NBC Now Considers Being Married With Children An ‘Alternative Lifestyle’

Photo Credit: Center for Jewish History, NYC (Creative Commons)

In one of the clearest examples of the mainstream media’s slavish devotion to societal devolution, a recent NBC article about Olympic skier David Wise includes a headline touting his “alternative lifestyle.”

While one might begin the article wondering whether the gold medalist is a transvestite, polygamist, Satanist, or belongs to some other fringe sector of our culture, it doesn’t take long to realize what behavior the news network considers so noteworthy. As it turns out, the 23-year-old is – prepare yourself – married with a two-year-old daughter!

To make matters even stranger, the faithful churchgoer is actually considering a career in ministry.

In previous generations, such an “alternate lifestyle” would be considered nothing more than entirely ordinary. Even at a relatively young age, the fact that he has already settled down and started a family would have been almost expected.

In today’s upside-down, morality-deprived culture, however, he is apparently considered some sort of freak by some in the media.

To be fair, the article portrays Wise in a quite favorable light. Not only is he “at the top of his sport”; the author describes him as “mature” and “focused on being the best father and husband he can be.”

Not only is he bringing a gold medal home to America; he became the first-ever gold medalist in the newly included Olympic sport of freestyle skiing halfpipe. Despite his success, Wise considers his life at home to be of far more importance.

“I’m happy and content, fulfilled,” he said. “I have an amazing life outside of skiing. I don’t have to perform at any time; I just get out and do what I enjoy doing.”

Wise is obviously not just a surname for this talented young man. He has been able to withstand the cultural pressures that have doubtlessly impacted him on his road to Sochi without losing sight of his priorities.

Not only is he a role model when landing incredible tricks on skis; his life represents the emphasis on faith and family that has sustained Americans through this nation’s most trying times.

It is therefore no wonder that today’s America is in such dire straits. What were once considered vital attributes of a successful man are now relegated to the status of “alternative lifestyle.”

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Center for Jewish History, NYC (Creative Commons)

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    You can't get away from the political agenda of the left in today's shows.
    If you haven't watched the new SciFi series called Star-Crossed, DON'T. Don't even waste your time.
    Being a lover of all things SciFi, I watched the pilot with an open mind. In the very beginning, I knew it would be the last I would watch.

    The series is about aliens that crash to Earth. A small alien boy is 'saved' by a young human girl. The boy is shot but survives later to grow up to reconnect with the girl.
    In the first 5 minutes, you see an over abundance of 'rednecks' going wildly shooting anything/everything. In the next 5 minutes, you hear the high schoolers 'reciting' the Pledge of Allegiance, omitting the words Under God of course. The rest of the show is the redneckers heckling these aliens about not pledging allegiance then being told "You get to keep your justice and liberty" from an alien and being unaccepting and everything else you hear on liberal TV about Conservatives and Patriots.

    Does it surprise me that NBC thinks a normal life is 'alternate'? Not at all. If they can't have the real world their utopian society, they'll make it on TV.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    David is a great American role model.

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