NBC Joins The Gaystopo War On The Catholic Church

The ink on the Supreme Court’s lawless decree that God’s law against sodomy is null and void is scarcely dry, but the Gaystopo has not taken a day off. They are pressing the fight and will continue to do so until either they or the Catholic Church in America have been defeated.

Emboldened by the realization that they own the Supreme Court, the Gaystopo, as predicted here, are turning every screw they can to mock Catholic doctrine and press their attack. Now, they have a new partner, the National Broadcasting Network (NBC), which has slithered out of the closet.

In the type of sneaky, out-of-the-spotlight move that characterizes these minions of hate, the Gaystopo has quietly arranged for the ouster of John Dunleavy, a faithful Catholic, from his position as Chairman of New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. His offense was uttering a mild threat against the continued presence of Gay groups marching under a banner announcing their love for committing the sin of sodomy.

NBC’s ugly hand in all of this is that it now has a puppet chairman of the parade in its pocket and is blackmailing him into accepting a second Gay/sodomite group. The deal will be that in order for the parade to continue to be televised by NBC, the Committee will have to accept a group of in-house sodomites from NBC’s “Fabulous” OUT@NBCUniversal.

Last March, the Gaystopo took full advantage of feckless Church leadership and ordered the Committee to break its covenant with the Catholic Church. For the first time in its history, the parade allowed a sodomite group to march under its own banner promoting sin and violation of Church and natural law.

This irreversible destruction of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is being followed up, and this demand for admission of yet another Gaystopo group will be just the beginning. As the Islamists do, the Gaystopo are using their signature touch of rubbing their vanquished enemy’s nose in the dirt.

The Gaystopo have all the cards; they own the Court, they own the media, and now they own New York’s Irish Day Parade – once called the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They have no intention of slowing down their charge.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

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  1. I'm from the "North" so I've always seen the Confederate flag as being anti-American, since the South declared war on the United States. I can see where many, many people see it as a symbol of racism and I don't think you can put that poo back in the bull. But I recognize there are many southerners who see it as a symbol of 'Southern Pride', despite the fact they lost the war. I'd just like to see the Confederate flag removed from government property. What retailers and TV Land decide is their business and if people are so in love with 'Dukes of Hazard', they can buy it on DVD.

    • Gomer Pyle says:

      I like to take your poo and shove it right back up your shazam

      • Go for it, internet tough guy.

        • Gomer Pyle says:

          Bend over, I got the shovel ready

          • Is that really what you want to do if I bend over?

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          • Meet me half way?

          • Gomer Pyle says:

            ok, hold on I'll call Roger, he may want to plug you

          • I'd rather have my toe nails ripped off and lye poured in the wounds. I'd rather have my parts zapped with a cattle prod. I'd rather run off with some redneck and live in a shack in the woods. If Roger's the choice, I'd rather die.

          • I am surprised that as an idiot hack troll you put so much effort into the buildup on that insult.

            And you still have the reek of bull dyke thinking.

          • Nobody gives a sh!t if you are surprised, shocked, happy, sad, in pain, rich, poor, married, covered in carbuncles or living in Duluth or Tel Aviv. Nobody gives a sh!t about you, period.

          • Yet here you are spending all that time setting the lame insult.

            And here you are responding….

            Wow, that was easy. Want to try again?

          • Guest Two says:

            If email notifications are any reflection, I think you've found that you get fewer and fewer responses these days. You are yesterday's annoying spamming troll, you and your posse are just a distasteful memory. RIP.

          • You idiot hack trolls have a rather predictable approach.

            1) say nothing, just toss out words
            2) insult, the more personal the better
            3) banter back and forth if people ignore you and discuss the issues anyhow
            4) stay angry and bitter

            And for a person using multiple guest names you sure act as if you don't believe or agree with anything you post.

          • guestoo says:

            No one on here tries to have a serious conversation with him anymore, because he's just a idiot hack troll that doesn't know how.

          • Guest Two says:

            He's floundering, maniacally waving his arms screaming "Pay attention to me! Pay attention to ME!!!"

          • guestoo says:

            I'll leave him alone now. I have Bar-B-Q to do, and fireworks to set off.

            Have a great fourth my friend.

          • Guest Two says:

            And a Happy 4th right back to you.

          • And after all that chatter about anything but the story you only showed that you want to distract from the issue, and that you have nothing.

            And NBC is probably staffed by idiot hacks such as yourself. That's more than enough to explain why their ratings are shrinking.

          • You shouldn't be worrying about shrinking ratings at NBC. You've got much bigger things to get your panties in a wad about. http://www.gallup.com/poll/183491/republican-cons

          • Why do you think I want RINO's to win anything?

            And the base of the Republican party is pushing back against those who have been trying to co-opt the party.

          • That is funny. You think tea baggers are the GOP base? Yousofunny!!!!!!!!!!

          • That is funny. You think that RINO thinking is the party base.

          • Ihateliars says:

            Your Fundy party cult base?

          • Your leftists marxist cult base?

          • Ihateliars says:

            Only one of us belongs
            to a cult, we know who
            that is. I seen your
            "I hate America" spam
            fest was on this nations
            birthday, how fitting.

          • You belong to the cult of personality, so as a propagandist you are here to distract and cover for this fascist regime.

            And while you hate all that America stands for, you sure can't do it in a way that doesn't make you look trollish.

          • Guest Two says:

            You interrupted a comment stream and knowing your desperaste need for attention, responding is the only way to get rid of you. See? You left for 2 hours now, please stay away.

          • Still have nothing and can't show I'm wrong?
            Wow, it sounds like you're a member of the gay mafia.

          • Ihateliars says:

            Showing Roger is WRONG!

          • Still can't do it, can you?

            You trolls aren't here for that anyhow, you just want to stop any serious discussion.

          • Ihateliars says:

            Just did it, Roger is WRONG!

            "serious discussion"? LOL about what?
            Ebola is going to kill all Christians, its a Muslim plot
            to take over America by that evil Obama? LOL

          • Still can't show Ebola didn't kill?
            That muslims are working for a world wide caliphate?

            So, you are wrong and just whine about it.

  2. Mark H. says:

    The Catholic Church is not a Christian church any more than the Mormons.

    • It still should be the member's choice not the Supreme Court's or NBC's choice.
      We as Americans have the freedom of Religion, not because the Supreme Court allows it, but because it's given to us by our Creator.

      The Founding Fathers would have a tea party on the court steps.

      • Ihateliars says:

        "because it's given to us by our Creator."? Based on what? Care to back this up?

        • Have you ever heard of the Founding Fathers, they wrote this unknown thing called the "Declaration of Independence". You could start there, if you wanted to know about it.

          I don't think you do, hack trolls aren't allowed to learn, even accidentally.

          • Ihateliars says:

            So the 'MEN' who wrote the Declaration of Independence gave you those rights,
            not the Creator stupid f***.

          • Prove it.
            They were referring to the western enlightenment thinking.
            Are you saying all the European thinkers are wrong too?

          • Ihateliars says:

            Dumb@#$, God=Jesus never wrote the Declaration of Independence,
            Humans did. Those men were not the Creator of this world.

            Proved it, GFY

          • There you go again.
            As an idiot hack troll you want to change the argument.
            The Writers of the Declaration wrote that our rights come from our Creator.

            Even if you don't like it.

          • F ucking pervert says:

            "The Writers(MEN) of the Declaration wrote"
            Good so we agree they weren't written by God, nor were your rights
            given to you by Jesus.

          • So you admit that the Founding Fathers said ….

            "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

          • Ihateliars says:

            So 'MEN' said, not God. Again you're a stupid f***.

          • It says that "we are endowed by our Creator" in case you couldn't bother to read it.

          • Ihateliars says:

            Yes, MEN said, not God. As Jesus never gave up those rights,
            MEN did.

          • Still an idiot. Quote me where I said the DOC was written by God.

            Men, the Founding Fathers working off the European Enlightenment understood our rights aren't granted by men, but endowed by our Creator.

            That really offends you, doesn't it?

          • BigDickerus says:

            I was amply blessed.

          • Polksaladannie says:

            So am I. When I sit in a chair my nipples brush my knees.

          • And while you do that you can think about the Founding Fathers not thinking that you needed government to grant you that right.

          • Thinkie Dinkie says:

            As per your instructions, I am thinking about the Founding Fathers not thinking that she needed government to grant her the right to have her nipples brush her knees. I think your thinking is not that of a thinking man.

