Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns To Retire

Senator Mike Johanns SC Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns to retire

Heineman gave few hints about his thinking in a Monday press conference, in which he thanked Johanns for his service. The governor said he was considering getting into the race but had not made a final decision and that he had yet to speak to his wife, who he said had been in a doctor’s appointment Monday.

All three GOP members of the House delegation are potential candidates. Jeff Fortenberry, elected to the House in 2004, is seen as the most likely of the three Republicans to enter the race. Reps. Lee Terry and Adrian Smith are the other two House Republicans from Nebraska.

“I will think about it at some time,” Terry told POLITICO in an email when asked about the Senate seat.

Fortenberry went a step further, saying in a statement Monday he was now considering a run for the soon-to-be-vacated seat.

“Given this turn of events, I feel compelled to say I will consider a run for the United States Senate,” Fortenberry said.

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