Muslim, Mahdi, Or Antichrist?

Angry Obama SC Muslim, Mahdi, or Antichrist?

It should come as no surprise to those of us who read classic literature that those who make pacts with the devil eventually meet with desolation. Daniel Webster understood this, as do many preachers who stand in their pulpits and proclaim that you cannot enjoy the avails of sin for long. The pleasures, though real, are short-lived; and judgment always follows.

It seems obvious to those who watched the rise of the impertinent sham in the White House that something almost “magical” had accompanied his ascendancy, something other than his silver tongue and the ever-present teleprompter. How could an unknown with no track record for accomplishing anything of significance ascend to the Mt. Everest of power in our known universe?

These are questions that will likely persist for some years; until then, it is obvious to all but his most devoted followers that something has changed dramatically in the sphere of President Barack Obama since 2008. As though an angel had pulled the plug, we have seen an increasingly bumbling, fumbling shlub on the campaign trail. From time to time, Obama has waxed almost incoherent, a departure from his tightly-scripted, messianic oratory of 2008 and his cool, collected, “don’t you wish you were me?” presence.

In a less corrupted environment, this would bring Obama’s detractors almost pure joy. Instead, we have the feeling in the pit of our stomachs that ultimately, inevitably, this is a fraud sustained by those whose cravings for power and full pockets have led to their total submission to the myth that sits in the Oval Office. Though the myth is losing its lustre as the wheels of state begin to fall off, Muslims in the Middle East are showing their solidarity with Obama, just as he predicted.

Why have some religious leaders in the East speculated as to whether President Barack Obama might be Islam’s Mahdi, or Twelfth Imam? The prophecy of the Mahdi is, for the uninitiated, the Muslim approximation of the Jewish or Christian Messiah. He is embodied in different ways depending on the branch of Islam with which one is dealing and is of different levels of significance.

Shiite Muslim sect places the greatest stock in the Mahdi

At present, the Shiite Muslim sect places the greatest stock in the Mahdi and the entire Iranian paradigm as expressed by their leadership centers around this figure, his rise to power, and Iran’s role in bringing about his advent. This is largely the reason for their current political comportment, as they believe that fomenting an Islamic revolution is part of this process. The Mahdi, once in power, is prophesied to subjugate (read: “kill”) all remaining infidels and establish Islam in the four corners of the Earth.

Good enough. But how would Obama figure into this? Granted that some of the advertised similarities between the prophetic figure and the US president are superficial, some are not so superficial. Certain physical similarities are right on the mark (yes, they purport to know what this fellow will look like); yet others fall far off. More practically significant are the things that Obama has done during his tenure, which definitely speak to this apocalyptic prophecy.

Although some Muslims overseas are said to despise Obama with a purple passion, let us examine some of his dubious accomplishments from the perspective of the more contemplative Islamic zealot…

Obama facilitated the “Arab Spring”

Although the Western press fails to acknowledge this, it is practically common knowledge that Obama facilitated the “Arab Spring.” He’s also thrown Israel under the bus and done his level best to cripple America economically and in the areas of defense and national security.

Add to that his amity with the Muslim Brotherhood (having aided them in expanding their sphere of influence not only in the Muslim world but within the US), and you have someone who has probably garnered more support than enmity among Muslims. The only thing Obama really has going against him is having systematically taken out key al-Qaeda leaders, and this could be explained away as a matter of characteristically convoluted Muslim doctrine. How many Muslims have been killed by other Muslims via suicide attacks in recent years?

What we must understand is that the hatred the Muslim world has for the US is not rooted in national identity, practices, or culture. It is rooted in its Christianity. Christianity had its genesis in Judaism; thus they have hated us since the days of Ishmael and Hagar (his Mother) and the disrespect shown the founder of the Arab peoples. This has never been forgotten. The fact that Israel sprang from the seed of Abraham (and thus the Arabs and Jews are related) is lost in the shuffle. God promised that there would always be “enmity” between the two races; and as usual, He has proven to be correct.