          • Linda Lou says:

            I was here first, back off!!

          • Linda Lou says:

            You are? I'm a virgin again (who knew that happened after 4 years in mothball status?), coffee first?

      • Tea parties are for sissies.

  3. Say No To GOP says:

    Conservatives have far more to worry about than what NBC is up to. http://www.gallup.com/poll/183491/republican-cons

    • And the polls show Obama has more to worry about than Fox News.

      • Say No To GOP says:

        You are right, I bet Obama won't win re-election. As for FoxNews, you care about it because it's important to you but NBC News beats out Fox daily in the ratings.

        • His party suffered many defeats in the last two elections.

          You may not have been around to notice, obviously.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Your party suffered much more.

            And you didn't include the internet ratings. MNBC and all other liberal news beats Fox Entertainment News.


          • MSNBC is the competitor to the cable news networks.

            And guess what? Your NBC and other alphabet soup news outlets have no credibility. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/poll-70-percent

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            The survey you posted proves no one trusts Fox News.

            So many people are using the internet to get cable news, so MSNBC wins.

          • My link shows that NBC has jumped the shark too many times, only 30% even pretend they aren't deliberately biased.

            And 30% might be liberal hacks like yourself.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Nope, your link shows that Fox News has lied so many times that only 30% even pretend they aren't deliberately lying.

            And those 30% are conservative racists like you.

          • Pretending that you're not a bigoted moron?

            The story shows what it shows. You on one side of your mouth pretend that NBC has all the audience then when the audience doesn't believe the news you try saying out of the other side of your mouth that that's only Fox…

            If NBC has the big audience and that audience doesn't believe the propaganda then it means NBC isn't trusted.

            Deal with it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            MNBC has the biggest audience, and your link says that people don't trust Fox News.

          • You said they have the biggest (would 'largest' be more proper?) audience then think that 70% haven't drawn conclusions against the news based on the show with the largest viewership?

            You are still a moron.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I said MNBC has the biggest audience, and that your link shows that Fox News is not trusted.

          • Yes, so if 70% think news is biased, then the percentages would mean most think NBC is biased.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            The survey didn't count internet watchers though, stupid.

            Your third grade teacher must have smashed your scull into the blackboard every morning.

          • Are you going to go back on your claim that NBC has the largest audience and that the audience doesn't trust the news?
            It would seem to me that people are aware that the Propaganda machine media isn't trusted because they are just as biased as you are.

            There is a reason the NY Times has been losing money.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Your survey doesn't include the MSNBC viewers from the internet.

            There are no conservative newspapers that even come close to making the money the NY Times makes.

          • The NY Times had to sell it's building they are losing so much money, and sold a Boston area paper at a huge loss.

            I don't see you posting a single link or source.
            Could it be that as a hack propagandist you don't care about the facts? Just like the media, which is why you and the media aren't trusted since your'e so biased.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Put your NY Times BS back up your a s s, why are you always trying to change the subject after you lose a debate?

            Your survey was the fact and you posted it yourself, and it shows I am correct, and that you are wrong.

          • The debate was about the biased media and how the people don't trust them (70%). You made the claim that the NY Times makes money in ways that conservative papers don't.

            What money? They are going broke. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/01/business/media/

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            That isn't what the debate was about. It was about MSNBC having a bigger audience.

            You keep trying to change the subject because you lost the debate.

          • I owned you.
            And 70% don't trust the biased media, you say NBC is larger, then they are the problem for the majority of viewers.

            You are owned again. Want to play some more?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            That 70% doesn't include internet viewers of cable news, so you look stupid.

          • So the majority of viewers are watching NBC and know they are biased.

            You are still an idiot.

          • 'I owned you'. Hahahahaha!! You probably don't even own your computer, got it from Rent-To-Own and had to move when they came to repo it.

          • What's wrong, did you not like Alinsky pretending that NBC has the most viewers and that viewers think that news is biased someplace else?

            Viewers think the media is biased and don't trust it because too many hacks in the propaganda machine are like you posse trolls.

          • guestoo says:

            Goat porn again?

          • Still lonely?

            Nope it was a story showing that the problem isn't Christian men in the Catholic Church. There are some abuses and I condemn those rare instances where abuse happens.

            But I showed that you uppity atheists ignore a bigger problem, secular atheist schools that are having even more abuse. Are you going to condemn them?

          • Pope a Dope says:

            Catholics aren't real Christians.

          • You aren't a real mud bog worshipper.

            You don't get to make that call. If they accept Christ and His sacrifice they are Christians even if you uppity atheists want to insult them.

          • Pope a Dope says:

            What about Jews? They don't accept Christ. Do they go to hell when they die? Aren't they God's chosen people or do they get a Get Out Of Hell Free card?

          • In case you hadn't noticed, Jesus and His disciples were Jews. The early Church was Jews.

            And frankly I'm warned not to throw pearls to swine. You are a swine and don't know enough about the Bible to discuss it intelligently.

            Go chew something else little piggy.

          • End4'enAid says:

            Judging someones understanding of the Bible are you?
            You don't discuss it because you have never followed it.
            You don't discuss it because you don't have the answers.
            You don't understand that Jesus was Jewish & Jews had him killed.
            This is all stated in the Talmud, books you won't discuss because
            you can't defend their molestation views & practices.

            You're a F***ing COWARD you FAKE Christian Israeli First'er POS!
            GFY Roger, Happy Wednesday Everyone

          • The Bible says what it says.
            And you seem to be swine wanting to chew on Pearls.

          • guest troll says:

            Happy Wednesday to you too.

            GFY Roger.

          • Still have nothing to contribute?

            how nice

          • Luis522 says:

            Roger, I totally agree. To be Christian is not equivalent to being religious either. As JC did NOT create or establish any sort of "religion". FOLLOW ME, and, I AM THE WAY, is what he said.

            Those that murder in His name, or in the name of "chrstianity", are NOT practicing His Doctrine at all. Jesus scolded Peter for having lifted his sword, when the Romans came to arrest Him.

            And, unlike the teachings of Mohammed, JC NEVER commanded His followers to murder unbelievers. "JUDGEMENT is MINE" is what He said. Jesus came to Save mankind…ALL…mankind (men and women) from THEMSELVES.

            Can a person BE Christian, AND be lgbt? No. BUT does Jesus's Doctrine command or demand His faithful to MURDER them? NO! But muslims will!

            I never see the atheists, nor ANY liberal factions, condemning THEM! Hmmm….

          • guestguest says:

            You totally agree with what? Hopefully you have an answer to what Pope A Dope asked regarding Jews. "What about Jews? They don't accept Christ. Do they go to hell when they die? Aren't they God's chosen people or do they get a Get Out Of Hell Free card?"

            Nobody here, Christian, fake Christian, Jew or atheist, EVER supports ISIS or the actions of any terrorists including domestic terrorists. And just because you say a gay person can't be a Christian doesn't mean it's true.

          • Luis522 says:

            Because you say it "isn't", doesm't make it so either! As I said, Judgement and vengeance is the Lord's. NOT mankind's.

            The Lord's Salvation, as well as our consequences, are spiritual. If you, for instance, are a nonbeliever, WHY would you care auobt such things anyway?!

            The ones spinning away the atrocities by ISIS / Al Qaeda, and the rest of these animals, are the liberals! What do these imbeciles say? GLBOAL GORE-MING make them do it! Incredible.

          • guestguest says:

            I never claimed to be a non-believer, so I'll give it one last shot:

            "What about Jews? They don't accept Christ. Do they go to hell when they die? Aren't they God's chosen people or do they get a Get Out Of Hell Free card?"

          • Luis522 says:

            I'm not jewish. So, it doesn't concern me. How about telling me if you agree or disagree w/ what I said concerning the Sharia muslims, and the double standard / hypocrisy of liberals and atheists alike?

          • Don't you remember that classic animated movie " All Jews go to Hell"? Truth is Jews don't believe in Heaven or Hell. It's Sheol where your soul go's after death those who were righteous will stand closer to the light of God and those less so will in precession of righteousness be further from. No hell that is a Christian rip off of the Greek's.

          • You don't get to make that call.
            You have a bigoted opinion and have nothing to back it up but a fictional movie.

            Ask the local mud bog.

