My Ancestors Checked My Privilege At Gettysburg

I’ve been quite amused by the “Check Your Privilege” meme being fostered upon us by our liberal academic institutions and the “social justice” race baiting crowd.  I’ve actually done some research into the term and how we are supposed to use and understand it.  At the end of the day, all “Check Your Privilege” seems to be is a way for liberal activists to control the thoughts  and behavior of others and therefore decide who becomes successful in the future.  It is a way to absolve anyone from their own lack of success and blame someone else.  That way it’s so much easier to get something for free and not have to work for it.  The truth hurts, doesn’ it?

One comment I read said the following: “Check Your Privilege allows people to be tolerant of other viewpoints and advises successful whites what ideas are acceptable.”  Do you see the contradiction in that statement?

My great, great, great uncle served in the 101st Pennsylvania regulars and died in a Union Army hospital after the battle of Gettysburg from wounds received in battle.  Almost seven-hundred thousand mostly white men died in the American Civil War to absolve the country of the institution of slavery. Although I grew up in the South, I spent my summers in northern Michigan, so I’m kind of a half-breed.  The war was a great gasp of upheaval that this nation went through in order to decide what type of country we want to have going forward.  Slavery was abolished. (Yes, there was the Jim Crow South that lasted for another hundred years.)

We don’t want a country of equal outcomes.  We want a nation where if you work hard enough, you can be successful.  It does not depend on anyone or any government giving you something.  These men died to give minorities the same opportunity as a poor white kid from Appalachia.  There will always be unequal economics that impact a child’s future, on both sides of the race spectrum.  Should we tell Obama’s girls to check their wealth and power privilege while on their skiing trips around the world on the taxpayer dime?

So it begs the question, what do the people pushing this meme want?  Do they want to work hard and get ahead?  Or do they want something free from someone else?  Do they want to see the problems in their own sectors of society? Or do they want to place blame elsewhere?  So then they won’t have to face the facts?  Do they want a race war?  Are they just plain racist and hate white people?

So if someone ever says to me, “Check Your Privilege,” I’m going to say “yes, my ancestors checked it at Gettysburg.  Yes, slavery was wrong; but guess what?  Members of my family died because of it.  What else do you want?  Now go get a job and be quiet.”

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