MSNBC Eyeing Alec Baldwin For Primetime Slot

Alec Baldwin SC MSNBC Eyeing Alec Baldwin for Primetime Slot

According to a report from Mediaite, MSNBC has all but finalized a deal to give actor Alec Baldwin his own weekly primetime show.

The show would air at 10 p.m. ET on Friday nights, and would replace an episode of the network’s Lockup prison documentary series.

Baldwin hasn’t been shy about his liberal politics, having said in 2008 that he would leave the U.S. if George Bush was elected president. But he has received far more publicity for his boorish behavior, which includes calling his then-11-year-old daughter a “rude, thoughtless little pig,” which makes him a perfect fit at MSNBC, in the mold of the now departed Keith Olbermann.

One potential problem for Baldwin will be Rachel Maddow, who is gay. Baldwin got into a Twitter war with a reporter in June, and at one point called him a “toxic little queen,” setting off the pro-gay lobby, which said that Baldwin had used a gay slur.

For a network that boasted earlier this year that they would overtake Fox News in 2014, this move smacks more of desperation than inspiration.


By Don Irvine

This article has been republished with the permission of Accuracy in Media .

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  1. MSNBC really wants to give that drunken, foul-mouthed pig a time slot to sprew his crap?? Typical MSNBC

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just what MSNBC needs another mentally ill commentator.the only good thing he did is call Rachel Maddcow a queer ass toxic queen.

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