          • Luis522 nice to see you out and about. Jesus did say " I have not come to bring peace, but a sword." So much for Hippy love Jesus. Mark 14:51 And when he was arrested a young naked boy was seen running away. He said Peter was his favorite and he liked to lean on PETER. Would kiss other men on the lips, like washing men's feet. Never messed with the ladies. Had long hair, purple robes,12 boy friends. Claimed he was not a fishermen ,but a fisher of men. Talked about loving your fellow man? Spent a night teaching a young boy the secrets of heaven? The list go's on. My guess Gay marriage is now cool with God now that he has finally excepted his gay son. One day Roger's dad may also except him.

          • Luis522 says:

            This is one of the most ridiculous opinions I've ever read. People as yourself would never, ever, mock the Koran or the taechings of Mohammed.

            And that's because of one word w/ 2 syllables: FATWA! THEY WILL KILL YOU!

            Such hypocrisy.

          • Hello Luis,
            Do you know what happened to Warren/HPD/Cassandra?

            Roger won't tell anyone. Rumor is that he died or is in rehab.

          • Rumor has it that it's none of your concern.

            And of course you just want to distract from the fact that Luis is pointing out the obvious.

          • "none of your concern" = rehab or dead. Which is it?

          • Still haven't shown it's any of your concern, have you?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Did you kill him?

          • Under any fake name you still haven't shown it's any of your concern.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            That is telling. I knew Wee's children were at risk.

          • That is telling, why do you talk about children and risks in the same sentence all the time?

            That can't be a good sign.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I should inform you I have already contacted your local police.

            You better hope Warren's body isn't found.

          • Great, when do they interview you to make sure you're not a danger to yourself of others?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are the one who is a murder suspect, not me.

          • You need to check on the grams you're ingesting.

            6 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv – Cain's Response To Cha… · 1 reply · 0 points
            Why do you keep asking me how much marijuana I smoke? I told you, I smoke a lot everyday, but I don't know the exact amount of grams…..

          • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

            Hi Roger,
            I want just to say I hope Warren is ok, I know in the past I didn't like him much, but I don't want anything bad to happen to him either, I mean that. I do hope he is alright.

          • He died of a broken heart because you rejected his advances.

          • You could die of 'stupid' since you reject anything that might make you too smart to troll.

          • You bastards! You killed Warren!

          • LOLOLOL!

          • Warren was a Mush mouth fake ass cowboy gibberish self hating Jewish gay bigot Yankee, metro-sexual. He died from an infected Hemorrhoid Roger discovered during foreplay.

          • He is/was also Roger's mentor in misogynism although Roger had the basics from his mother-hating childhood.

          • Still the hate filled bigot that is a self loathing homosexual?
            And your sexual prowess in that area only speaks to your poor skills in bed, nothing more.

          • What was the obvious that Louis was pointing out?
            That you are a moron?

            He is right.

          • I'm Not Luis says:

            Isn't he the guy who came over here once and congratulated Poof on putting Roger in his place? Of course that was after HPD told Roger publicly that he thought Roger was really wrong in suing WTE and Alinsky. Someone recently compared Roger to a leper with a fire-hot case of Ebola and a nasty recurrence of explosive diarrhea. People avoid him as much as possible other than to remind him how stupid he is.

          • And you still have nothing to contribute.

            And obviously the angry little guy realized he went too far when he posted this.

            22 weeks ago @ Conservative Victory News – Stop Agenda 21 – The J… · 38 replies · +7 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          • Not Luis Either says:

            Big Red Baboon Butt realized he went too far when he admitted this.

            "If I wear barbarian costumes it does show as much as possible to exaggerate male attributes and I do hope it does it in a way to encourage sexual appeal. "

            Straight men say that…………..never.

          • Still hoping?

            I'm not interested.

          • Join us at no2party.freeforums.org

          • Luis522 says:

            Before I consider to visit. What's the intention and goal of that site, mitch?

          • It's a site by Zeb that destroyed the 912/Growl.

            He ignores the corruption of the ruling elite and blames political parties for all problems, advocating they are outlawed.

            As if Government can be trusted to decide who is allowed to associate?

          • Stevie Schmevie says:

            How would you know? You and Warren, including all of your sock puppets and IPs, have been banned there from the get-go, you can't even read it from your own computers. And why are you banned? Because you've taken down so many conservative sites in the past.

          • Zeb has been tooting that same horn for a long, long time.

          • Tooting a horn is one thing. Sucking a dick is something else…

          • You would know…..

            I'll just have to take your word for it.
            I'm not interested.

          • Luis522 says:

            " It's a site by Zeb that destroyed the 912/Growl. "

            Hmmm… What do you mean? Zeb or that site "destroyed" 912W? I was an original member/ "Growler". It's a spinoff by a former member of Suzie's 912 Commnique — when Suzie started tossing anyone that even questioned anything she'd say or do.

            "912" started w/ Glenn Beck. 912W started drifting away quickly. It's origins transformed towards a flock of Ron Paul extremists. Which included atheists, anarchists, and the anti-Israel factions and the Pro OWS as well!

            They were as trashy as a few of those I've "met" here. Such rampant "bs" all over the place.

          • Spot on!

          • Bahba louie, I remember back in the day you had like over 500 comments and were still a ZERO (0p) on Intense debate like your comments meant nothing. Some things never change. Hows the whether down in Tampa?

          • Still the self loathing homosexual that has nothing but hate and bigotry?

            His comments make sense and actually have ideas in them.
            Not just cheap posse troll insults like you toss around. No wonder Ray tossed you.

            Once a chunk of smelly butt jam…. (sbj64)

            I'm sure Luis recognizes your rabid mental instability even under a new name.

          • Luis522 says:

            Hmmm… This is what you got?! Talk about a "ZERO"! It looks like you won't be passing to the 3rd grade after all.

          • He's always been a very angry troll.

          • He was able to get moderator status and banned everyone that challenged anything.

            It didn't last long. They don't have him there any more, but they also don't have anyone else to speak of. Just swimmer and a few others.

          • Luis522 says:

            Ahhh! No wonder I was able to post there again, yesterday! Is olnavyboy still there? I got along w/ him just fine since GB's 912P!

            But, because I wasn't om board w/ the mac_hine types, even Goober and swimmer turned their backs. Oh well…

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Why don't you get your a ss over there, you and Roger together on one site is just too much stupid.

          • Luis522 says:


            You could NEVER take me on. Never will! You're boring. Your "15 secs" are over!


          • Unicorn says:

            Good grief, another clown joins the circus.

          • Yes, here you are.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Your head is already hanging on my wall. Now run along before I hang your balls next to it.

          • Luis522 says:

            Said your mother to your farher. "Union", huh. So, how many usernames do you have here 2?…3?… You guys are so stupid to think that I don't know this! And ALL the aliases have the same style. LOSER, that is! heh heh heh

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I use one user name, you racist f u ck.

          • No, you use far more than that.

            ejdulis replied to your comment on Scratch that, trying Intense Debate. / Politics, Guns & Beer:

            "I see others have taken my idea of impersonating you and others like Cowboy logic and winsorwhore.

            I am glad to have made such a great contrbution to the destruction of this site."

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            No I don't. That was only on Breitbart.

          • You bragged about doing that on the site that you trolls attacked until it shutdown,
            ejdulis replied to your comment on Scratch that, trying Intense Debate. / Politics, Guns & Beer:

          • I thought you were ejdulis. It sure looks like you on a Friday night.

          • You look like your mom late at night, is it the way you dress like her?

          • Would they be like the old click-clack balls?

          • Navy still has his website, with filters to keep the trash out.

            Unlike this site which seems to enjoy having people harassed, Navy's doesn't.

          • That site is as dead as……..is he dead? You know who.

          • Karl Marx?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            His filter kept all the conservative out, and I can still go on anytime I want. I won.

            I love when I do go on and Navy freaks out.

          • No, actually you can't.
            And if you did you couldn't do it from a Chinese ISP.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Yes, I can, I just use a different ISP, actually.

            I posted there before at your request, and Navy immediately went to my comment stream.

            You saw it happen, and yet you still lie about it because you hate being wrong all the time.

          • No, you can't. Of course feel free to prove me wrong.

          • guestoo says:

            Goat porn?

          • Still lonely and can't fine any on your own?

          • idiot hack troll says:

            Did you mean "find", Linda?

          • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

            You wear your name well, it suits you good, idiot hack troll

          • NOT a Guest says:

            You do NOT call him by my name, I am NOT Roger!!

          • "You don't have to call me darlin', Darlin'. You never even called me by my name…………"

          • I did.

