the mid-terms !!!! VOTE THESE PRICKS OUT OF OFFICE INCLUDING THE REPUBLICAN TURNCOATS !!!!!

  4. what the hell is wrong with impeachment and recall N.Y. YOU HAVE THE TOOLS USE THEM .

  5. guns work use them for revolution

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