My Prediction: Romney Wins, Picks Up 341 Electoral Votes

That’s my prediction, and the electoral map and the reasons and rationale behind the prediction are below. Is it spot-on… am I full of it? … Tell us what you think.

electoralmap My Prediction: Romney Wins, Picks Up 341 Electoral Votes

If you look at the map above, you’ll notice that we’ve given Romney a number of states that the Mainstream Media is claiming are either up for grabs or are leaning for Obama, such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and a number of others.

Our reasons are three-fold.

First, we agree with political pundit Dick Morris (and we privately voiced this contention prior to Morris advancing the theory some weeks ago) that many of the national polling firms are weighing Democrats much too heavily in the polls.

Romney is ahead and has been ahead for some time in Virginia, North Carolina, and a number of other states that are believed by biased polling firms to be toss-ups, and Romney will win those states soundly.

Secondly, Romney has the momentum; and while that momentum has slowed in recent days, the wind is still at his back.

Unless Team Obama can pull something drastic out of its bag of tricks (i.e. a false allegation that Romney was an alcoholic who cheated on his spouse), that momentum will continue through Tuesday; and Romney stands to pick up what the media has labeled “Obama-Leaning States” such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Colorado.

Perhaps the real shocker on Tuesday will be the returns in Oregon and Nevada, allegedly firm Obama states. We predict that those states are closer than acknowledged by the conventional wisdom, and Romney’s recent surge could tip the balance in one or both of those states and increase his margin of victory past our predicted 341 electoral votes.

Lastly, early voting and requests for absentee ballots are up for Republicans from four years ago, and the trend may indicate that the massive amount of Democrat voter fraud that we personally contend will stain this election is not keeping pace with Republican enthusiasm.

For some time, we believed that voter fraud could give Team Obama an edge, but early and absentee voting would indicate that such a cause for concern is no longer a consideration.

We’re predicting a Romney win that will echo the 1980 Reagan-Carter race in a number of ways. That’s our two cents. Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below!

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  1. Nice dream, but as usual, columnists fail to factor in the rigged voting machines, intimidated, wetback, and deceased votes.

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