          • Still lonely?


            How pathetic.

          • navyuboy got banned there too.

          • Luis522 says:

            Well, if "I" am posting there again. onb will be able to again as well.

          • I tried to post a comment to you there last night but it didn't "stick". Your comment about the size of print was thorough and well-said.

            If you're talking about Growl, that site's worthless — no one will comment there because they allow Roger and HPD and can't be trusted to keep a person's IP or personal information private.

          • It's only worthless in your opinion because you can't subvert it the way you have this one.

          • The growl2 is dead, the navy site is dead, rebuilding freedom is dead, 912comm is dead………
            zeb's site is alive and well, from 250 to 900 viewers a day. No trolls, no spammers, no hackers, no stalkers, no topic derailleurs

          • I'm Not Luis says:

            Who is THE #1 common denominator in the demise of those sites? Roger Russell, Christian Impersonator.

          • Luis522 says:

            Okay… My question was: What are the goals / intention? What's the actual plan(s) to change DC?

          • We need to take the power back to the states, as the Founding Fathers intended.

            They left an escape hatch, Article 5 and the libertarians are too frightened to allow it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            The Founding Father set up state and national laws. That was their intention, you dumb s h it.

            Your third grade teacher smashed your head against the blackboard over that one every Tuesday.

          • They set up limits on Government.

          • Lou, you phucked up Lou! ( This is better when you use your Tony Montana voice from SCAR FACE.Stay over at CVN/ ( the old Trolls home) SOA ( Dead ZONE ) The Growl ghost town, you will get hurt here.Please don't shoot me tony! Don't worry Lou I'm not going to Choot you! Manno Choot this piece of CHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Still the angry bitter hate filled rambler?

            And this isn't your site to decide who can post here.

            Shoot, they even let you in!

          • If you want to hang on to your Republican party, you are not welcome.

          • Luis522 says:

            What would you consider like-minded?

          • First of all go back to the Constitution, second stay away from any candidate that is pro socialism, pro war.
            That is what zeb's site is all about. Take it or leave it.
            His site is clean, no character assassinations, no trash comments, no trolls, no spammers, no hackers, no stalkers.

          • Back to the Constitution without democrat or Republican interpretation.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Boo ya!!!

          • We don't want any extremists from any side of the political spectrum, just people with new ideas on how to regain our National Independence and Liberties.

          • Luis522 says:

            What ideas are there to make that happen?

          • Don't vote for the lesser of 2 evils.

          • Luis522 says:

            Is that all that needs to be done? Seems simplistic w/ ALL our problems.

          • The problem with that approach is obvious.
            If the conservatives that know how bad the RINO's don't vote it leaves our side unrepresented and the marxists still vote full speed ahead. It leaves us with Obama and his ilk, Obama received less votes this time, and the drop in Republican turn out is what handed him the white house.

            But Zeb and his drones can't see it.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            End the FED for one.

          • Luis522 says:

            Okay… agree with that. But, how?! It isn't something that a potus can do by himself, right? So what steps / procedures can be taken — where Congress could be bypassed CONSTITUTIONALLY?

            To "end the Fed", where do we start?

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Umm we start by making Congress take control of the monetary supply, which is its Constitutional duty. The POTUS or the Fed have zero authority over America's money. We get rid of the fiat dollar too, and back to the gold standard.

          • Luis522 says:

            Do you really believe that "Congress" WOULD do that?! They WON'T! No matter WHO is potus!

            If getting the federal (3 Branches) govt back to the Republic, as it was framed w/ the Constitution, depends on using the COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL and CORRUPT Congress to do this, then, IMO, there is no plan.

            Is there a "Plan B"?

            Btw, the "money supply" is an ILLUSION. As it's based on fiat currency. It's out of thin air. We're at approx $19 trillion in Debt; and Socual Security and Medicare…alone, NOT including Obamacare…is between $100 and $130 TRILLION i unfunded liabilities. Right now, SocSec consumes approx 50% of our annual budget. That number is to reach 64% by 2024. And we don't have the revenue coming in to sustain it! (I wonder how people actually BELIEVE that the unemployment rate is "5.3%" — when there are over 90 UNEMPLOYED?! ) And I haven't even mentioned Obamacare!

            So, what's "Plan B"?

          • They mock the tea party then blame the parties as everything goes down in flames….

            It's really sad.
            If Soros wanted to stab the country in the back the Zeb approach would be frighteningly effective.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            No one cares what a virgin thinks.

          • Is that why you're saving up $5?

          • luey, I do not think you have read my comments on the Muzzys 3 days ago. " Muslims suck " " The Koran 1400 years of dark ages for Muslims etc. I find them as ridiculous as any Christian cult you follow. They are a religion of peace? A piece of them here, a piece of them there Vest bombs do that. So much for religion of peace.

          • Luis522 says:

            Somehow I deserve your mocking my name. On the other hand, I've shown no one any sort of disrespect.

          • Luey baby, settle down. No disrespect intended where are your brothers Huey & Dewy now that's disrespect!!!!!!!!!!! It is you who owe me an apology for calling me a hypocrite out of your own ignorance.

          • Luis522 says:

            This is the response from someone that represents "tolerance" and "acceptance".

            OSI, you're n challenge. You don't even have a valid argument. I'll simply let your own words flush you.

          • What is it with conservatives and the flushing metaphor? You sound just like your hero Roger. I suppose you always were one of his little toadies. PS Tolerance and acceptance ends when you use your faith to terrorize others Christian , Jew, Muslims the 3 faiths of the earth's Litter box/ Sandbox. What still no apology Lou?

          • Still the hate filled bigot?
            Do you sense another Christian to attack since Ray tossed you from his site?

          • Luis522 says:

            Wrong again. WHO killed athletes during the 1972 Olympics?

            Or invaded a cruise ship (Achille Laurel) where a man in a wheelchair was thrown over board. Wheelchair and all?

            WHO bombed the World Trade Center TWICE; and "celebrated" the Supreme Court's gay decision — by throwing FOUR HOMOSEXUALS off a roof?

            Not christians nor jews.

            But muslims exclusively. And you know it. You guys are cowards on top of hypocrits! You guys would screech like sisies, if confronted by these muslims: and you'd likely BEG for your pathetic lives, in the hopes that they'd spare your them.

            You see, osi, they are even more filled w/ hate than the likes of YOU!

            You guys would easily become their B*TCHES in a heart beat! So blather away, you complete moron!

            Your "15mins" are up.

            Who's next?! q8-D

          • The leftists seem to think that if islamists want to destroy Christians that they have a common goal.

            They don't seem to understand they are on the hit list too.

          • Luis522 says:

            At least there's that!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Luis, Who set fire to all those black churches?

            Not Muslims or Atheists.

          • Luis522 says:

            Fort Hood?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            South Carolina!

          • Luis522 says:

            No, alinskyite. I won't drift from my points. Which you guys are avoiding. Address "my" points!

            You won't! Because you know that I'm correct!

            Those Alinskyite COWs, BOzo and queen-cackle herself, the Hillary, all come from the same sty.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            No, you address my point! Why are you ignoring the racist MURDER and TERRORISM your fellow Christians are committing on our soil everyday?!

            And why are you mocking my name, you disrespectful POS?

            I didn't mock yours!!!!!

          • Your point is flawed, any Christian that commits violence is doing so in violation of the teachings they are supposed to follow.

            You can't show a single violent Chrsitian that successfully follows the teachings of Christ.

            You can show that with islamists, something you completely ignore.

            You are owned, even if you attempt to mock people much smarter than you are.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:


            Because you are in violation of the teachings Christians are supposed to follow.

          • Why do you pretend I should pretend that murderers follow the teachings of Christ?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Why don't you recognize Christians follow the old testament?

          • Why would I?
            I'm a Christian not a Jew.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Because Jesus followed the old testament, and you are taught to follow Jesus in the New Testament.

          • Jesus was the fulfillment of the old Testament, and I follow His teachings.

            You simply don't know enough about it to discuss it intelligently, and you want to chew pearls.

          • guest troll says:

            No you don't.

          • You uppity atheists sure do pretend you get to make that call.

            Can I decide what you have to do in order to keep a membership at the local mud bog?

          • guest troll says:

            Yeah go ahead.

            JFC you're stupid.

          • I better use small words then…

          • guest troll says:

            Maybe that will help you, but you'll still be stupid.

