New Film Argues That Blacks Are Enslaved By Left

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Around 200 people gathered in a D.C. theater last night to watch the Washington premiere of Runaway Slave, a documentary by African-American Tea Party activist Rev. C. L. Bryant that encourages the black community to rethink its 95 percent voting rate for the Democratic Party.

Drawing on the history and language of slavery, the film argues that the Democratic Party and the welfare state are the new version of the slave-holding plantation, keeping black people mentally enslaved.

In the opening of the documentary, Bryant visits dueling Washington, D.C., rallies. At the Lincoln Memorial, Glenn Beck leads the “Restoring Honor” rally while the Rev. Al Sharpton leads the “Reclaim the Dream” rally in an African-American section of the city.

“Why aren’t these Americans with the others?” Bryant asks. “Why are we divided along racial lines?”

He then sets out to talk to black conservative leaders and everyday African-Americans on the street. He interviews high-profile black conservatives such as Hoover Institute scholar Thomas Sowell, onetime presidential candidate Herman Cain, U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and pundit Star Parker.

Read More at PJ Media By Rebecca Cusey.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    NO argument there!! They're the ones that started it, centuries ago!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    If the coloered people would just use their heads and think back,it was a republican president that freed them.
    Since then down in the deep south it was the democrat governors that wouldn't let them vote,go to white schools or the other atrocities.The KKK was made up of democrats who actually hung them.Today the NAACP praises the democrats and look up to the late Sen Byrd who in most likely put the noose around a few of their necks and their other heroes Gov.Wallace and Folbus and other southern governors.It took Eisenhower to send the national guard in to make sure the colored kids went to school.Today we have some outstanding colored people like Alan West,Herman Caine,Walter Williams,Thomas Sowell,Larry Elders,JC Watts,Ben Carson Bill Cosby and others but does they NAACP stinkup for them NO.Their heroes are Racists Jesse Jackson,Al Sharpton,Maxine Waters,Sherily Lee Jackson, Obuma, Holder and others.

  3. Boons have been given everything including college degrees for failure grades or not showing up for classes. it's time the Boons go to the back of the bus and be treated the same as everyone else, the ghettos will be overcrowded, because boons cant do or get ahead with their own merit, spoon feeding the ghetto animals has to stop now

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Again, another inconsistency. It's not the Democrats keeping blacks "enslaved". Nor is it the Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, Left wingers, Right wingers or whites. It is the blacks themselves.
    It's the black race itself that chooses to not get an education. It's their fault for having too many children than they can afford and become pregnant at a young age. It's the black mans fault for killing each other or to commit crimes.
    It's time to take responsibility for yourself and quit blaming others for your situation. Have only as many kids as you can afford. Have these children when you are FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY ready to have them. Teach them morals. Teach them education is their friends and they will prosper if they earn it.
    Have these kids with someone who ALSO is responsible.

    Time to "man" up and take responsibility for yourselves.

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