New Survey Results: Honest Journalism Is Dead

Obama Liberal Media Weapons Gladiator SC New survey results: honest journalism is dead

During the months leading up to last month’s election, we saw a remarkable amount of survey data that pointed to a big victory for Mitt Romney.  Nevertheless, almost all of the projections generated by the polls were ultimate proved wrong, so wrong that it really can no longer be successfully argued that people did not lie to pollsters. If this was the extent of the disinformation we heard and read, it would be bad enough; but it gets worse.

Reports of a sharp drop in Democrat registration published by a Democrat “think tank” calling itself the “Third Way” (a heretofore unknown group) have also been proven to be wildly inaccurate – so much so that it is hard to accept that their “errors” were honest.

Third Way told us some whoppers that were accepted as true in many corners, this site included. For instance, Third Way told us that Democrat registration in New Hampshire had dropped 19.5% and by a smaller (but also significant) number in Iowa. It is hard to accept that these numbers were not made up out of thin air.

Now the same group is telling us that 96% of those who voted for Barack Obama believe the federal debt is a problem, with 85% of them favoring increasing taxes on “the wealthy.”

This data is not in and of itself odd or surprising; but added to the rest of the numbers presented by this survey, things do get strange. Almost half (41%) of these voters now want to use spending cuts to control the deficit, and another 41% want to just tax the rich out of existence.  Most surprisingly, Third Way is telling us that only 5% of Obama’s voters want to raise taxes as the only way to resolve the deficit.

Manifestly counter-intuitive data like this strongly suggests that we were the victims of media and informational manipulations on a scale never before seen in our country. To reelect Barack Obama, the Democrats used lies and deceit the Nazis would have been proud to use. The worst part is that we don’t seem to be able to do much about them doing this in every election cycle from now on. Honest journalism is dead.

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