          • Rogers last 100 spams -281 points Well done loser!!!!!!checkmate 11111111

          • You both ignore that you never discuss anything os substance, and that you never show anything to back up your propaganda points and you call me stupid? Wow, that's an ego big enough to match the hot air you spew.

          • Luis522 says:

            You're just chiming in on my posts. YOU address my points! Then I will tell you what I think of that KLANSMAN. He's NO christian! He's as hatefilled as YOUR KIND!

            * * * * * * * * * *

            My most sincerest respect and admiration goes out to the families of the victims, and the church's congregation. Their acts of forgiveness IS the epitomy of true christianity.

            God bless them.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            That's right!! I'm chiming in on your post, and now you are going to address my point!!!!

            Why are you ignoring the racist MURDER and TERRORISM your fellow Christians are committing on our soil everyday?!

            Your quote doesn't condemn the racist KKK conservative Christians you support!!!!

          • You never have a point.

            You have talking points that never stand up to scrutiny, that's why you bounce around so much to keep anyone from noticing.

            And it's the democrats that support the KKK, not our side.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are a virgin, so your opinion is not credible.

          • Still haven't had a chance to spend that $5 on the street corner of your choice?

          • Isn't the current tally at 10 black churches in less than a month?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Christians are often proficient.

          • Successful Christians following the teachings of Christ haven't been convicted of anything.
            Can you say that about islamists?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Then you are saying there is no such thing as "Successful Christians following the teachings of Christ"

            That why you won't admit the founding fathers weren't Christians.

          • Nope, I'm merely pointing out your talking points are lies.

            And no, I don't feel like throwing pearls to swine. So, make up lies and expect to have them torpedoed, not discussed. You don't merit the serious discussion.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            So when I said "Christians are often proficient."

            That is a lie, according to you.

            Ok, you win. Christians are not often proficient., Thanks stupid.

          • Still saying in the same comment as a bombing that Christians are proficient as if they did the bombing?

            Bull Connor was proficient.

          • guest troll says:

            They all think they're following the teachings of Christ. Just like you think you are.

          • You uppity atheists sure do want define the religion incorrectly.

            The mud bog probably demands it.

          • Roger yet another false equivocation? Even if what you say was not a lie which it is; Secular schools do not use a god/religion to rape children like faith schools do. And as for Atheist schools like that's a real thing? Show where abuse is more prevalent back up your idiotic ramblings prove it or STFU!!

          • Whats' wrong? Are you as a flaming homosexual upset that you can't pretend that the label is an insult while you are a progressive that demands homosexuals are equal?

            You are so blinded by hate and bigotry you can't get past the obvious. When you claim to be evolved from mud then you behave badly, because you have no reason to aim for more.

          • Once again Roger you are using personal insults to and false equivocation to make your argument because you know you are a known liar. AND A SPAMMING TROLL ! CHECKMATE!!!!!!!!!

          • I pointed out the obvious.


          • Yes you did Captain obvious. But only if pointing out that you are a spamming TROLL was your point. Checkmate!!

          • You uppity atheists sure do get cranky when someone points out that you have nothing, contribute nothing and frankly don't even care.

            It's just what people evolved from mud do.

          • Roger according to the Bible your the mud person. Read Gen chapter 2 mud boy!! Oh I forget you have never read the Bible.

          • Let me think, God took radiated, sterile primordial ooze and let millions of years go by as we evolved into and away from invertebrates?

            I don't see that in my Bible.
            You're an uppity atheist and don't know enough about the Creation account to discuss it intelligently. Of course you aren't intelligent enough to debate anything, let alone religious issues.

            But the hate and bigotry drive you.

          • duggary-doo doo says:

            It's not in your fictional accounting of what took place thousands of years ago? What a shock.

          • What, it's not in your fictional made up accounting of what happened millions of years ago? What a shock!

          • duggary-doo doo says:

            Since we are all 'evolved from mud', how is it you're any better than anyone else? Oh, because you're not. I forgot how you supported the family values of Lot the other day. And then of course there's Josh Duggar………..

          • Roger has to support other Child abusers it's in they're club rules.

          • Nope. but why are you uppity athiests refusing to denounce Lena Dunham ,and why do you think that equal justice is a bad thing?

          • Ask the primordial ooze who is evolved from mud.
            Then of course there is Lena Dunham…..

          • duggary-doo doo says:

            Ooze can't answer questions, dummy.

          • No doubt, so why worship the all powerful life giving primordial ooze?

          • duggary-doo doo says:

            Atheists don't worship anything, dummy.

          • Nobody worships ooze, dummy.

          • Do you give primordial ooze credit as the fount of life on earth?

          • No, I give credit to a magical zombie in the sky.

          • Then worship him, and enjoy the freedom to do so.

            In the meantime I still demand the freedom to do the same.

          • Still lonely?

            Life sucks when you're an idiot troll huh?

          • F ucking pervert says:

            Duck porn on Sunday? Is that allowed in the Talmud?

          • Still can't discuss anything seriously?

            You trolls aren't here for that, are you?

          • F ucking pervert says:

            Ready for debating the Child Molestation passages found in the Talmud?

            Didn't think so

          • Ready to show where that sort of evil is done in the name of the Talmud today?

            I didn't think so.

          • Ihateliars says:

            Sure, I already have. I gave you the list of Child rapping Rabbis.
            All of them following the teachings found in the Talmud.

          • No, and I can give you a list of islamists that do that sort of thing today based on the koran.

            Isis comes to mind, but prove me wrong if you think they aren't.

          • Ihateliars says:

            So Religious fundy Jews & Muslims are the same when it comes to
            child molestation.
            I agree.

          • You haven't shown that any religion other teaches and does that in the name of their God, I can show islamists do.

            See the difference, and you're welcome for the education.

      • Say No To GOP says:

        Deflection again? What have you to say about my link? Here it is again. http://www.gallup.com/poll/183491/republican-cons

        • guest troll says:

          He's not here to discuss anything serious, he's an idiot hack troll.

          • I notice that you both ignored that 70% don't take the news seriously.
            Or that the party base isn't represented by the RINO elite.

          • Say No To GOP says:

            Unable to respond to my question? What have you to say about my link? Who exactly DOES represent the GOP? I hope for your sake it's someone who has a chance of winning the presidency, but that's not looking too good these days. You're not avoiding answering, are you? http://www.gallup.com/poll/183491/republican-cons

          • Unable to give three examples of marxism successfully creating a workers utopia?

            I didn't think so. The eastern block countries collapsed for a reason. When you punish success then you don't have any. People are strange that way.

          • Say No To GOP says:

            POS coward. All talk, no facts and afraid to answer a little question. Do your nuts shrink up when you comment?

          • What's wrong? You realize you can't show three examples?

          • F ucking pervert says:

            I noticed cult following POS think Fundy whackjobs make up a party base.

          • Say No To GOP says:

            That's not working out so well for those culties, according to SCOTUS and Oregon's recent ruling against the pentecostal cultists who discriminated against the gay couple. The actual original remaining members of the tea bagger group have distanced themselves from the fundys—too late though.

          • I notice that you leftist party base seem to be made up of people like Lena Dunham and Kevin Jennings.

            How is that working out for you?

          • I notice you can't actually discuss anything.

            Still have nothing to contribute?
            how nice

          • Say No To GOP says:

            Nutless wonder, not jeepwonder.

          • Still have nothing?

            All the spam shows not only do you have nothing, but you don't even have the brains to realize it.

  4. Amazon Editor says:

    Why does Roger want to be reminded of the "traditional family values" he talks about?

    "20 minutes ago @ Impeach Obama Campaign – Franklin Graham Just S… · 1 reply · +1 points
    Why do you think the way you reject your traditional family values (as yoru parents tried to instill them) means that marxism won't fail again?"

    I guess he forgot that self-help book he reviewed on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Parents-Overcoming-Hu

    • I suppose that you just can't stand that marxism always fails and one self hating troll that says he has Jewish roots rejects all that Judaism stands for.

      I also notice that you are struggling to deflect that NBC is part of the gay mafia.

  5. It's too bad that many of the men of the Catholic church haven't observed God's law against sodomy.

  6. Moron Patrol says:

    Roger 8 minutes ago @ Impeach Obama Campaign – Franklin Graham Just S… · 0 replies · 0 points
    Always the loser. Always the reject. Always teh moron. That's you.

    'Always teh moron' said the professional author. JFC Roger's a nitwit.