Obama’s unequivocal defense of Islam at the expense of every other religion – Christianity in particular

In the time of Christ, there was a forebear of His coming. John the Baptist declared that the Jews would need to prepare; for the promised one was near. Would Obama be the Mahdi himself, or “the voice crying in the wilderness,” making the way for his appearance? One thing that has been made plain is his unequivocal defense of Islam at the expense of every other religion – Christianity in particular.

In the practical sense, our problem is indeed wrapped up in what or who Barack Hussein Obama is (or thinks he is) and why he does what he does. Is it one of today’s more complex questions, or is it as simple as a fake bringing down the most Christian nation on the planet?

Whether his “deal with the devil” has played out, or he’s simply worn out his welcome, he has proven his ability to mobilize the forces of evil, to the peril of us all.

Photo credit: SS&SS (Creative Commons)

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  1. The surest proof of who a man really is, does not come from what he says, but from what he does. We need to apply that to every one of our elected public servants, not just Obama.
    Look closely at your representatives, and your senators, do they DO what you want them to do, or to they merely say the things you want to hear?
    Until we get People who will actually obey their Oath of Office and protect and defend our God given rights, we have selected the wrong person to represent us.
    Glib speech and a silvery tongue are the things that deceived Mother Eve in the Garden. Are we so unsophisticated as to fall for that again?
    It has long been said: "Actions speak louder than words." But, if we are among those who have eyes and will not see, or those who have ears and will not hear, then we are destined to follow the liars, the cheats, the thiefs, into the depths of hell and destroy our country. All because we have been promised a life of ease, with no work, no responsibility, and ultimately, NO REWARD.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Jim most politicians do what they want not what the people who elected them want.

      • I'm well aware of that. That's what I am saying. We need to choose our representatives more carefully to assure ourselves that we and our posterity will still enjoy our God given freedom and liberty. One of the big problems I see is that everyone is using a petition to request our representatives do something. Petitions are what underlings use to ask favors of their superiors. As the power and authority behind our government we need to use a Mandate, which is a demand from the boss for his servant to do something. Then, if they fail to comply, we have a cause of action against them for failure to properly represent us and for violation of the Oath of Office. At that point they are subject to being removed from office and replaced. But, be aware, the impeachment process was designed so that a group of our public servants could remove a public servant who was not performing. We, as the Creators of the government, as the people who give the government is life and ability to serve us, do not have to go through the impeachment process. We have our Superior Common Law Courts — yes, they still exist, no one has changed the 7th article of the Bill of Rights — who can summon them before a Citizens panel to question them as to their actions. If they have been derelict in their duties they can be fired on the spot. WE HIRED THEM – WE CAN FIRE THEM. For your information, the Utah Superior Common Law Court has been in operation for over 2 years. We meet in the Chambers for the Salt Lake County Commission. It's our right and we have claimed it.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I'll bet 99.9% don't know this existI would love to see someperson go on TV or Radio and explain that we the American people have the right to impeach according to article 7 of the Bill of Rights.I never heard Rush Limbaugh or Hannity come out with something like this.Laura Ingraham of all people should be letting us know we have this power because she was a law clerk for one of the justices on the Supreme Court.I get tired of calling and signing petitions to no avail.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole is the muslim antichrist that we warned about in the bible.He wants God, Guns and freedom thrown out of the USA. A person works all his life to better himself and his family and what does Sambo want to do,he wants to take from the successful and give it to the lazy welfare bums.Has anyone looked in to all the money this monkey spend on vactions for his brood.How many people let their 13 yr olds go on vacation to Mexicolike Buckwheat did.Why not he didn't have to pay for it.

  3. Slam Dunk says:

    I despise this evil tyrant. He is definitely Muslim as he treats them better than Americans. Time to throw his ass back to Kenya where he came from!

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