Must See: Dad Issues A Powerful Wake Up Call To Parents Everywhere

Dont leave your kids in the car

A father literally steps into the hot seat, sweat rolling down his face, and pleads with parents across the country to not leave their kids in a hot car.

Recently, there have been instances of children dying after being locked in the car. In Atlanta, Cooper Harris died after being left in the back of his dad’s car all day.

In Mr. Williams’ words:

“This is wrong man. We go through this every, every year. Year after year, it will always be some fool that wants to leave their kid in the back seat of a car and forget all about them. Do you really love your kids? That’s what you should ask your self.”

“As you can see, man, I’m sweating. Like, I can barely breathe out here. This is sad, man. Man, don’t be the next fool…talking about you left your kids in the back seat.”

“Share this message.”

Will do, Mr. Williams, will do.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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