    • Alinsky is always the moron.

      And you are worse than a nitwit, you are the result of a post birth abortion if your comments are any indication.

  7. Mr. Liberty says:

    EU and world government loose again!! Ironic that freedom wins over the 4th of July weekend in other parts of the world like Greece!!

    • Alinsky Hero USA says:
      • Mr. Liberty says:

        Ohh so now you are not in favor of austerity. I recall you supporting it. Flip flop?

        • Alinsky Hero USA says:

          I just provided two links against austerity.

          When did I ever support austerity?

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            LIAR! You have always supported the EU and you have attempted to defend austerity measures numerous times, and you claimed that it would save Greece. It has not, and now Greece is taking freedom into its own hands and it will leave the EU and global government!!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Nope. Never. WTF are you talking about? When????

            I have always been against austerity. I never defended the EU.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Flip flop.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are lying.

            I have always been against austerity. I never defended the EU.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            You are lying.

            You HAVE ALWAYS been for the EU and austerity.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:


          • Mr. Liberty says:


            Exactly 456 days, 4 hours, and 15 minutes ago you said "I love the EU, and they will save Greece from evil Capitalists!"

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are pathetic. Why do you have to lie?

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Prove my example wrong? How am I lying?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are having a Roger meltdown.

            You lied and now you have nowhere to go.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            You are avoiding the opportunity to provide proof that I lied. It is pathetic.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Ok Roger, you virgin.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Don't like your tactics played back at you I see…

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Only you and Roger and all other conservatives use that tactic.

            I don't lie.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            HAHAHAHA :D

          • They think they should be the only ones playing games.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Nothing funny here you dumb f u ck. You lied, you don't know the issues and you had to tap dance your pathetic propaganda ass around in circles when I agreed with your Socialist views.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            How is wanting to free oneself from global government (central authority) Socialist? That's the exact opposite from Soc.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            How is wanting to free oneself from global government (central authority) Soc ialist? That's the exact opposite from Soc.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            The banks own the governments. And breaking up the banks is Socialist.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            HAHAHAHA how very Libertarian of you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I am a Libertarian Socialist, so thanks.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Just admit that you have taken a liking to some of my stances and you can call yourself a Libertarian. I have always been against banks, EU, globalists, corruption, you are just now starting to realize that global government will never work. I am happy you are seeing the light.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I think it is you that has stumbled upon the fact you are a Socialist, but just too stupid to realize it.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Wrong I want a tiny government. Socs want big government.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You want big corporations and banks and call that freedom…it isn't.

            The banks own these governments, that Greece is fighting against.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Hahaha you are starting to sound like the conspiracy theorist that you claim Jones is… better be careful, he is starting to rub off on you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            WTF? Do you even remember 2008?

            Good news, there is a movie about it,, you silly f u ck.


          • Unicorn says:

            So you're an imaginary creature, like me.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You must be Roger's girlfriend.

          • and you must be the mythical libertarian socialist when the two terms are total contradictions.

            It can't exist and you're just deflecting from your self hating Jewish self image.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I was talking to the other dumb POS.

            or was I?

          • Still can't defend your lies and talking points?

            Libertarians want self responsibility.

            Socialists want state control.

            The two don't go together. You have never explained how you even pretend they do.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You learn all that at the College of the Desert?

          • Where did you ignore you education at?

            Oh, one of the marxist ones, right?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:


            Damn that College of the Desert. Damn them!!!

          • Whats' wrong, the indoctrination not holding up under scrutiny?

          • Unicorn says:

            That's what the horn is for.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:


          • guest troll says:

            Well and then there's the "prove me wrong" thing.

            Doesn't sound like Roger at all.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Haha I am merely giving Alinsky a lesson in his own tactics.

            Notice at the beginning of the thread how he claims I cannot prove that he has ever supported the EU. He thinks that since I cannot provide an exact quote of him saying "I support the EU", than he can flip flop without being called a flip flop. I cannot provide an exact quote just like he cannot prove that I am not exactly quoting him " 456 days, 4 hours, and 15 minutes ago". I do not have a ID account and if I did I would not go back and look for his exact quote, it is a waste of time.

            Trust me, deep down he loves the EU because he is a Soc a list…in his own words.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You said I lied first and then won't tell me when or what I said.

            You can't back anything up, because i never supported the EU or austerity, and now you are looking for an excuse to get yourself out of your lies.

            You aren't fooling anybody, you are making a fool of yourself.

          • Still lying I see.
            Don't you know what talking points you use?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Look, Mr. Liberty, your twin, Roger is trying to help you dig yourself out of the hole you dug.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Alinsky, your hole is soo deep you found yourself in Commie China, and you like it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Your hole is so big, it sucks up stars.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Thanks! That would make me pretty powerful.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are the most powerful a ss hole on Intense Debate.

            You're welcome.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I don't want power though. I will take Washington's stance and pass off the crown to you my friend ;)

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You mean one of his slaves?

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            No one is perfect!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Obama is.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            How can you say that with his ties to Wall Street and big banks? You just admitted you hate banks!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            What ties? Dealing with banks is part of his job.

          • No, the market should deal with banks, Obama's job is to enforce the laws, something he is failing at.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            So you want Obama to regulate more. Good.

          • No, I want him to enforce the law as the legislature has written it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Same thing stupid.

          • No, it's not. Ask the citizens along the Mexican border.

  8. novosibirks says:

    I can't explain why anybody is debating that idiot Roger. I guess it is the fascination to be close to him.
    Must be a warm fuzzy feeling. You should know that Roger is a retard. That makes you a retard too.

    • Still have nothing to say or contribute?

      You should know that you are the retard, along with the other idiot posse trolls.

      • You are part of that closed troll circle, how nice.

        • Still have nothing lucid to contribute?

          how nice

          • Hey there my man! I see you is over at the Old Trolls home posting earnestly away to nobody in particular and everybodies in general. We was talking bout your old bud earlier tonite. Did Warren croak, or is he getting his liver rehabbed?

          • Still have nothing to contribute?

            how nice

            And yes, you're up stalking me and can't do a thing about my posting on a decent site that values debate enough to stop trolls like yourself.

          • Nobody debates with you there either. You're like a leper with a fire-hot case of Ebola and explosive diarrhea, no one wants anything to do with you. And you pretended Mr. Liberty would debate with you? That right there's funny, I don't care who you are.

          • What's wrong, upset that you can't go and derail anything behind the firewalls that navy put up?

          • Nobody is debating you over there or anywhere else, you are really dumb.

          • That's why he posts on every comment he can find so someone will pay attention to him.

          • And here you are, doing what?

            …posts on every single comment you can find so someone will get tired and go away.
            You trolls really must be stupid to back this failing marxist regime. The first to go are the useful idiots.

          • And that is YOU

          • Whoever said Roger the idiot is useful?

          • Who ever said you idiot hack trolls are up to it?

    • Don't pick on the retard.

  9. Mr. Liberty says:

    Globalist Hillary Clinton exposed as meddling in foreign elections. Globalists do not believe in freedom of choice and national sovereignty. They do not think people can run their own elections, they attempt to rig elections.

    During Honduras Crisis, Clinton Suggested Back Channel With Lobbyist Lanny Davis: https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/07/06/cli

    • Mr. Liberty says:

      Funny how there is crickets on this post….

      All you neocons in here can’t say crap because you know your hero Regan did the same thing.

  10. Mr. Liberty says:

    Let us not forget that false flags like 9/11 happen all over the world. One such false flag is the London 7/7 bombings.

    Good documentary, Ludicrous Diversion London 7/7 Bombings:

    • Alinsky Hero USA says:

      Alex Jones is a false flag.

      • Mr. Liberty says:

        Why are you mentioning Jones, he has nothing to do with the link?

        • Alinsky Hero USA says:

          Because you mentioned false flags. Alex Jones is also a false flag.

          • Mr. Liberty says:


          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I said…

            Because you mentioned false flags. Alex Jones is also a false flag.

          • I'd think that you really have overmedicated today.
            Alex Jones has done nothing, the islamists in the planes, they did something.

            6 weeks ago @ Breitbart.tv – Cain's Response To Cha… · 1 reply · 0 points
            Why do you keep asking me how much marijuana I smoke? I told you, I smoke a lot everyday, but I don't know the exact amount of grams.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Mr. Liberty also smokes weed. So you just insulted your romantic interest.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I haven’t smoked any in over a year…I miss it A LOT though. Damn probation suckkkkkssss.

