Navajo Leader Defends Redskins Name

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

The radical left relies on hyperbole and fabricated causes in its desperate mission to remain relevant. Instead, these ideologues are often exposed as the partisan rabble-rousers they truly are.

Among the latest invented scandals involves the name of Washington, D.C.’s professional football team. While the Redskins have played for decades with a moniker to which the vast majority of Americans never gave a second thought, it has become a cause celebre among today’s perpetually indignant leftists.

While many prominent figures – including Barack Obama – have jumped on the bandwagon by insinuating that the team’s name is racist and offensive, there have been some interesting voices of opposition. Roy Hawthorne, for instance, recently expressed his belief that the name invokes many positive traits and does not demean Native Americans.

Hawthorne, who serves as the Navajo Code Talkers Association’s vice president, should be considered a reliable source on the matter. As one of four men honored during a game earlier this week, he offered some enlightening views.

“My opinion is that’s a name that not only the team should keep,” he said, “but that’s a name that’s American.”

Even as active protesters rallied at the stadium, Hawthorne and three other code talkers were honored for their bravery. These Native Americans from various tribes served during both World Wars by using a form of their native language to foil Japanese espionage efforts.

While some saw the ceremony as a publicity ploy, Redskins Senior Vice President Tony Wyllie denied the accusation, confirming that the “American heroes … deserved recognition.”

Dan Snyder, the team’s owner, has consistently defended the Redskins name, most recently by referring to it and the affiliated mascot as a “badge of honor.”

As in countless cases before, leftists have attached themselves to this particular cause without all of the facts. These activists use definitive rhetoric, leaving no room for dissent by claiming the conversation is already over.

Among Native American communities supposedly injured by the name, however, there is no such consensus.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

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  1. I applauded the Navajo Nation standing up for the Redskins name. Just because Obama is offended by the red skin color does not hold water. Obama uses the black skin as racist color. We as American Indians considered as an honor. Leave the REDSKINS team name in place!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Flo have you ever heard him saying about the white side of him not a peep because the racist son of a bitch use his blackness to get his way and most of those uneducated blacks will soon realize he's out to f–k them too.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    I believe Mr.Hawthorne is right in defending the Redskin name.

  3. Thank you Navajo Nation for your stance on the team nickname Redskins not offending your people. I always thought the liberals have better things to do than to worry about a team nickname.

  4. USA is FREEDOM says:

    ''While many prominent figures – including Barack Obama – have jumped on the bandwagon by insinuating that the team’s name is racist and offensive,''
    WELL… Yah know what?
    The word Obama is racist. So they want to remove the name redskins, then so to remove Obama from office.
    I'm red-skinned. . . KEEP THE NAME and STICK IT IN THERE FACE!

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    As a full blooded Native, it doesn't matter if I find the term redskin a slur or not. It's been made very clear there will be no change.

    Those who've made comments here don't fully understand. You hear a 'Navajo Code talker' accept the slur but don't understand their stance in their community.

    If you ever look at the standing of a code talker in their tribes, you'll understand.
    It's kinda like the embarrassing relative you have. You can call them names but no one else better. 'Code talkers' are considered traitors in their respective tribes. Learn the truth and you'll understand why.

    It doesn't matter anyways if we red-skinned injun's like or dislike the slur. It's been made very clear that yet again our opinion doesn't matter.
    Now we should sit down, shut up and let the majority do as they will.

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