NBC Hires Former Obama Strategist

David Axelrod SC NBC hires former Obama strategist

NEW YORK- David Axelrod, former strategist and aide to President Obama, has landed a new job at NBC News.

The network said Tuesday that Axelrod is joining as a senior political analyst. He’ll contribute to broadcasts on both NBC News and the cable network MSNBC.

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    David Axelrod is dirty to the cor, this is the same man who ran such a dirty campaign for obama, being that voter fraud was committed he had to had known. This guy is the king when it comes to mud-slinging. David Axelrod is a Jew, which makes him a traitor to his own people. Mr. Axelrod knows full well that obama is not eligible to be president and he knows that obama is a muslim, yet he back him up 100% knowing all of this.

    I hope that NBC ratings goes down when this guy starts working for them, they deserve it for allowing a matrix supporter.

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