Obama Might Not Like It, But The Float That Appeared In This 4th Of July Parade Is Simply Awesome

Photo Credit: Twitter/skzdalimit

As spectators in Norfolk, Neb. watched the town’s annual Independence Day parade, one entry in particular caught the crowd’s attention.

An unassuming pickup truck rolled along in the procession, trailed by a structure resembling an outhouse. On one wall was a sign declaring it the ‘Obama Presidential Library.’

A garish figure, possibly meant to depict Barack Obama, stood outside the building with his hands over his ears. Both the truck and float were adorned with American flags.

One attendee, Liz Guthrie, took a photo of the unusual float and published it on social media, allowing the image to reach a wide audience. She recalled an enthusiastically supportive response from those around her as the truck passed.

Not only did the float receive awards from three parade judges; organizer Rick Konopasek declared it the most popular entry in the event.

Of course, the response was not universally positive. Glory Kathurima is a local who found the float insulting to Obama. She contacted local elected officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and parade organizers to express her disappointment.

Kathurima asserted that the display’s implied message is that Obama is stupid and that the float’s creators do not like him.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, several other residents sent in similar complaints.

City Councilman Dick Pfeil was also upset, suggesting his community “doesn’t support that.”

The state’s Democrat Party also joined the chorus of disapproval, describing the float as among the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

As his approval rating continues to plummet, however, many locals apparently saw the float as less about race and more about Obama’s poor performance as the nation’s chief executive.

Those tasked with defending the current administration, however, routinely rely on castigating Obama’s detractors as inherently intolerant of his skin color rather than disillusioned by his dictatorial pursuit of a leftist agenda.

Photo Credit: Twitter/skzdalimit

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  1. robert wood says:

    BLESS ,His heart!!!!!

  2. RacerJim says:

    God Bless and Keep the pickup driver/owner!

    This year's Memorial Day Parade In the Sanctuary City of Rockville MD included a roll-back tow truck with an 8-10 member LATINO band on the back playing LATINO music through huge loudspeakers followed by at least 50 LATINO dancers. There was no, repeat No, NOT ONE American Flag anywhere to be seen on the truck, band or dancers. The "float" was sponsored by CASA de Maryland and won the "Diversity" Award.

    During the Memorial Day Ceremony earlier in the day at least 10 groups presented Memorial Wreaths in honor of fallen heros. Not only was there no LATINO group there was also a conspicuous lack of LATINO spectatiors.

    At Rockville's annual Veterans Day Ceremony in Veterans Park I have yet to see a LATINO group present a Memorial Wreath and the lack of LATINO spectators has been conspicuous.

    LATINOS = Me, Myself and I

  3. Edward Koziol says:

    Racer you never will see these spics honoring America.All they are are freeloaders.they remind me of Yogi Bear & booboo

    • David G. says:

      Sir calling them “spics” only gives the Obama people exactly what they want, the race card! I don’t like that our borders are wide open with a huge VACANCY sign flashing, but stooping to name calling is exactly what they want! God made all in his image including them, you, and me, all sir! I’m not trying to berate you in anyway, I can’t stand what is going on in this once great nation, but we should not stoop to the level of the Obama supporters!

  4. Regina Fakner MD says:

    Obama is half black and half white- raised by white grandparents. Race has nothing to do with America's delayed awakening to the fact that she has a dictator sitting in the most powerful position in he world. God help us all- pray to keep our nation safe from this dangerous man and those who follow him blindly.

    • Linda From NY says:

      you are correct Regina,

      This man is dangerous to our Country and us too, and still to this day there are people following him blindly. My own sister is one of them, who believes the lying media news and will NOT go on the internet to get the truth of what he is and this makes me angry and hurt that people like her will not accept that they are responsible for re-electing this dangerous man, as it is my own family is divided over this man

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        This is exactly what he wants pitting one American against the other.When it gets to turmoil the POS will declare Martial Law.He uses the the Saul Alinsky rule book.

    • Oh yeah it doesn't? Then why is congress, senate, and everyone else in DC scared to start impeachment proceedings on him, why? Well it's cause no one wants to be the one to start it because he is black, and they don't want to impeach the first black president. You can talk all you want with facts, but in the end that is exactly why he is still in office and will be until his term is out, that is if he doesn't continue on.

  5. Charles17121 says:

    If the liberals are upset by this float think how upset they will be when the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is pulled from the White House in hand cuffs . The truth is coming out as it always does . The lame stream media will no longer be able to cover for this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama .

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