New Pictures From Ferguson Show Just How Chaotic The Situation Has Become


With all the riots taking over the city of Ferguson, Mo., it’s a wonder how many of the local businesses have managed to stay open amidst the chaos.

It has only been ten days since the Michael Brown shooting, but these stores have already fallen victim to the financial strain caused by the local uproar.

Photo Credit: Breitbart

With vandalism and looting becoming more of a norm, smashed storefront windows replaced by plywood has become something of an undesired trend in Ferguson. Graffiti now makes it’s mark on the plywood outside various stores, taking over many of the old “Open” signs. Some businesses, such as “YOLO! Boutique” have even spray painted “Black Owned” outside their store, in hopes that would-be vandals and thieves would leave them in peace (see picture below.)


Via Breitbart:

“The first time [my store was hit] it was Saturday, early morning. I had shop lifters. You just don’t know what to expect. Is there going to be another one? Is there going to be another break in?” Sonny Dayan, a small business who owns a shop in a small strip mall on West Florrissant Avenue in Ferguson, MO, told Breitbart News on Tuesday. Dayan’s cell phone store, like others around it, is boarded up with hand-made signs telling the public they are still open.

“Our patients are canceling left and right because they don’t want to come on our street,” the owner of a medical facility told Breitbart News. “It’s affecting our bottom line for the past week. We’re going on the 8th day now.”

The same business owner was concerned about releasing her businesses name for fear of retribution by protesters who may burn down the facility like she says they had already done to a friend’s place of business. Additionally, the shop owners are concerned the damages done may not be covered by their insurance.


“I have the best insurance but I heard rumors they may try to play the social unrest card and say that I’m not covered and say that this is a civil unrest and therefore I’m not covered,” Dyan said.

The medical facility owner agreed, saying, “Several of these businesses and we checked ours –there’s a cause in it that says there’s no coverage for anything pertaining to a riot act. So any of the damage is coming out of the [business owner].”

She added, “So it’s not enough that we’ve suffered for nine days and lost about 70 percent of the business and can’t pay our rent and can’t get anybody here to help us. So what else can we observe here as small business owners?”


It’s tragic how the riots responding to the death of Michael Brown has caused so much unnecessary harm to the people of Ferguson. Clearly, the protests and vandalism are not making the difference they had hoped.

When will this chaos end and be resolved in a peaceful manner?

Photo Credit: Breitbart

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