NAACP Takes Bid To Ensure US Ex-Con Voting To UN

United Nations flag SC NAACP Takes Bid To Ensure US Ex Con Voting To UN

GENEVA (OfficialWire) — The NAACP is taking to the U.N. its effort to ensure that former convicted felons in the United States can vote.

A delegation from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was holding meetings Tuesday at the United Nation’s Geneva office in part to press the world body to send observers to the U.S. for this year’s elections.

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  2. James Kirksey says:

    Appeals to the UN over individual States' actions is foolish. This giant liberal club, living large on mostly USA money, needs to be destroyed. The UN has no business in our affairs and should be expelled from our country. If we withdrew from the UN and ordered all UN employees to leave our countyr within 90 days, we would have a much stronger and free America. They have tried to second guess our Constitution and our form of government. They could move to some small South Pacific Island; eat coconut, fish, wild onions and stay out of our business.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    First we get rid of the UN and Jimmy Carter this is the most useless organization going or atleast send them to Antartica.Next we get rid of the NAACP we don't need a racist organization in the US.These coons live off the backs of the working class colored people.What organization sticks up for white people or orientals.We have organizations that stick up for illegal aliens who just by coming here break our laws.If the NAACP was so good the great Alan West would have joined.

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