Must-See Video: Happy Baracksgiving!

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  2. Get out of our lives, go back to Kenya or Chicago where you belong !!!!

    • apostolique says:


    • Vietnam Vet says:

      only place him and his family and cronies and puppet masters belong is tied to the end of a rope and dragged over EVER road , street & sidewalk in AMERICA and thru EVERY inch of desert in Mexico then dipped in alcohol…

  3. i agree, Barack, get you dick skinners out of my pocket

  4. phuk you P O S Marxists fraud……………….get the phuk out of our White House and go back to your homeland of K e n y a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We The peopkle loathed you we have nothing but disdain for you and yes most American's H A T E you……i know i do !!!!!!

  5. iWilliam orden says:

    That silly S O B don't have a clue . Who supports his life style since he came to America after being born in Kenya

  6. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    I'm thankful this year, because Obama has only one more year to further mess up our country.

    • Hopefully if those people who still support him will learn the real truth about what he is doing and if everyone votes for the Republican candidate even if you don't like him/her. Anybody is better than this criminal who hates America.

      • Unfortunately, many of thos that supported him in 2008, are so blind to the truth, they will vote for him again.

        People voted for him in 2008 (not me) to prove they weren't racist, now they need to vote against him to prove they aren't STUPID!

  7. Those first 5 comments pretty well sum it up, obozo, the only problem is you'll never believe what a useless, worthless, huge POS you really are, coz you're too influenced by your lame-stream-media hype and like you, they're LIARS of the first degree!! In truth and reality, YOU are NOTHING worth respect or consideration!!
    How does it feel to BE a cancer, rather than have it??

  8. The Great Deciever-in-Chief…Thank him for what?? Wrecking the economy?Being an anti-God,anti-American imposter of the Whitehouse?? Or being an instrument of Satan???

  9. Mr.Mombasa Mulatto, You should be kissing our USA soil and giving us the five star slave treatment-you were treated to our VIP best-you got the Nobel Prize -for no damn reason at all-elected for inability to get USA industry kicking ass again like the tiger it was before you slithered into the oval office on your yellow belly-what skill you have at destroying us–we will hunt you down and not give up-worldwide you cannot flee justice that is due-PAY-UP_SUCKER-you parasite-sucking our bloodl-even from the Illinois Senate-Traitor to our sacred CONSTITUTION and Forefathers-how about your exclusive old west hanging in Kansas City on a gallows made just for you-made in USA-hanging rope-an original used by Wyatt Earp to hang the worst killers going-feel honored for being -"ALLOWED a FREE PASS through our TOP SECRET exclusive informations-why was General McKrystal so vocal?about a TRAITOR?the answer is our end result-the Pentagon should have jailed-you- Obama and backed McKystal all the way-our capitol hill should have refused your eligibility-HELL FIRE-they aint seen it yet!!!!!what they have seen is a copy of your original birth certificate from Mombasa, Kenya-with your baby footprint on it and doctors signature-how many traitors does it take to screw a nation?

  10. You all say it so well. what left?

  11. Get that man out of office!

  12. Obama dos not know how to give Thanks, He only knows how to Take. And he has taken almost all we have to give.

  13. A lot of you forget he is not the only 1 lining his pockets with money, there are key players here; barack is not smart enough to do this on his own. Sorbos Designed and critiqued the Bailout of ’08 only to around and invest in some of those companies. An average of 3,000,000,000 dollars per lobbyists after the bailout. Top executives for AIG and others that received the bailout money received an average of 10,000,000,000 dollars platinum parachute! This whole thing was to orchestrated to take money and American companies away from the people. In other words; THEY WERE ALL IN ON IT, NOT JUST OBAMA!! I HAVE A LIST OF PEOPLE IN CONGRESS WHO VOTED FOR THE BAILOUT AND HAVE COMPARED IT TO THE 1 PERCENT IN CONGRESS AND ALMOST EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT VOTED FOR THE BAILOUT IS IN THE TOP 1 PERCENT!!! There is literally hundreds of people involved in this scheme Barack obama is just the front man…

  14. THE ONLY THING we can "thank" Obama for is….WAKING-UP a Hell of allot of people to the ABSOLUTE CORRUPTION within our United States Congress and "JUSTICE" DEPARTMENT…including our Federal Courts!!! ~ BEFORE OBAMA…..very FEW paid attention! ~ Thanks for the "heads-up", Obozo!

  15. Prestor John says:

    What do we do when they rig the election again next year? Why don't they arrest the fraud and put him on trial. I can't stand to look at or hear him. There is only one group that still backs him 90%. They will riot if he is arrested.

  16. Illegal Alien Driver's License in the Land of Enchantment
    Under Bill Richardson, the previous governor, DMV clerks were forbidden from inquiring as to immigration status. So not surprisingly, New Mexico became a go-to state for the fraudulent ID industry. Statistics even indicate that after SB 1070 was passed in neighboring Arizona, in New Mexico there was a 60% increase in the first half of 2010 of licenses issued to foreign-born applicants (including both legals and illegals). Were some of these applicants illegals running from Arizona?…..
    by Allan Wall

  17. The time for talk is well over!
    Now I want all of you to get out and preach the desperate need to impeach and expunge this criminal from our nation's capital and from our shores!

