MSNBC: Asking For Hillary’s Health Records Is 2016 Equivalent Of Birtherism

On Tuesday’s “The Cycle”, Krystal Ball postulated that asking for Hillary’s health records is the 2016 equivalent of asking for Obama’s birth certificate.

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  1. Rove and the liberal news are going to distract some people by there butcher of bengazi, she sick talk. This is rove at his best, Misinformation.

  2. Why, doesn't the American public have a right too know, the health condition of any presidential candidate, they didn't mind harping on Ronald Reagan's age or health status, is Hillary some protected class of persons.

    • Sorry bout lack of punctuation, hit the send button before I proof read it .

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Susan don't be sorry about punctuation it happens all the time to me however your right what if she is bi-polar or got some other disease other then just being a radicle.We should know there health status like we know Slick Willy is a pervert but women adore him.

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