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The murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was part of a larger strategy to drive all western influence out of Libya.  An earlier attack on an International Red Cross facility and an RPG attack on the British Ambassador’s vehicle drove the British out of Benghazi. Feeling emboldened, the extremists felt that they could force the Americans to leave. Earlier, probing attacks yielded little results; but the lack of a response from the Americans sent a clear message: the United States or the Libyan government would not respond to future attacks.


Retired Colonel David Hunt properly laid the blame of the death of 4 Americans at Benghazi on Secretary Hillary Clinton and her State Department. He pointed out that it was Hillary Clinton who prohibited the posting of Marines at any diplomatic posts in Libya.  The only security allowed were local, contracted security guards who weren’t allowed to have loaded weapons. It made sense that they would run when the consulate was under attack; they couldn’t fight back. This tragedy is what happens when your policy is based on political correctness.

The most incompetent security official of all time, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb, believed that the consulate had the right amount of security prior to the attack.  She actively opposed any requests for additional security measures despite previous attacks on diplomatic posts.  Col. Hunt compared the mission to a cardboard box, and the people within the compound didn’t have a chance; since the guards weren’t allowed to carry bullets, the facility was an easy target. Seems like Ms. Lamb’s expertise makes her less qualified than a junior mall cop. Americans died because she wanted to be politically correct by maintaining a low profile in Libya.

They knew it was happening

Testifying before Congress Ms. Lamb said the State Department was aware of the September 11 attack while it was in progress via instant audio and video feeds being provided in real time from communications equipment on the compound in Benghazi. The feed was also provided to operations centers in the Pentagon, Key Military units, Intelligence Agencies, FBI, State Department, and the White House. For six hours, the Administration heard and saw the events as they were happening and did nothing. That is called failure of leadership; Mr. Obama is too busy appearing on the David Letterman and Jon Stewart shows trying to hide his own incompetence.

If it wasn’t for Col. Hunt, this little detail of the Benghazi murders would have never been reported.

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  1. If it is a fact that Hillary issued an order that Marines were NOT to be used as guards in Libya, that should be a cause for dismissal. This whole operation smells of treason.

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