    YELL at your representatives to get rid of him!

    We must do it!

  18. No ! They should not be saying thankyou. What they are saying, is get out of our Whitehouse, fraud.

  19. Gingrich is soft on immigration. "No separating families especially if they have broken our laws for 10 or so years."
    We must be humane. Then he better take away the free lodging, education and healthcare away from them and start investing in our own people.

  20. The only people thankful for Barack Obama is the right wing comedians and music artists.

  21. Let's just pray that he keeps smoking his cigarettes….if we can't take him out, maybe cancer will. He certainly belongs in hell.

  22. He is by far the "never ending nightmare"

  23. It is SO IMPORTANT THAT THIS PRESIDENT NOT GET RE-ELECTED. If he is, America is finished. I am serious as a heart attack about this. Please pass this video on and urge your friends and families to vote Republican regardless of who the nominee is. ANYBODY is better than this CRIMINAL.

  24. If it is a choice of giving aliens who have lived here twenty years or more amnesty, or having the country going communism, socialism or worse, islam, I will take Gingrich any day. He may not be the best, but he certainly isn't the worst we could get.

  25. barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) is just the ultimate example of a LIBERAL COMMUNIST of the DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT who raises OUR TAXES and RECKLESSLY SPENDS OUR MONEY and because he is FILTHY RICH he does NOT CARE HOW BAD IT IS FOR HARD WORKING AMERICANS !!!



    The Tea Party is Preserving Liberty & Freedom in America !!!


    • You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Caps lock doesn't make you right, it just makes your idiot ideas more visible.

  26. Vietnam Vet says:


  27. I stated we will hite 25% under this savage the day he was elected

    • This nation will see over 25% unemployement as Pelosi stated "unemployement is great for America"

      When will people demand treason charges be levied against the democraps and guilty members of congess and senate

      We need military action now as know the federal judges are the best money can buy IMHO

  28. Jill said "Gingrich is soft on immigration. "No separating families especially if they have broken our laws for 10 or so years."
    I think the simplw solution to the migration to America is to do away with the anchor baby laws. If the baby is not a citizen there is no confusion about how many years you are here.

  29. William Atkins says:

    SINCE Obama has proven himself an enemy of the Unites States and His agenda is to destroy us,he should be TREATED as an enemy. NOW. Impeachment is not the answer. The cowards assisting him also should be addressed. Don't blame me, he is the one who named his enemys. He didn't even take the oath of office, salute the American Flag, Honor our fallen heroes or acknowledge the good people of our country. Senators and Congressmen, the money has destroyed you.

  30. Reva NEWBY says:

    I am thankful—its almost time for him to go back to Afreca. Don;t let hin take anything with him, excepi his loin cloth.

  31. You are all morons. None of the economic strife in the States is the fault of Obama, it is the fault of the Republican senators who are standing in his way in an effort to sabotage his reelection. It is the fault of the previous president who prioritized an illegal war over the well being of his people. Obama's presidency overlapped the worst financial disaster in over 70 years, which was the direct repercussion of the previous president GW Bush.

    If you want to impeach Obama, you're a mouth-breathing ignorant hick racist.

    • "his people". Spoken like a true "subject".
      We are not his people. We are "We the People".
      Jake, you could have expressed your sincere opinion that many here may be misinformed. Instead, you
      called everyone a moron and an ignorant racist hick. Did you expect to gain any respect or support for
      your opinion when it is accompanied by such language? What? You did? Really? How silly of you!
      Clean it up, come back and try it again.

      America Rising.
      The Constitution Stands.

      • To be fair, half of the comments on here are blindly calling people "commies, Kenyans, and fascists". Although Jake was wrong in saying the last part, he has a good point with his first paragraph.

        Points for your touching "We the People" line, though.

    • that's just as moronic as the statements you claim as moronic! this problem started way before either of these presidents took the reins. stop extending credit to anyone that can fill out an application. stop spending more than you actually have. wake up, you are just trying to blame politicians who haven't a clue how to fix the problem and get re-elected at the same time.

    • frank raiden says:

      I hope someday you wake up from your slumber but I dont see that happening,you're too far up Obummer's ass!

    • Moron, that's a favorit word that comes from a Communist. Jake, you dear boy, you've gone to school for too long, for you are thoughly indoctinated. I'm just sad that we patriots are going to have to bail your butt out along with the rest of us, because you deserve to live in the slavery you are fighting for. Perhaps you should read The Road to Serfdom, or better yet Liberal Fascisim. WAKE UP!

