Muslims Get Special Treatment At Public Pool

Photo credit: ssoosay (Creative Commons)

One of the widely recognized tenets of Islam is a notion of modesty among women in the faith. Muslim females are commonly garbed in head scarves and full body coverings meant to prevent men from seeing too much of their flesh.

Naturally, water sports in particular present a problem for practitioners of the religion, which has been resolved in many communities by prohibiting women from swimming in front of men. When two Muslim women in Tuckwilla, Wash. realized the city’s public pool did not cater to them at the exclusion of everyone else, they complained.

Instead of explaining that the pool is a resource for the community as a whole, management decided to offer female-only swimming hours. Furthermore, during these times, all windows of any type are covered so no passersby can catch a glimpse of the swimmers.

One of the complainants, Jamila Farole, appeared before the Tuckwilla city council recently to explain her belief that “men and women are not to mix together” is a “commandment from God.”

While Christians complaining of unfair treatment under the law are generally disregarded, these two women were successful in achieving a 90-minute standing reservation each Sunday at the city pool.

In an effort to maintain some semblance of impartiality, the pool also offers a time during which only men may use the pool. Unsurprisingly, the unsolicited opportunity has thus far failed to catch on among the city’s male population.

It is telling that the radical left insists on removing faith out of virtually any policy decision – with the notable exception of Islam. As a result of this latest accommodation, many locals are actively campaigning against the decision. One resident, Robert Neuffer, has already filed his complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

He said the move is “wrong, no matter how you state it,” echoing the sentiments of many who responded to the news online.

Nevertheless, those responsible for the decision apparently see nothing wrong with it. Acquatics Coordinator Malcolm Neely said he was “not sure” if similar concessions would be made for those of another faith.

Our founders realized this nation would only flourish if its citizens were free to express their religious beliefs publicly and without fear of government retaliation. It is a misinterpretation of the Constitution, however, for the government to facilitate the practice of one specific faith through the ostracism of all others.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: ssoosay (Creative Commons)

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  1. USA is FREEDOM says:

    THE MAIN REASON why they need to be segregated is so NO ONE sees there whipped and disfigured bodies there men gave them after marriage.. .. .. if you call THAT marriage. The way they live is more like slavery.
    I SAY NO to segregated public ANYTHING! You idiots want segregation, do it IN your own home, preferably IN your own country.

  2. USA is FREEDOM says:

    OH! and our American laws state, "NO FACIAL MASKS IN PUBLIC".

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    If they want to swim with all those clothes on then let them.Otherwise screw them who the hell should bend over for these terrorist muslim raghead bitches.People in Tuckwilla ,Wash should be up in arms,maybe someone should throw a pig into the water.

  4. You cant judge them by their religion. Yes I think its wrong for woman to be treated that way, nut it is not our place to judge, just as they can not judge us for our traditions in chistianity

  5. All posters have valid points, and I think we ALL need to get AWAY FROM the issues that divide us (left/right labels, race, abortion, immigration etc… It is a way to KEEP US DIVIDED, and as long as they can do that, we are easy Pickens! Remember, UNITED WE STAND, divided we fall!

    I think our Priorities need to be:

    1) get the Poser, called POTUS and his staff, IMPEACHED! Nixon had 100 files, BHO has 300+M!
    3) REPEAL The Patriot Act, NDAA FOR STARTERS!
    4) STOP ALL SPYING, including the new XBox who can take pictures through our CLOTHES! I don't care about me, but I sure as hell CARE About WHY IN GODS NAME THEY NEED PICS OF OUR CHILDREN'S PRIVATE PARTS? Anyone else worried about this? Stop the trick of being able to remove our cell batteries, phone off, yet Big Brother, can listen in to US in OUR home private conversations, yet take pics as well! This includes ALL CELLS, tablets and apparently, new appliances are being built with Smart Meters, as WELL AS CAMERAS IN OUR HOMES! Is this very disturbing? ALL FILES ARE TO BE DESTROYED, verified by an independent group, MADE UP OF ALL PARTIES, SUBMITTING INDEPENDENT EVALUATIONS, THAT WILL GO TO OUR NEW CONGRESS!

    I'm just Jane doe American, and when our immigrants came to our country, they WANTED to assimilate! They RESPECTED US, AND WERE WILLING TO LEARN HOW WE DID THINGS. THE IMMIGRANTS OF TODAY, mostly do not have that desire, which is unfortunate! They carry a Mexican a Flag at their protests, citing THEIR FREE SPEECH? While our Outdoor National Mall, locked the MOST HONORABLE AMONG US!

    I am pleading with you, if you do not believe what I have stated, please, look it up….it's ALL out there to be viewed! W hen you get upset with the sideshow, it detracts your attention to getting an IMPEACHMENT for the current administration, as I personally believe, we CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT THIS ONE OUT! Contact ALL of your Senators, especially the a Democratic Ones, to Force their hand to impeach him, AND ALL OF HIS ADMINISTRATION, as well as, ALL CONGRESS PEOPLE THAT WERE COMPLICIT, IN THE LIES TOLD BY THE POTUS, AND KEPT GOING ON! I believe, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Diane Feinstien, Barbara Boxer,

    Lastly, and by FAR not the least is to ABOLISH The Federal Reserve (Private Bankers) who "own" Congress, according to Dick Durbin, and a comment he made stating that to an alternative media outlet he didn't think would be seen… I saw it, have you?

    God Bless us all, in our fight to take back our country, as peacefully as possible, or, if we do NOT do it peacefully, expect Martial Law which can and probably WILL, end up with the majority of people ending up in FEMA CAMPS, for the Judeo-Christian crowds, will mean death…which is WHY, FEMA has body bags and graves for HALF OF OUR POPULATION!! Not to mention, BHO WILL HAVE THE POWER TO CANCEL ELECTIONS! Think about this, look up the facts I have laid out, and say a Prayer to Your Supreme Being, to help us ALL get through the most trying times in our country to date. UNITED WE STAND! God bless and thank you for your time!

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