Nation Bans Islam, Dismantles Mosques


In response to increased terror attacks perpetrated by extremist Muslims around the world, many nations have implemented policies of outreach and tolerance in the hopes of establishing more positive relationships with the faith’s practitioners.

While that approach has garnered questionable results, one country is trying a different tactic. Angola, according to media sources in that nation, has taken the bold step of outlawing Islam.

The country’s Minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, was quoted by an Angolan newspaper recently as saying the “process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights,” noting the religion’s houses of worship “would be closed until further notice.”

Along with Islam, she said dozens of other sects have been prohibited from practicing their faith within Angola.

Each of the faiths, she explained, “are prohibited to conduct worship, so they should keep their doors closed.”

Bento Bento, the provincial governor of Luana, further explained the action against Islam.

Radicals within the faith, he explained, “are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.”

The nation’s president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, succinctly described the recent development as “the final end of Islamic influence in our country.”

Though the effectiveness of this policy remains to be seen, the Angolan government is at the very least taking action against a force dedicated to destroying its way society and culture. The nation, which has a religious makeup roughly split between Christianity and indigenous faiths, has identified Islam as a threat and has acted accordingly.

Unquestionably, the U.S. operates under a much different system of government which, thankfully, cannot establish or outlaw any religion. When a significant portion of one faith has been so corrupted that its followers support violence and terror, however, leaders owe it to their citizens to take the threat seriously.

Short of banning the religion, America could learn something from Angola about facing the Islamic faith as it exists rather than through the prism of tolerance and political correctness.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Now if the whole world could follow. Lets dismantle mosques everywhere in every country. They are just places of hate and places for the terrorist to plan their plots.

  2. VirgoVince says:

    THAT’S the way to do it, WHATEVER WORKS!!!!

    WE should have done that 50 yrs ago!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The same goes for the blacks if the southerners weren't so lazy and picked their own cotton we could have left those watermelon eaters in Africa where they belonged.

  3. Wiseoldlady says:

    Awesome….the truth at work….

  4. The truth will set you free!

  5. If we can rid America of O, maybe we will do the same thing

  6. John Robel says:

    HELL YES, I would like to run the dozer. Maybe they'll build a pork processing plant on these sites.

  7. Sounds like a plan to me lets get it going now.!!! We don't Islam in the United States We need to have Obama Impeached NOW !!!

  8. We can start by banning Obama and his Muslim a$$holes in the adimistration and in other areas of our government. Then burn down the mosques but in all fairness, make sure they're empty. The way to make sure they're empty is to strew bloody pigs all over the property first. Once the buildings are burned, bulldoze them and build a church or synagogue. Put up armed guards, with a warning sign, NO MUSLIMS ALLOWED ON PROPERTY. VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT. And then follow through……

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Good plan this is the same thing the ranchers on the borders should do put up signs saying you will be shot for tresspassing.But you know what would happen Eric the Raghead Holder would be sending his minions out to arrest you.

    • I STRONGLY agree!

  9. American muslim in Syria: "We've come to spread Sharia over the earth, and
    we'll kill anyone in our way." Barack Hussein Obama the muslim is backing these savages.

  10. Obama's fellow muslim puts cat in microwave.
    This is how utter evil muslims really are.

  11. Muslim burns his wife and 3 daughters alive to restore his honor.
    Another example of how evil islam really is.

  12. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    islamists like Obama are just murdering dogs. Our nation was far better without these murderers. It has been reported by experts that:
    1 when a country has 1.8% and fewer islamists, they behave and get the media to characterize them as a “Religion of Peace.”
    2 When their percentage of a population rises to between 2-5%, they will start to reach into disaffected groups and recruit prison inmates.
    3 When they make up at least 10% of a population, islamists will start demanding things like islamist food preparation regulations being established and Sharia law to rule themselves. Countries like France, Sweden, and Switzerland are experiencing these demands now.
    4 Up to 15% islamist countries start to see islamist riots to demand special treatment from their host country.
    5 When islamists reach 20% of a country’s population, they start to kill people and burn Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. They will kill dogs as well.
    6 After a country’s islamist population goes above 40%, that country is effectively dead. Bosnia, Chad, and Lebanon are prime examples. These countries experience widespread massacres, endless terror attacks, and a constant state of war.
    America is not now in an irreversible position regarding our islamists, but our built-in protections for minorities and minority ideas could be our Achilles Heel. Our leaders cater to islam when the FBI’s decision to pull the “Faces of Global Terrorism” ad. off busses, Why? It offended islamists. Some islamists believe that the ad created “stereotypes of islamists and painting a broad brush against one group.” Unfortunately, nearly 100% of terrorist acts (over 21,000) since the original 9/11 were perpetrated by islamists or people connected with islamic groups. The only force on earth that has effectively stood against 1,300 years of islamist aggression? Christians and Christian armies. Recently, terrified Christians claim western supported groups of Al Qaeda rebels in Syria ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village of Maaloula. What makes them so violent? The Quar’an is filled with commands to lie, kill and steal to maim and enslave non-believers. It is a certainty that those who tell us Islam is a “religion of peace” are lying and know they are lying. How many al Qaeda are dying in this war? I bet there are more Christians dying! So why are we not sending anything to the Christians to just defend themselves from these animals that are not only supported by Obama, but he is one of them!!!

    • Byron Mullet says:

      Yes, it is the open handshake and clenched fist of Islam, which is an institutionalized human rights violating death cult. Every nation on earth, except Angola, suspends logic, because some call it a religion. So, if Communism would have called itself a religion during the cold war, we would have allowed them to build churches- propaganda buildings? Islam, is an ideology for people and world domination. It needs to be exposed for what it is and the Koran prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  13. The us is actively banning Christianity! Don't pretend this is a free nation! This is a nation which is oppressing those who are non violent while coddling if not encouraging Islam, which is not a religion, it is a terrorist group! Stop with the damn political correctness! Let's be frank, Islam is a terrorist organization, islam is a group of barbaric and ruthless animals who commit every atrocity know to man! This group should have long ago been dealt with by the world for what it is, the largest group of people, and I use the word people loosely, to conduct crimes against humanity since hitler! I am sick of political correctness, lies! Every day innocent people are being butchered by these animals and every day the damn media downplays their atrocities! What the hell is wrong with everyone?! How many more will die or suffer because of the largest terrorist group known in modern history?! The stupidity is mind boggling! This is not the first nation to move against this terrorist group! God will intervene , God will put an end to the insanity of this world today, I pray he does it soon!

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