    • NativeVeteran says:

      The race card, blame Bush, name calling and giving thanks for the "noble peace" prize winner barry soetoro aka barack hussein obama,s illegal war in Libya… what more must an American Patriot say to you other than get out of America, because we the people don,t want or need a communist like you jake in America trying to destroy our U.S. Constitution and freedoms. By the way, get a bath, you smell and start using your brain if you have one!

      • 1) Stop calling people communists, you clearly don't understand the meaning of the word.
        2) Libya was far more justified than Iraq. Yet that didn't exactly stop us from occupying their country for 11 years without an actual cause. I'm a bit fuzzy on the reason we were there: Iraqi freedom? Liberation of the Iraqi people? Oh no I remember! It was those pesky WMD's! Good thing we found them, it was a close one.

    • Really? That's what you're going with? Instead of having your own informed opinion, you decided to regurgitate 2009 Obama propaganda? You have some catching up to do, I'm afraid. This is just sad. Sad that you would resort to petty 1st grade school yard tactics like Obama does. I don't know just how old you are, but you should know better. I mean, you weren't born yesterday, were you? Nobody else here was and they seem to recall pretty well what has happened in the past -and- what is currently happening. I think you need to break out of that small box (marked "tools") Obama has you in and start thinking for yourself. It's a larger world out there. People are less one dimensional than Obama would have you believe. You've got some growing up to do.

    • BO is a EO dictator a lier cheat fraud userper illegal Muslim SPY with access to all our secrets… Please do not protect him. Thank you. Please read and send to all your friends

    • "Impeach" hell, I want him charged for the murder of BP agt. B. Terry and ICE agt. Jaime Zapata. Plus the hundreds of Mex. citizens, women and children. Then when found guilty, taken out an hanged to the pt. of death, revived and hung all over for each murder by the cartels. He knew all about Fast and Furious and his only reason was to hamstring the 2nd amendment. Oh, and this is treason by the way! He's got so many charges of treason hanging on him, that it would take 20 yrs. to work thru all of the cases. Hang this imposter and if anyone gets in the way, hang them too for being so ignorant that they have to remind themselves to breath.

    • Dear Jake: I have to say that you my dear is the moron! This president is leading us right into the arms of socialism. I don't know how old you are but you need to do your research because you have no clue as to what this man has done to our country. He is destroying it….. Wake-Up!! Look back in history every time America has has a democrat in office they have done nothing but slowly bring America down and the American people had better wake-up as well before it is to late. Because once we step into the threshold of socialism the next step is communism. Do your research.

    • Jake, did your mother have any kids…..that lived?

  32. Go to HELL muhammhad husain Obama,Soetoros,and take your muslim friends,and your illeagle dope haulin wetbacks with you,go to HELL,go straight to hell,and stay there,do not pass GO,doNOTcollect $200;and DO NOT come back to our beloved AMERICA!!!

  33. Jake your an idiot and people like you is why we are having the problems here that we are. It is both sides dummy wake up

  34. EVERY BODY knows it always been the DEMONrats who block every attempt to stop spending. That's why they are called "CONSERVATIVES". DEMONrats are called "Liberals" because liberals want freebie entitlements and who work for pork spending. The DEMONrats have always blocked because they are always the majority. The MAJORITY blocks, you idiot. The MAJORITY are DEMONrats. Wake up and go look at the facts. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Anyone who works for only the party is working against our American citizens because the DEMONrats have gone away from the American way, and they are now communist socialists. Wake up before you wake up to the United States of Socialist Communist America.

  35. The DEMONrat party needs to be DISBANDED.

    The DEMONRATS have gone away from the American way and are now ALL communists.

  36. NativeVeteran says:

    Every one in our congress are guilty for letting this fake American hater in our White House. All the liberal communist judges are guilty as well for protecting him too. Treason is a hanging offense for all those that have supported this fraud!!!!

  37. Thank him? For What? Ruining our country. We were doing fine till he showed up. Get him and the ones running him back to Kenya.

  38. I feel ashamed that for some reason…I don't feel like saying thank you….

  39. Off topic but ubbelievable news. If anyone can get this info to the web site here please do. The first audit of the Feds is done. Can't find this info anywhere. Read and wheep America… 16 trillion in secret loans…Please copy the url and send to everyone you know. Thanks…

  40. Boy did you just hit the nail on the head with your analysis!! George Soros has been behind many a subversive efforts to undermine the American way of life. Americans should google, Bing or otherwise research him to see what he is all about and how he is connected to obama and others. Can you say “shadow government ?”

    Itchy Samurai
    USAF Retired)


  42. i belive the presidency is more an institution than a person if we were able to vote on the people who realy run the country you would find that there is no choice at all for the everyday american

  43. Barrack Obama has done nothing for America's Black community……He has done nothing for the Mexican community…..He has made a lot of promises but so far he has not delivered anything of value to the American people…..Sadly the majority of those who voted for Obama will vote for him again….Perhaps they enjoy the misery which Obama seems to impose on everyone!

  44. nicholas mestanas says:


  45. Get out of our lives, go back to Kenya or Chicago where you belong !!!!

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