  11. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Joe Rogan and Jon Ronson (the man who launched Alex Jones's career) goof on Alex Jones hard. So funny!!

    I didn't know that Alex Jones believes that globalists kidnap people and turn them into lizard people.


    • Mr. Liberty says:

      What is the time stamp?

      • Alinsky Hero USA says:

        Right from the beginning of the interview.

        • Mr. Liberty says:

          You are such a dumb ass. The Lizard comments are from David Icke not Jones. GET YOUR FACTS STARIGHT!!! DISINFO AGENT! The guy on Rogan went with Jones to the Grove and here is a video from the Grove. Guy is a sack o shit liar. They do actually do mock human sacrifices.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            The video is analyzed on the Joe Rogan show, it shows that Alex Jones is a fraud.

            Joe Rogan says that Alex Jones gets angry whenever he reminds him that he used to claim that globalists are turning people into lizard people. Alex is embarrassed and wants it forgotten.


            My facts are straight you propaganda whore…EXPOSED!!!!

            But I do like your meltdown.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Haha he is talking about David Icke. Listen to the video again. I know you have a vendetta against Alex, but damn man.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            No, you dumb POS, he is talking about Alex Jones. I listened to the video, YOU go back and listen again, you lying f u ck.

            And I love when Joe starts mocking Alex about selling gold and health products in between his looney rants.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Hahaha yeah, well he also says they are friends and that Jones is right A LOT of the time. Crazy but right.

            Went back and listened to the part about lizards, yup it is about Icke. Jon says Icke said no to going to the grove because lizard people are there. Jones said yes to going because he wanted to expose globalists. All in all a pretty fair critique, they do clown Jones but to each their own.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Alex Jones said he wanted to get the devil worshiping Globalists. Does Alex still believe they are devil worshipers?

            You never mentioned anything about devil worship when you bring up whatever the f u ck "globalists" are supposed to be.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I have not mentioned devil worship because you, and many others on this site are atheists. But yes I most certainly agree with Jones, and MANY others, that globalists are servants of Satan. If you know the Bible, you would know that end times prophecy calls for a one world government. Duh…

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            So the hunt for globalists is just a modern day witch hunt. Thanks for admitting it.


          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Haha there isn't much hunting. They hide in plain view.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Bullshit, you fraud. That is all you do, hunt for witches.

          • Unless globalists want to harm our sovereignty then it is a matter of him pointing out the inconvenient facts.

            And you seem to back the globalists.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Stop cruising Roger.

          • So, you have nothing to counter with.

            And as a deviant sexual stalker you can't face reality. But I'm not interested.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Thanks for admitting you were wrong about the lizard comment though.

  12. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    John Maynard Keynes

    An absolute genius.

  13. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Luis making violent threats on the growl.

    Luis522 @ http://912wolverines.com/ – Growl2
    1 minute ago · 0 replies · +1 points
    Trolls are pathetic. They are motivated strictly by true hatred. Thus they're infinitely miserable. Despite all our problems, we (as a nation) may have to take a good BEATING — before we awaken and DO the HARD (Constitutional) things. :)

  14. Ms. Ming-Lin says:

    Hi Roger,
    I know you don't want to talk about Warren, honestly I do hope he is ok, is he ok? just say yes or no and leave it as that.

    • Why would I discuss it here for the trolls to digest?

      • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

        Roger, I don't expect you to discuss this here, I just ask is he ok, which I'm hoping he is. For some reason I felt bad for him, as much as I dislike anyone I still wouldn't wish them bad health or death.

        • So, you expect me to discuss it here.

          If you really wanted to know, you have an email address for me, why not ask off forum? You know very well it's not like the two of us can have a private chat here without the trolls listening in.

          • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

            I'm not sure if I still have your email, I had clean out all of my old emails and I think I may have erase it, that is why I didn't email you before.

          • Then just take him up on his constant offers to take you out for fast food. He likes burger joints because they slip meat between buns and they're cheap.

          • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

            Hey guest,
            Na I'll PASS but you can take my place, as you said the meat is between the buns and they're cheap, he might prefer you than me, go for it enjoy.

          • Are you calling Roger a queer? Of course you are.

          • Ms. Ming-Lin says:

            Hey Guest,
            I said no such thing, all I said he might prefer your company over mine, go for it and enjoy.

          • guestoo says:

            "to defend his failed and Bull sh1t"

            JFC! Read that back to yourself and stop being so fricken STUPID.

          • For you to call her stupid is rather ironic, considering you can't understand commonly used words.

          • Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

          • You are broken and I haven't seen you right even once a month.

          • Once a month? You mean like your cycle? Hahaha

          • You seem have hourly cycles.
            Need estrogen therapy?

          • "You seem have hourly cycles."

            JFC you're a moron. Read that back to yourself.

          • I did.
            Go chew on your crayons.

          • Zillow Knows says:

            Like you and Caitlyn? No thanks, I'm very fond of my junk. Too bad you have to lift up your pot belly to see yours with that 4X magnifying glass. Is that why you hung your full-length mirror so low in your living room?

          • Still proving you haven't a clue?

    • You people are idiots.
      Warren is still around. At least he was still "likeing" videos a day ago……………. https://www.youtube.com/user/raffaela59

      Word on the street is, that he recently moved from Las Vegas to Marina Del Ray.

      You just loved to get sucked into Rogers games………….

      • Makes sense. There have been reports that Marina Del Rey had a surplus of unblown goats. Warren went where he was needed most.

        • Now Linda can sleep well, knowing that he is still out there in cyberland ogling her, and Roger can find a new game to play.

          • Roger's dead in the water, he probably doesn't get 20 comments made to him a day.

          • Roger who?

          • The guy who explains that you have nothing to contribute, and just have these spam chatters since you want to make sure no actual debate happens.

          • Knock it off. You are the reason I I quit using Intense Debate and moved.

          • I wish, and you're not Warren.

          • How do you know? I know where Warren is, and you does'nt.

          • guestguest says:

            Poor Warren. Fired from his escort driver job for being too much an old lecherous slimeball and had to move in with his son in Cali. No wonder Roger was so worried about those Russian jets that did nothing they haven't done hundreds of times before. You heard Roger peed himself when he read that story, right?

          • You still don't have a clue.
            And exposing that for all the world to see.

            It must be hard trying to pretend that you trolls know more than you do.

          • No Roger.
            You are the one given to exposing yourself for all the world to see.

          • Yes, that I stand up values and religion, even if the face of you idiot hack moron trolls.

          • guest troll says:

            So your values are to lie about someone?

      • Not all of us follow him as closely as you.

  15. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Good Americans!! Unlike the conservative racists terrorists on this site.

    • Bull Connor, wasn't he a Democrat?

      The Gabby Giffords shooter, wasn't he mad because she wasn't liberal enough?

      Karl Marx, wasn't he a progressive?

      • Alinsky Hero USA says:

        You are a virgin, but it doesn't distract from good Americans. It just exposes your racism.

        • Still thinking that I'm like you are?

          Not a chance, not that a deviant sexual stalker would care.

          You really need psychiatric help.
          Racist democrats, you have been the same for hundreds of years now.

  16. Mr. Liberty says:

    Alinsky! Something you and I can agree on I think.

    Stock market tumbles today…but is closed early because of a "technical glitch". Uh huh sure, would you agree with me that it was closed on purpose? Or is it just a coincidence?

  17. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    First the stock market collapses in China and now a computer technical error shuts down all trading in New York.

    China made sure we couldn't buy them out.

    • Mr. Liberty says:

      Nice post I beat you to it down below. One correction…"China made sure we couldn't buy them out."

      Correct comment: Globalists made sure China did not get bought out.

      China 2nd largest holder of US debt behind globalist controlled Federal Reserve. Globalists hate competition. China is controlled, they want to keep that debt owned by them not someone else.

      • Alinsky Hero USA says:

        Don't you mean "Satan worshipers made sure China did not get bought out" ?

        This is a shutdown by China and the top banks in America.

        • The top banks are pretty much nationalized, anything they did was at the behest of their owners and controllers in DC.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            It's the other way around you complete f u cking moron.

          • No, it's not. You have heard of the Barney Franks legislation?
            It removes any discretionary ability on the part of the banks.

            They have what is allowed, even if the government pretends it's private ownership, it is the very essence of fascism.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are completely full of s h it. Stop lying ever time you don't understand an issue, which is always.

