New Low For Female Workforce

Photo Credit: forwardstl (Creative Commons)

As the left panders to its base by accusing conservatives of waging a war against women, recent economic data shows progressive policies pose the real threat.

While employment numbers have relentlessly sagged under Barack Obama, Bureau of Labor Statistics reports indicate females have been hit especially hard. Less than 57 percent of women age 16 or older are currently defined as a participant in the U.S. workforce. That number has fallen in recent months and, in the last month alone, the number of employed women dropped by 357,000.

The BLS uses several criteria to determine whether a person is considered a workforce participant, limiting the definition to those over the age of 16 who are not institutionalized and are either currently employed or have searched for work within the preceding four weeks.

In light of this devastating data, it is no wonder leftists continue harping on social issues in an effort to demonize the right. Focusing on the imagined “right” to murder their own children in the womb is much easier to defend than an abysmal economy that has put record numbers of women out of work.

The dishonesty of their rhetoric is evident to those paying attention. The loss of a job, however, can serve as a wake-up call for those who have heretofore accepted the lie that conservatism is inherently anti-woman.

Simply put, conservatives want individuals – regardless of gender, race, or creed – to succeed as the nation moves forward together.

The left, however, puts all of its faith into a government bureaucracy that ruins virtually anything with which it becomes involved. To divert attention away from their failed policies, progressives rely on its incendiary narrative of a conservative war on women to curry favor among the fairer sex.

As it stands, the same crowd that pushed feminism and the idea that women should enter the workforce has now made it all but impossible for them to remain there.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: forwardstl (Creative Commons)

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