            Also, it is very suspect that you are still a virgin and at the same time devote all your time and energy trying to get men angry online so they give you male attention.

      • Wrong, our largest debtor is social security, The Fed ranks third.

        • Mr. Liberty says:

          SS is a ponzi scheme. Not debt.

          • You clearly don't understand the concept of the ponzi scheme. At any rate, it's a shell game but it is the single largest debtor we have.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Hahaha you don't think SS is a ponzi? Why does the retirement age get pushed back for baby boomers and anyone else after them? Is it not always in the news that it is underfunded?

            The money does not exist!!! Maybe in fiat form, but that money is long gone with no financial backing. As long as a large amount of people don't claim SS at once people will never know the difference. Sounds exactly like a Ponzi to me. So how could it be debt if the money does not exist in the first place?

          • First of all, Ponzi schemes are fraudulent and illegal. They typically trick investors into investing into financial instruments when in reality, no investments are being made. The case with SS is a matter of writing IOUs that they are accountable for. Why does the age keep getting pushed back? Because people are living longer as demonstrated by actuarial tables for decades. The money does exist, but it get's borrowed out off IOUs. IOUs by definition is debt. This might be helpful to you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Social Security isn't the largest debtor.

          • Oh, okay.
            "In any event, Social Security owns about 16% of the debt followed by other federal government entities (13%), and the Federal Reserve (12%)."

          • "Which agencies own the most Treasuries? Social Security, by a long shot. Here's the detailed breakdown (as of September 30, 2014):

            Social Security (Social Security Trust Fund and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund) – $2.783 trillion
            Office of Personnel Management Retirement – $924 billion
            Military Retirement Fund – $483 billion
            Medicare (Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund) – $270 billion
            All Other Retirement Funds – $117 billion"

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            But since they will never redeem those treasuries for cash, they aren't really the largest debtor.

          • I think we are getting lost in semantics. The SS holds our debt hence they are a current debtor. Whether they will make good on honoring those debts is a whole nother story. My point was that Mr. Liberty's statement wasn't accurate.

            "China 2nd largest holder of US debt behind globalist controlled Federal Reserve."

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            They aren't really two different stories. SS is really just giving all their money back to the general pool to be spent primarily on the Military. There is no intention of ever cashing those treasuries.

            It would be like a kid demanding all his "borrowed" money back from his gun nut father.

            China, on the other hand, WILL cash in if they want to.

            I understand your point, though. Mr. Liberty is a dumb ass.

          • I have to take issue with your statement that SS is giving it all back to the general fund. My understanding is, they are giving back the excess funds.

            "Security Trust Fund, take in more revenue from taxes than they need right now. Rather than stick this cash under a giant mattress, they buy U.S. Treasuries with it.

            This effectively transfers their excess cash to the general fund, where it can be spent."

            I do agree, the odds of SS getting paid back are slim.

            And I agree regarding Mr. Liberty.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            "excess cash" is just a pretty name for, "give us that money, since I don't think you really need all that tax money as much as me."

            "You got a problem with that?" "Good, now go help Grand Ma cross the road, I got some knee caps to break over here in Iraq."

          • LOL

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            "They typically trick investors into investing into financial instruments when in reality no investments are being made."

            So investing taxed dollars into SS now in hopes that you get repaid when you retire, WITH INTREST, is not an investment? Man I must really be a dumbass. All those people relying on SS for retirement are dumbasses too. You said it yourself below, odds are it will never be paid back. How is this not a scheme? lol

            I can see your debt angle though, IOUs are debt. But what IOUs is SS tied to? Bonds? Dollars? Trusts? All owned by the Fed and foreign governments/banks…

          • You obviously didn't bother to read my link.

            "The superficial similarity to a Ponzi scheme is that different sets of investors are relying on future investors, or at least future growth, to get paid back. But that defines a Ponzi scheme so broadly as to make the term meaningless. In that definition, any intergenerational transfer system is a Ponzi scheme."

            And the IOUs are in the form of treasury bills held by the general public, foreign entities and intra-governmental agencies.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I read your link but I do not agree with its logic.

            PS the Fed owns treasury securities. I believe SS is a giant fraud.

          • PS, at no point have I been discussing the Fed.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I know you have not but IMO the Fed hold US debt not SS because of the fact that the Fed holds treasury securities.

          • "Security Trust Fund, take in more revenue from taxes than they need right now. Rather than stick this cash under a giant mattress, they buy U.S. Treasuries with it."

            Pretty clear.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            I understand the concept. But my beef is the private Federal Reserve owns a lot of treasury instruments.

          • So do banks……and US citizens……and foreign entities……and mutual funds.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Yes other US debt holders!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You made a fool of yourself. Stop trying to debate, you are no good at it.

          • Pot, meet kettle.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You always have to play Rovian tactics with lies.

            You have no ability to debate an issue.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Alinsky tactics.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            More of your BS Rovian tactics.

            You debate like a kid.

          • And you debate like a floater that needs another flush.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            How come ever time a kid is mentioned you start getting excited?

          • "What makes a Ponzi scheme a Ponzi scheme is that it’s a giant fraud. People think they’re investing in postal stamps. Their money is actually being invested in nothing. In Social Security, conversely, it’s perfectly clear what is going on. Every year, Social Security’s actuaries release an insanely detailed report on the system’s finances, its balance of payments, the potential problems it could face, and so on. You can read their report here. In a Ponzi scheme, the finances are a secret, and that’s central to the enterprise. In Social Security, they are, as a matter of law, public."

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            It is not public unless it is audited by an independent agency. Is it audited by an independent agency? I don't know. I just never take the governments "word" for it. Hell the Fed has never been audited either.

          • I don't believe the SSA gets an independent audit but it is audited annually by the Office of the Inspector General. I know you never take the government's word for anything. That's why several of us think you are a bit nutty.

          • Mr. Liberty says:

            Hey don't blame you. :)

    • trustfunded says:

      It has been a pleasure knowing you. Be well my friend.

  18. Roger does not have anything to give except small words.

    • guestguest says:

      Small words like "I have candy"?

      • Why is it that you sound like a perve that hopes I'm in the same boat?

        No thanks, you really need psychiatric help.

        • guestguest says:

          It isn't me who has that child molesting POS embroidered on my forehead, that would be you.

          Quick, you better rush over to CV because you finally snagged a response to your troll bait on those good and excellent comments you made about Lorena Bobbitt. Between you and Deusexmachina, you two are a barrel of laughs with such witty and up to date material, that Bobbitt joke is only 23 years old. Run, skippy, it's the only action you're going to get.

          • No, it's not. In spite of your stalking.

            Another hack trill lied and was forced to admit it. Of course the terms of the settlement are sealed, but you are of course more a coward and more slimy so you hide better. But the lie is still that, a really lame lie.

            6 weeks ago @ Bitch Spot – More Accomodationist N… · 0 replies · +1 points
            while you and I may not agree on just about anything, it was wrong and unacceptable for me to call you a "child
            molesting POS." I apologize for making that statement, and I have absolutely no reason to believe that you've ever been inappropriate with children. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

          • c m POS says:

            Dag nabbit those rotten trills.

          • Leave it to an idiot hack troll to notice one wrong letter, have nothing to contribute and still leave strutting as if they are morally superior….

  19. NOT a guest says:

    Hey Shut the hell up,
    Your mama looks like a dumb ass-baboon, and now that I think about it so do you.

    • Your mama says:

      No I don't I look good, all curvy and fresh.

      • guestootoo says:

        Fresh means unused and unused means unwanted. Good means better than nothing at last call but you better have a paper sack to cover your head and hide that filthy beard. You're gross, buzz off.

  20. OK guys here is my best Elmer Fudd impression from the movie the " The Warriors' Woger,Woddger, Wussel come out to play! That is spot on !!!!!!

    • Still trying out new spam?

      All the smelly butt jam of trolling as an idiot hack. Changing your name from SBJ didn't make you any less smelly. And you're such a bigot too. But that's probably just a bonus to you marxist spammers.

  21. That crazyman here sure loves commenting on gay themed threads.

  22. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Say goodbye to your guns you racist POS conservatives.

    This story was IGNORED by all you sick racist gun nut murderers.

  23. Still the idiot moron troll with nothing but deviant stalker tendencies?

  24. Still can't stalk me when you ca'nt fgure out where I went?

  25. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    2455 Rock View Gln
    Escondido, CA 92026-5005

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